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  1. No this isn't recent. It is from year ending april 04. From memory they introduced a new computer system or updated it or something and it didn't work and payments stopped for a period of several weeks, I ended up driving a two hour round trip just to collect my money so this feels like a kick in the teeth. Will get that form filled in, thanks.
  2. I have today had a visit from tax credits, they overpaid me when their computer system crashed and all automated payments stopped. I was collecting giros from the local office and when the system was fixed they apparently paid me for that period again, causing an overpayment. I was not aware that this had happened - what can I do as I don't feel I should be liable for this debt.
  3. Thanks so much Tomtubby. My husband was able to sort it out over the phone, they were actually quite reasonable about it. At the same time he requested details of their fees. The debt was for goods bought from a company which I struggled to pay back, and it went through the courts. Recieved breakdown of fees today and can't find anywhere on here where it states what they are allowed to charge. Original debt £570.02 Judgement costs £175.35 Execution costs £101.75 Interest to date £38.33 Enforcement fees £388.49 This seems a little excessive, I have only had one vi
  4. Once you let bailiffs in they have all sorts of rights. NEVER let them in, deal with them yes if you have no choice but never let them in your home.
  5. I have been in touch with Consumer Direct who have told me that The Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971 does not apply to consumers, only businesses. I don't believe this to be correct, especially reading all the advice given on this forum, so I don't hold out much hope of them being able to help. What should I do? One set of books I can return as they are still in the box, but the other set my children have been reading so they are not in a good enough condition to return, and I also don't feel like I should when I didn't even ask them to send them? I'm going round in circles here
  6. I have a debt that has been sent to Marston Group. Everything has been fine, we have agreed a repayment of £50 a month and I am transferring this to their bank account via BACS on 10th of the month. The last two payments they have sent out letters to say they have not received the payments, I have replied to these advising them of the payment dates etc and they have written back to confirm all is up to date and payment dates are correct. Today I receive a letter advising me they are coming on 25/3/09 to take my car which is on the walking possession agreement. What should I do? I have
  7. I have more news and need some advice. Today they have sent me a recorded conversation between my husband and their sales agent, where he agreed to them sending one of the sets of books out. I am concerned that they are allowed to add to my account on the say so of my husband, is this going to cause me a problem with the dispute? Is it right that someone else can order things on my behalf? They have also sent a copy of the direct debit instruction, but this is for the sets of books I did actually order back in may 08 and they have clearly transferred that to all other books they ha
  8. I must have missed something, I thought with Grolier you just continued to receive books on any series ordered until you cancel. Couldn't find any relevant information in their online terms and conditions either. Surely if I order set A and pay for it, then get sent set B and they take money without my approval this is illegal? I'm no expert but it certainly doesn't seem fair. Unless of course by me ordering set A it was assumed I would want and pay for set B too. Anyway, we have around fifteen of the series we did order, at which point it was cancelled along with the direct debit. T
  9. I am in dispute with Grolier Ltd regarding a cancelled account which they say I owe money on. In a nutshell, I ordered books from them, some childrens tv characters ones, and I cancelled the order in Aug/Sept last year with everything up to date. They continued to send me books which I returned, and then started to hassle me for payment. After much wrangling I have discovered that the amounts they are claiming for are books I didn't order. I have told them I did not order them, but they are saying I set up direct debit payments for them and made payments against these accounts before can
  10. I spoke to my dad regarding this and he said as the hp was from the original owner and not us he wasn't sure it would apply. The original owner sold the car to my father in law who then gave it to my husband to use, and my father in law has taken over the payment of the hp. We have actually now cleared the debt with a relatives credit card, but I still think they have added around £10 too much in charges. This seems a little silly to persue but then if they are overcharging everyone by that amount? What do you think, should I write and ask for a refund?
  11. Well they have sent the "debt" on to a debt collection agency, they have not personally responded to my request for proof of terms and conditions signed by myself. So now what do I do? I don't want to be paying for a service I cancelled, but I also don't want it to go to court.
  12. The advert was for a business yes. I don't have a proof of postage unfortunately, and I don't recall signing a contract, it was on a monthly rolling basis so no agreement made for a certain number of adverts.
  13. I had an advertisement running in our local doorstep magazine until I decided to cancel in August 2008. I wrote to them asking them to cancel the advertisement and cancelled the direct debit instruction. They have recently been in touch with me saying I owe them for around 3 months of advertising fees. They say I did not cancel the debt as they always issue a cancellation reference and without that I have to pay. They also say they have written to me on several occasions since the cancelled direct debit requesting payment, none of which I have received. Is there any way I can disp
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