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  1. Just received an N24 General Form of Judgment or Order with the Claimant and Defendant transposed. Is this important?
  2. Most of us here have come to this site because we have crashed into a wall of debt, commonly through no fault of our own or because we were not financially savvy. There is no clear moral position as far as I can see, some say “you’ve had the money so you should pay it back” and some others characterise all the financial institutions and their more unpleasant hangers on (debt collection agencies) as spawns of the devil. The reality is, as always, somewhere in-between. You have identified that your present problems are made worst by the amount you are paying to credit card companies an
  3. Never really thought much about them, tips that is. Usually leave one and usually it’s about 10%. The mechanism of managing the money is another thing and I think that was the point of the original post. There are issues about who owns the tip, if it attracts tax (always), if it attracts National Insurance and if it attracts VAT and these variables change depending upon how the tip is paid. If I leave money on the table for a member of staff, for whatever reason, that money is their property, it does not belong to the management, the VAT man or the National Insurance woman
  4. Evening butterfly, it's good to see you on the forum, I'll give the moderators a call and see if they will move your thread to a more appropriate section. The guys are going to need a little more detail, for example how many credit cards/loans do you have? What condition are the accounts in? Do you have payment protection insurance on any of the accounts? Do the accounts have charges upon them? I’ve asked if your thread can be moved to the getting out of debt forum. Speak to you later.
  5. I once called my mother in law a whey faced old ratbag and she overheard.
  6. My flaccid popinjay of a neighbour remortgaged his house to set up a business running this clap trap, needless to say he's failing in a spectacular fashion
  7. Hi Jacky, we meet again. I have, somewhere, a crib sheet for filling in a DLA claim form for anxiety, depression and other psychological presentations. I'll try and dig it out and post it up for you in the next day or two then you can edit, copy and paste and fill in a form on line. They will contact your GP so it's worth going to see them but if you lose and have to go to appeal we can sort that for you as well. Never lost one
  8. Hi, just off to bed but I thought I'd reply first. Glad you're a fan of CBT, Dental Hospitals are, most commonly, part of teaching hospitals and it's where they train dentists, treatment used to be free. Put "dental hospital (name of your town)" in Google and see if you have one close to you. CBT treatment is also free on the NHS or should be according to NICE guidelines, ask your GP. Referral from a cbt therapist to a cbt trained dentist should also be free. I know things are never that simple but it's worth a try.
  9. Evening chuck, I've an idea that might help. Bruxism is a common symptom of anxiety and, as you've learned, can cause all sorts of damage. Nocturnal bruxism is the major precursor to adult headache and can, to some extent, be prevented by using a tooth shield which can be made by your dentist. There are dentists who work specifically with dental phobics and people with anxiety related dental issues and you will, most commonly, find these in dental hospitals. Your GP should be able to refer you to a cognitive behavioural psychotherapy service that ought to have contact
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