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  1. Enoughisenough Under the terms of using the Forum I cannot "tote" for business - and I never have! However, if you can point me towards your original post and problem then I would be glad to have a look.
  2. Very difficult. One of the main factors for assessing mortgage affordability is earned income, and I am positive no responsible lender (including the Halifax) will lend whilst you have no earned income.
  3. Have you considered porting your mortgage to your new home?
  4. Please could I re-inforce Crapstone's comment about fonts, colour and size. As a mortgage broker (yes, the good ones have survived) I help with advice when I feel I can make a positive contribution, but my problem is always time. Consequently, when we post could we please keep in simple, lower case, black print, minimise exclamations and to the point. Thanks.
  5. The upfront fee payment is the giveaway! If they were confident you were mis-sold a mortgage and you had a very strong case, then they should accept their fee from any compensation. In any case, why a fee? If they are solicitors and your claim is upheld, then they can claim their legal costs for the case. Perhaps they are not that confident. Avoid like the plague.
  6. A real can of worms and possibly the tip of an iceberg. I currently have a number of clients actively challenging Barclays on the balance of their offset accounts. The problem they face is that no one at Barclays can clearly explain how the balance has been reached. Barclays either explain the theory behind offsetting (not rocket science), or forward letters full of technical terms, but no substance or clarification. Barclays appear unable or unwilling to provide actual calculations to these clients to support the relevant statements. The same problem occurs at redemption. Recently, I accompanied one of my clients to a meeting arranged by Barclays at the local branch to (in Barclays own words) ‘meet the local offset expert’, who would be able to answer any queries. Embarrassingly for the ‘expert’ and frustratingly for my client, the meeting lasted but a few minutes with the ‘expert’ readily admitting he could not explain how the balances were calculated. Following another round of correspondence, Barclays have now promised to send someone from Head Office to ‘re-assure’ my client. I am looking forward to that! Due to lack of progress and faith in Barclays, the clients have approached the FOS for assistance. MortgageTalk
  7. In my experience the majority of lender's administration is woeful and cumbersome - hence the constant aggravation over redemption totals. Why not save time and expense and pay by direct debit? MortgageTalk
  8. Have you moved home recently? If so, then you could have been refused the loan as you could not be located at the new address. Alternatively, are you associated financially with anyone else who may have an adverse credit file? The easiest action is to phone the Nationwide and ask the reason for the refusal! MortgageTalk
  9. How they explained why they cannot do it? MortgageTalk
  10. Interest is payable on a mortgage up to the redemption date, as to the ancillary charges, check the T & Cs of your mortgage offer? If they aren't documented then you shouldn't be charged. MortgageTalk
  11. Hi Jake As Manc1 states, if Redstone are not co-operative then it is difficult to remove defaults from your file, although you can personally add a Notice of Correction – see Experian/Equifax website for details. Unfortunately, credit reference agencies are more concerned with selling credit files rather than with ensuring accuracy. The fact that Clydesdale accepted the proposed arrangement should count towards you maintaining the ‘said’ arrangement However, there are Near Prime lenders that will accept one missed mortgage payment in the past six months, which just fits your profile. MortgageTalk
  12. Hi Jake I take it your ‘arrangements’ with Clydesdale are actually IVAs? If so, have you maintained payments and what is the balance of your Mastercard? Are you saying your credit file shows a mortgage default for 09/2007 and 12/2007, when in fact these payments were made? If so, you can contact Experian/Equifax and request these errors be removed. To sum up! If you deal with the CCJs (as discussed in previous post) and obtain certificate of settlement, correct credit file, maintain IVAs and, based on the limited available personal information and accepting affordability, I believe you should be able to obtain a Near Prime rate in October. MortgageTalk
  13. Hi Bona I will certainly do my best to provide up to date generic mortgage related advice in these difficult times. Charcoal are a well established group and even though they are going through a period of internal instability, you should have no hesitation recommending them - but best to check if they are taking a procuration fee from the lender or taking the proc. fee and charging a brokerage fee. Sub-prime has been an important sector in the mortgage market for the past decade - however, it just got a lot tougher both for sub-prime borrowers and for brokers trying to place this business. MortgageTalk
  14. Hi Tiglet Thanks for that advice. Being a 'newby' I have not had a lot of time to explore the site and do not want to break any Forum rules and regulations. However, I had no idea I could use my experience and knowledge to help others in such an easy way. I will make sure I use future tea breaks to good use. However, it will have to be generic advice as I am regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and as anyone would expect, I can only provide individual advice and recommendation once I have full individual details. Hence, my idea of a disclaimer. Does this make sense to you? MortgageTalk
  15. Weird! Unless they are trying to obtain confidential information for cloning identities? Personally, I would never provide personal and confidential information over the phone unless I knew the identity of the caller, and even then I would still be wary! MortgageTalk Please note I am commenting on posts in general and not providing individual mortgage advice or recommendation, which would require precise details of your circumstances.
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