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  1. Today (19th March 2010) I received a letter from my local NHS Trust telling me that a prescription I had in September 2009 was unpaid and that therefore they wished to charge me the prescription charge, plus £36 as a fine for non payment. They claim that I said I was in receipt of benefit but that at this time I was not. At that time I was on Incapacity Benefit, and had been since 2006. From the moment I was diagnosed and went onto medication for my condition, I asked my local pharmacist if I was exempt from prescription charges, and was told yes, and to tick the 'income support' bo
  2. Update: Yorkshire Bank claimed there was no mistake and that the rules on whether they can take money from benefits payments is "greatly misunderstood". They then said that my complaint was being processed, and that someone would be in touch to discuss me paying back the charges which had made my account overdrawn! I am still waiting for them to deal with my complaint against them, and today had a letter claiming that they hadn`t head from me and held me responsible for being overdrawn. I am very angry with them and want to know what I can do, and if I can claim back the charge
  3. I have just moved and want to write to my creditors to let them know. Is there any special letter I need to send to tell them? None of them have yet provided a copy of my CCA and I don't want them to think my change of address has somehow wiped my memory and made me forget this! Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone for your advice and help. It is appreciated and has really put my Mum's mind at rest.
  5. In a recent thread (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/202990-help-needed-possible-fraudulent.html), I discussed how my Mum was being chased for a debt that she has no knowledge of. Further from my previous post on this issue, my Mum received a letter from Ambrose Wilson today, in which they sort of admit she isn't responsible, but sort of don't. I am confused as to what my Mum should do next, so advice would be appreciated, thank you. The letter reads in part: I would really appreciate any advice the forum could give me on this. Thanks!
  6. I have had a letter today from Yorkshire Bank telling me that they could not pay out a direct debit for £3.99 and have therefore charged me £35. Having checked my account a few days ago, and again this morning, I know there is enough money in the account. Plus, I am on benefits, and didn't think the bank could charge me in this way. I am at a loss as to what to do. I am now overdrawn at the bank because of this charge by £20 - £20 I can ill afford to pay. Your help is welcomed. Thank you.
  7. Just looking back at some of my paper work and I noticed that one letter I had last year from a DCA stated that they had added an administration charge of £23.94 to "offset some of the costs incurred by our client." I didn't take any notice at the time as I sent the standard letter asking for a copy of my CCA and never heard anything again, but it did get me wondering. Are these charges legal, and is there any way to challenge them in case it happens again? Thank you.
  8. My Mum received a standard letter from Wescot about an alleged debt which she has no knowledge of. She asked me advice, and so sent the standard letter requesting a copy of her CCA. Nothing more was heard until today (5th June), well outside the 12 day limit. The letter came from the company claiming the debt and called Ambrose Wilson. In their letter they state: My Mum, who is elderly and disabled, swears that she does not know who this company is, and has never entered an agreement with them. The company enclosed a copy of the account details, which includes items they allege my Mum
  9. The original bill was for £60 for a quarter. As I have already explained, I contacted them at the time and asked for more time to repay the sum but they weren't interested. I then heard nothing more from them until last weekend, even though I had contacted them myself in the mean time. I understand what you are saying, but I still think it unfair that they won't even consider the offer I have made and would rather send it to a dca instead. It is my understanding that by law the dca and even the courts if it got that far, could only expect me to pay around £1 per month as I am on be
  10. I received a letter from BT on Saturday informing me that as I had failed to pay my bill they were passing it onto a debt collection agency unless I paid in full. The bill was first sent to me back in February, and because I am on benefits, I explained that I could not repay it in full. They replied that I had 28 days to do so. This was still impossible for me and so I asked if they could extend the repayment term. They failed to reply. I therefore asked them today if I could repay it at the rate of £5 per month (the bill is for £95 - they have added interest and other costs, most
  11. I was wondering if someone could advise me, please? I received a letter today from Wescott about a debt that it is alleged I owe. This is the same debt that Regal Credit chased me for, (see this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/195712-regal-credit-threaten-bailiffs.html), and in which Regal admitted that their client had lied to them about coming under the terms of the CCA. This will be the third DCA that has chased this debt. The company concerned who say I owe them money know that Regal closed the account and were told that they had lied
  12. Further update: I today received a letter from Regal which said:
  13. This morning (23rd April), I received an email about my complaint and was told that: I will keep you all informed. Thanks!
  14. Thanks everyone. I feel much better now. I have complained officially to the OFT, and will wait and see what happens.
  15. In this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/194896-regal-credit-claims-no.html I explained how Regal Credit had written to me to tell me that the debt they allege I owe to their client wasn't under the auspices of the Consumer Credit Act and that they admitted they couldn't take any legal action, but still said they would send round a collector and that I had to pay this debt. The board were very helpful and posted a letter I could send, which I did on Monday 20th April, recorded delivery. They received this letter on Tuesday 21st April, as I have c
  16. Thank you! Your advice has really helped me to calm down. And the letter about doorstep visits, thanks I have found it on the templates section of the site. Thank you again.
  17. I had a letter from a debt collection agency last year (Red Castle Credit), and I did everything that is suggested on this forum: send £1, request copy of CCA etc. I didn't hear anything else again. Then, two weeks ago, I received a letter from Regal Credit Consultants Limited demanding payment of the same debt. I therefore used one of the templates here, and asked why they had taken on the debt when I was still waiting for a copy of the CCA. They replied today (17th April 2009) but I am very confused and worried. The letter says: A number of things stand out, and
  18. Thought I'd bump this up as there have been developments. My relative postponed her move due to a job change, but it is now back on for (she hopes) early February. I passed on the advice here, but she replied that (I paraphrase) "how can they send round bailiffs if they don't know where I've gone?" Her creditors are Roxburghe and (if I remember correctly) someone called Red Box. Just wondering if there is further advice for her? Thank you.
  19. In August I requested a copy of my CCA, and after a few letters telling me that they were 'looking' for my CCA, I heard nothing more from the debt agency. This afternoon, I had a phone message asking me to call their office, but they did not tell me what it was about. I therefore need some advice. This is the first I have heard from them since August, and I specifically asked them to only contact me by letter, and so have not replied to their phone message. But I wondered if this was some underhand way of trying to get around the CCA request, and if I have done the right thing by ign
  20. This doesn't affect me, but a relative is due to move home in a few weeks, and she says that she isn't going to tell her creditors. I think this is dangerous, but wondered if anyone could give me some advice to pass on to her? Even if still awaiting a copy of your CCA (or any other dispute with a DCA), should you tell them if you move? If you don't what can they do? Thanks.
  21. It was for Kleeneze. I had some goods from them which I say I paid for. They are claiming that there is still around £90 outstanding. I am prepared to pay the debt if this CCA is legal. I was unsure because it is a poor photocopy of an obviously faxed document.
  22. Here is a scan of the CCA with the relevant details hidden: Thanks in advance!
  23. I have had a copy of one of the CCAs that I applied for. However, I am unsure if it is legal. The CCA is a very bad photocopy of the original, and my signature and date are difficult to read. How should I proceed? Thank you.
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