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  1. The DWP told me that I had been overpaid last October, although it wasn't until April 2017 that they decided how much I had to repay. This was settled at £3.70 a week out of my Income Support (I am a full time carer who gets Carers Allowance and Income Support) in May 2017. Today (21st October 2017) they have written to me saying they want to review how much I pay them and increase it. It has only been 5 months! My circumstances haven't changed. CA and IS are my only sources of income, and out of that I have bills to pay. Is there a letter I can send which will keep it
  2. Hi! I received a letter this morning from the DWP headed "We are reviewing your benefit claim." They want to interview me at my local job centre in early October. They also want me to provide copies of my bank statements and some other financial information. They state that it is so that they can: I am confused as to why they need to do this as I am a full time carer looking after my Mother who is in her 70s. I currently claim Carers Allowance and Carers Premium (which is basically Income Support). I did have a small part-time business which I ran from home for around 6 months,
  3. Hi! Update. Had a letter today from a company called Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Limited, saying that my account has been passed onto them by MKDP LLP, and asking me to make payment. Should I do anything or ignore? Neither these or MKPD have ever shown proof that I am responsible for this debt. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.
  5. Just an update. Had two letter from them today (20th April). One was the standard, "we have't heard from you," letter. The other was a statement. It claims that it sent a previous statement on 30th Nove 2013, but I never received such a statement. It does state: "Total payments received £0.00." Should I now send the SB letter or still wait? Thank you.
  6. Update: I had another letter from them today (Thursday 2nd April), stating that as I hadn't replied they would What action should I take as I do not like being harrassed. Thanks!
  7. I had a letter this morning from a company calling itself MKPD. They claim in the letter that They say the debt is for £1,848.88p, but I have no knowledge of this debt. I am also suspicious as they say it was passed to them in December 2011, so why wait until know to write to me? Any advice as what to do would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I saw something on the web about digitally signed CCA's and wondered what legality they have compared to physical documents? If I physically sign a piece of paper I can tell if a CCA sent to me has my signature on it or not, but how do I do this if the DCA say that I signed digitally? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the advice! From what I was told there has been no payment made against this debt, nor any communication from either party since at least 2004.
  10. Hi! My friend had a letter this morning from a debt collection agency demanding that they pay a debt. The debt is for a Cap One card and dates to October 2001. My friend had forgotten about the card and alleged debt and wanted to know if the dca can still chase it after so many years? I said I thought that debts over 6 years old could not be chased, but said I would ask on this forum for clarification, and what, if any, action they could take. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you for the advice. Really appreciate it.
  12. Update: 18th March 2013. My Mother had a letter from Lowell this morning thanking her for her letter but saying that they have "looked at the information we have and believe that you are responsible for this debt." They then went on to say that they were passing it on to Capital One for verification before taking further action and have "temporarily suspended this account." What does this actually mean, and what should my Mother do now? She is adamant that she has never had a Cap One card, and she has only lived at the address they are writing so since last May. Thanks in advance fo
  13. Update: My Mother has heard nothing for months, but this morning (Monday 18th February) had another letter from Red about the same debt. Should she write to them and if so, what does she say? Thanks!
  14. Wondering if you could help please? My mother, who is disabled and elderly, has had a letter this morning (Monday 12th November) from Red debt collection services claiming that she owes Capital One £416.43 for an outstanding credit card debt. The issue is this: She has never had a Capitol One credit card and does not know where this debt has come from. Red claim that they have already contacted her and offered a "generous discount" on the debt, which is not true as this is the first she has heard from them. She has only been in her home for a few months and is at a loss as to ho
  15. In May of this year I signed up for BT Vision. I had nothing but problems with it and after a series of emails between me and their offices, they agreed to close my account in August with no cancellation fee. However, I decided to keep my phone and broadband as at this point they were okay. Shortly after this the broadband itself started playing up and there were also some minor issues with my monthly bill. I have now asked if I could cancel and switch to another provider as I am not happy, but they have replied (in a snooty email) that as they have dealt with my earlier complaint, if I c
  16. A copy of the letter has been kept and the details of when the letters were received.
  17. Thanks for all the advice. Letter has been returned with RTS and Not Known At This Address on envelope.
  18. Hi! Two weeks ago my brother received a letter from CapQuest telling him that they were chasing a debt. The problem is that the debt is owed by a woman that my brother has absolutely no knowledge of. The only connection is that they share the same surname. My brother lives in a new build and is the original and so far only tenant (his landlord is the local housing authority). No one else has ever lived at the address, and no one of the name used by CapQuest. Added to this my brother has never heard of the company the debt is owed to nor does he have any knowledge of how CapQues
  19. Thank you for your advice and help.
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