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  1. I can't thank you enough. I'm so relieved I asked before I actually did anything!
  2. Good grief It's probably going to be better to just leave the whole thing as it was. I don't think I can cope with the stress of explaining it all to the DSS. I think they will think I'm trying to fiddle them, which I'm not. I only started looking into this because my endowment is going to be about £15k short when the mortgage finishes in 9 yrs time, so I was looking to change the mortgage to a repayment one as there is no way I will be able to find the shortfall. As things stand we will need to sell the house and either live with our elderly parents or rent. This has been quite a le
  3. Thanks all I have decided to apply the endowment directly to the repayment mortgage, which is what the mortgage company wants me to do anyway. The endowment is assigned to them, but they are willing to release it if I insist. At least this way, the money (which was never going to be life-changing) will be assigned to its original purpose. Thanks for the good advice, as always.
  4. Hi I receive income support (as well as other benefits due to a spinal injury). I also have an endowment mortgage which I am looking to change to a repayment mortgage. This will result in me cashing in my endowment policy which will pay out £13500. I am going to replace my car, pay off a few debts and do some long overdue house improvements, all of which will reduce the ammount left to about 5 or 6 thousand. What I need to know is do I need to inform the benefits agency about this, and if so, what will happen? I will be spending the money within a week or 2 of receiving it. Your advic
  5. Hi again, I've now got a Notice of Hearing of Application, at my local court. It says it is to hear my application to have the case struck out, as per my earlier application. What do I need to take with me, as I have never actually submitted any sort of defence to this since they have not sent me any of the documents I asked for. If you look at their AQ above, they have 'clarified' the details by just quoting the account numbers and the balances when they issued the court claim. Is this enough for me to be able to defend, as what I really wanted to know was how the balance was calculated
  6. Hi Paul, I have today received notification that the NatWest have changed solicitors in my case, and they have sent me a copy of their N150, which is copied below. Could you take a look at it for me, I still don't think they have answered my original questions, and I still haven't received anything I have requested, like the CCA or the CPR stuff. Do I need to send these new solicitors a copy of my N150? (I don't suppose the last lot will forward the one I sent them). Will they be able to add their costs to the balance or am I expected to pay if they win? or am I exempt as I am on benefit?
  7. Thanks Rob and Andy, I think I will send them a copy, even though they haven't done anything I asked of them. Still, it looks better for me if I have tried to do all I can. Glad I don't have to send them a signed copy though. Here's keeping my fingers crossed they don't send their AQ in. Westie
  8. Cheers Andy, Just one thing more, can I send an unsigned copy to natwest as I (along with others on this forum) am a bit unhappy about sending them a copy with my real signature on it?
  9. Hi Andy, Thanks, I've taken what I think is the right way to answer this AQ. Can you check this please? Here goes: Sent copy of this form to other party: ticked YES. A) Settlement: Do I want to settle at this stage: ticked NO. Reason: Claimants have not replied to defendant's previous requests for information under CPR, therefore the defendant cannot effectively defend the claim. B) Location: ticked NO. C) Pre-action protocols: ticked YES. D) Case management info: amount of claim in dispute: (as per their claim). Applications: ticked YES. For what: TO BE STRUCK OUT.
  10. Hi Slick132, I,ve looked at the advice thread by Paul but I'm still unsure. Can I ask you to go through the form with me as I don't know how to answer the questions when I've already sent in an N244. A) settlement: Do I answer NO to the question asking about settling before the hearing, as I have never received any documents from NatWest? B) Do I answer YES to the location because I need it to be at my local court? C) Pre-action protocols: Do I answer NO I have not complied with Pre-AP because I don't have the documents, or is my answer YES because I have requested them?
  11. Just wondering if any of the site team can help with my AQ, which I need to get in on Friday. Paul has been brilliant but I think he is a bit tied up this week. I need some help with filling out the AQ as we have already put in an N244 (see posts above) Many thanks Westie
  12. Hi Paul, I know that CCBC Northampton received the N244 on Aug 4th. I have phoned my local court to check if it has been forwarded to them, but they tell me they have quite a back-log of post so they can't tell me. She did say not to worry as it will automatically get forwarded from Northampton anyway. Sorry for not replying sooner but I missed the email notification letting me know you had replied. Look forward to hearing from you. Westie
  13. Hi Paul, I sent the N244 and EX160 as you advised and the court received them on Aug 5th. I have now received from Northampton a form N150 Allocation Questionnaire, which has to be returned to my local court. I am a bit confused how to answer some of the questions and was hoping you could advise me. I am still in the same position with NatWest, as they have not replied to any of the previous requests for info (CPR, CCA, and the letters Paul drafted for me) that I have sent. Thanks Westie
  14. Thanks Paul, I have prepared the forms. I have to wait a couple of days for an up-to-date letter from the benefits office to prove my entitlement for fee exemption (the one I have is over one month old). As soon as this comes I will be posting all the forms to the court (by Friday I think). Thanks for your help, you've been brilliant. I will keep you posted of any further developments. Cheers Westie
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