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  1. Not sure, I've not heard from them in a while. (I say that and I'll get a letter from them tomorrow...) Not sure on the identity theft. Nothing has pointed to it. Not that I have a clue as to how to identify it. Though what had my alarms ringing on the Red/3g thing was I'd never had anything to do with 3g at the new address where I lived since I had to move house a couple of years back. If I loose a bank card it's cancelled asap and any letters I get go through the shredder after I know I don't want it any more.
  2. If they start up their harrasement I will. They've backed off since I got ratty over the emails and they said they'd taken my number off the system.
  3. I haven't heard anything from them since I emailed them about the harrasement. Repeatedly since the phonecalls didn't help. And apparently the letter I posted never arrived. I had to get real ratty with them to get it through their thick skulls that I didn't have an account with them.
  4. Hello, Sorry to hear about your trouble with ATOS. I had exactly the same problem with them and having my money stopped. I have nerve problems in my arms/legs and arthritis in my back and knee's and a tendon problem with my right hand yet I didn't get a single point myself. First thing to do is call up ESA and ask for the forms for an appeal. Remember you only have a month to ask for it. Also ask for a copy of the report the doctor gave to DWP to see exactly what they put. When I got mine I was not so mildly surprised at the lies that were on the report by the doctor. W
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've also now got an ESA Medical tomorrow with ATOS (Yey isn't that going to be fun.... Especially since they've cancelled on me once when I had already been in the waiting room half an hour already.) Anyway, can/will they take the ATOS medical into consideration if I put an appeal to DLA. Even though it's not nothing to do with DLA and it's ESA it's all still part of the DWP...when they get the report that is. Can they use this? Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I put in a claim for DLA on the 8th of May this year due to the fact that I have several problems that restrict my mobility and balance. All of which came on since around November last year. I received a letter dated the 29th of July, today saying I am not eligable for any of the components of DLA. I have two dessicated discs in my lumbar region and facet joint disease in the same area which was diagnosed when I had a MRI scan of my back after the Back Specialist I see up the local hospital was examining my back when I was sent up there for physio by my GP and I nearly went
  7. Update... Got a letter from Lowells this morning saying if I don't contact them by 8th of February they'll foward the debt to Red. Right... Bit late there mate. The letter was supposedly written on the 29th January. I think the post monkeys got confused when sending this one out. I sent an email asking what they were playing at. Going to be amused to see what I get back. Still waiting on a reply from the letter I semt to Red...
  8. Well... gotta give em something other to do than sending out threat-o-grams everyday. XD Then again if what my poking around has turned up is true I doubt the "Leeds Losers" will even be able to manage that properly. XD Still the Prove it letter is getting posted this afternoon as soon as I fire up the desktop and manage to hobble over to the desk. Gotta love back problems
  9. Thanks. Yeah, no signing or they'll put their "brilliant" photoshopping skills to use. Right?
  10. Hi, This morning I received a letter from Red claiming I owe 3g Mobile £729.51. The thing is I've only ever had a 3g pay as you go mobile and the way my name is written on the letter has sent alarm bells ringing since I don't know how they got my middle initial since I never use it in any communications. The only thing that I have that has my name written on it like it is on this letter is my debit card. The only contract phone I have is with Orange and except for this months bill it's all up to date. It says as I have failed to settle my outstanding balance. This is the first letter
  11. OKay! Will do as soon as I look it up. Not yet. I've bandaged it up to give it as much support as I can at the moment until I can get back down there to get it re x-rayed today. I still can't figure out how they messed up with how often I was down in the plaster room. The Plaster Nurses know me by name now without looking at my file! All they had to do was ask them.
  12. On the 29th of December I went up the Luton and Dunstable Hospital A&E and I was told I had two fractures in my right hand. One at the base of my thumb which was extremely swollen and I was unable to bend it at all and I also had a scaphoid fracture which is also near the base of my thumb so I think that added to the swelling of my hand which was ballooned. So far this is the only X-ray I've had of my right hand. I was also sent for an MRI of said right hand. Due to the accident I had I was also told to get my left hand checked due to the swelling which had a soft tissue injury w
  13. I brought a laptop from them about 2 years ago and after a year for some reason the DVD drive died. It wouldn't read CD's or DVD's and in the end it vanished from the menu on My Computer. So I took it into the store to get it sent off for repair. Couple of days later I get a phone call from the staff. "It's repaired! Come and get it!" I get it home and it turns out the "manager" had tried reinstalling windows on top of windows completely messing up the laptop and making it a complete and utter brick. I should have seen this as the first warning sign. After a fight I finally
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