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  1. Hi each and all, not a happy bunny with this one I will be as brief as I can and hope for some good advice Took out Van Insurance through one of those price comparison sites, got a fair price of £350 ish pound for the year Paid it in full via my credit card, today I get a letter stating " CLAIM DISCLOSURE PROBLEM - PLEAESE CALL URGENTLY I did just that, I thought I had got the claim date wrong or something ( I did inform them of an accident in 2013 which is still pending ), and put it down as not my fault, as it wasnt, they said I should have put it
  2. Can I just run this one past you peeps, speaking hypathitically of course, lets assume that my flat was rented out to mr smith, mr smith never informed the water company they ere living there, mr smith has now left, I take up occupancy of my property, sign up to a water Direct Debit, then low and behold realise that mr Smith never paid nor regestered with the water, the electricity and gas are prepaiment so are not an issue, now mr smith has informed me I am fine in telling the water company he is responsible for the outstanding debt ( although I am prepaired to pay the debt ) but the default
  3. Hi each and all, I have just checked my Credit File on Experian, it is squeeky clean APART FROM a default from Northumbrian Water, now granted I have never paid water, nor have I ever communicated with them regarding my bill(s) they even started sending letters addressed to the present occupier, I have signed nothing, agreed to nothing, never spoke with them, nothing, yet they have placed monthly defaults dating from the 8th month 2014, i have cicles with "8" inside which states: " The account is in 'default'. You failed to keep to your credit agreement and have not responded satisfactor
  4. Hi, no it is not Adrian Flux, it is Performance Direct...
  5. Hi each and all, Just looking for a little direction on this on if you wish to add your opinions On the 15 February 2014 I took out car insurance on my vehicle and paid in full The total cost was £530.00, I have just changed my car so telephoned them to say can I transfer the policy on to my new car, the agreed but after checking they said the underwriters wont insure my new car ( Peugeot 307 HDI 2003 ) from my old car ( BMW 330 Convertible 2004 ) and the quote for the Peugeot would be £1200, which is ridiculous they said if i take thi £1200 policy out with them I would be refunded £379
  6. Hi, I just had a conversation with the lovely woman at Armour Intelligence who informed me that, they are not claiming for any damage to her car, nor is the driver claiming anything Only The passenger is claiming whiplash ( strange ) I suspect the reason the driver is not claiming whiplash is because she has probably had a recent claim for whiplash it does strike me as very odd, my girlfriend was in the car with me who is pregnant and both her and I received no whiplash, I got the feeling that the lady from Amour Intelligence did not believe her story, I still can't see how I can be to b
  7. Hi SuperVillain - The Email said as follows "Dear Mr ****, I am writing to you from Armour Intelligence Ltd, on behalf of Octagon Insurance, the current insurer of your BMW 330, VRN: ******. We are trying to contact you so that we can ascertain the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident which occurred at 2145hrs on 31 August 2013 in *****. Octagon has received a claim from a third party regarding the above incident, and has a legal responsibility to respond to any claim made regarding an insured person. Therefore need to speak to you regarding the inci
  8. Can I just add further, today I received an E-Mail from Armour Intelligence Ltd, acting on behalf of Octagon Insurance, which after Goggling TURN OUT TO BE A company that specializes in the Detection and Deterrence of fraudulent activity, now I am really confused about this one :/ I think when I took out the policy I was unemployed but am now working And I never told them but does this amount to Fraud? what a bloody mine field this is becoming :/ any advice further?
  9. I have just been to the area of the accident and only just noticed that there is Two lanes at the junction of the mini roundabout, she was in the right lane I was in the left ( behind a car ) she has clearly cut across in to my lane ( The left lane ) as she wanted to go left, also she claims the incidint took place at 945pm when it was actually 1050 pm, I am sure she had been drinking to be honest, yes I went in to the back of her but am I still to blame?
  10. I think I will just say she reversed in to me
  11. Hi each and all, I have not posted for a while but I have a bit of a dilemma with the following About 2 months ago I was on my way to work ( My partner was with me in the car ) And I went in to the back of a car ( barely ) as it slammed on I was furious and pointed for the driver to pull in, she did Before I could give the driver a piece of my mind I then realised it was a young girl who worked at the same place as me I simply asked are you OK she replied yes, that was the end of it I thought we both continued to drive to work, and I never heard another thing UNTIL TODAY She i
  12. There letter states "DECLARATION OF POLICY VOIDANCE Motor Insurance Document No:- PMFET131628 Vehicle Registration No:- ******** Date Cover Ceased:- 06/02/2013 Unacceptable Occupation We regret to inform you that for the reason(s) stated above your insurance is being declared null and void from inception/renewal. In order for the Insurers to release a return of premium you must complete the following declaration. DECLARATION Motor Insurance Document Number: PMFET131628 Vehicle Registration No: ******* I acknowledge that the above motor insurance document will cease to operate
  13. I never saw any title there for a Doorman, and I have enclosed a copy of there letter[ATTACH=CONFIG]41978[/ATTACH]
  14. From my recollection I put down Security Guard & Security Sector as there was no Doorman listing......... Maybe I will have to take the £30.00 hit then :/
  15. I am Both a Security Guard & A Doorman, as well as a Plumber....... My main concern is how they appear to think they are correct in charging me a £30.00 Setup/Cancellation fee when the Policy was not set up as the underwriters did not underwrite Nor did I cancel the Policy, I know it is only £30.00 but the principal of these greedy fat cat b*****ds taking £30.00 for nothing really gets me angry.
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