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  1. Thank you, I will try everything. I registered with Credit Expert just so I could see a file with no defaults for the first time in 8 years. Then this. I will do whatever I can but deep down I am thinking it will be a long and fruitless task. I just wish there was some compassion somewhere in the credit reference process.
  2. Hi I have been waiting for the last 6 years for defaults to drop off my credit file. I lost my business years ago and went through hell paying back loans etc. I had 8 defaults at one point but steadily the balances have been paid off and the defaults dropped off due to being 6 years old. I am now in a good position financially and was looking forward to my last default dropping off my account which has happened this week. I moved into a new rented house late last year and started paying my water bill with South East Water. What I didn't realise was that I also have to pay a
  3. Hi We have been renting our house for 4 years now. We initially signed a 12 month agreement. Last year the letting agent sent us an addendum saying the rent was going up by £50 and the notice period would now be 2 months instead of 1. They charged us £75+vat for the addendum to the contract which we paid. We have just been sent another addendum with a bill for the same amount to extend the contract for another year. There is no change to the rent and the 2 month notice still stands so why is this an addendum? Are they allowed to charge us for extending the tenancy for another year? D
  4. Hmmm, Well I received a letter from the FOS now saying that MBNA disagree with the FOS decision. They have quoted some case references that they say are similar to mine but these have been blacked out. In the letter it goes on to say that 'this does not necessarily mean the FOS will change their decision'. Has anybody else had this? Is this just MBNA trying it on? Regards
  5. Hi guys, Just to update about my PPI. I have received a letter from the FOS today saying they have suggested to MBNA that they pay back all my PPI. They have given them until the end of this month to respond and either agree, disagree or make another offer. Does this mean they will pay or do they usually disagree? Has anyone else had this response? Regards
  6. Hi I am looking into reclaiming my charges from a Halifax mortgage I had around 6 years ago. I have just received my SAR so only just become aware of them. I have been charged £35 late payment fees £40 broken promise fees £100 for representative vists (dont remember any of these) I take it I can claim all of the above? Also there are numerous fees just listed as 'sundry' does anybody know what these are? Can I claim admin fees? Regards
  7. Hi I recently SAR'd Halifax to get my old credit card statements, this account has been in dispute for years due to them not having a CCA. I still keep getting threatening letters from DCA's so I am now going down the charges route hoping to pay this off. I sent a SAR request and £10 but they have written back saying they cannot do this without a valid signature. Obviously I do not want to provide this as they may fake a CCA so how can I proceed? Regards
  8. Thanks, My charges come to £1400 and with interest it works out at £6750. I would like to keep this in the small claims court so would be happy to go for £4999. Am I ok to include the actual figures but state in the letter that I will be claiming £4999 through the small claims court or should I try and figure out an interest rate that comes under £5000? Is it acceptable to just tell them I am asking for £4999 to keep it in small claims?
  9. Hi Well I have had responses now to both my charges and my PPI. Regarding the charges, they have offered my £20 as a goodwill gesture. I will now look into taking this further through the court. I am a bit wary of this though as I have never been to court before. There are lots of threads on here that geet to this stage and just stop. Im undecided how to proceed now. For the PPI. They have sent me a letter stating that I ticked a box asking for the PPI at the time of my application, they also say they have attached a copy. I did not tick this and what they have actually sent is
  10. The thing is i felt like I was coming to the end of it all until the demand from HMRC turned up. My debts are going down and many are paid off. I had 11 defaults at one time and they are due to drop off at the end of this year. I have also been doing things to show a good credit history since then. I really dont want to get a CCJ now of some DCA.
  11. How does this sound? I am writing in regards to the above account which I have been paying in good faith for some time now. Unfortunately it has recently come to my attention that I owe a large amount to HMRC. This debt will take priority over all others until it is paid in full. I estimate this to be a period of 6 months. As a result I will only be able to make token payments of £1 until February 2013. I realise that this means my account will take longer to be paid off in full but due to my good payment history with yourselves I trust you will be patient in this matter.
  12. Thanks, I will send them all a letter saying they will get £1 until HMRC is paid. They wont like it but as you say, they are the bottom of the pile and threats from HMRC are definately not 'idle'. Regards
  13. Hi I have a few accounts with DCA's that I have been paying for years. These are the ones that came back with a correct CCA. I pay around £400 a month. I have just found out I have a large outstanding PAYE account and HMRC are threatening legal action. I need to pay this off asap and am trying to throw every available penny at it. What do you think the outcome would be if I wrote to all the DCA's and asked them to accept token £1 payments for a year until this bill was paid off? They have already defaulted me years ago and most of these are due to drop off my file at the end of
  14. Hi I have a few old credit cards and loans that I am dealing with. Some I am paying off via various DCA's as they were able to produce valid agreements. There are a few however that couldn't produce the agreement. I put the account in dispute a few years ago and have not paid anything since. I receive letters from DCA's every now and then. At first I would inform them the account was in dispute but now I just ignore them. I have looked at the charges on these accounts and if I add the compound interest at their rate, it now becomes more than the balance owed. One also has PPI.
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