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  1. Trying to do my Bank's job for them! It was originally my mistake. I wanted to pay for our holiday through internet banking but having set up the company I pressed the 'back' button to check my funds. This set the payee to the first on the list which was New England Collections (Britannia). Having realised as soon as the confirmation came up I rang Abbey only to be told they could not stop the payment as it was done online? Strange as they can stop an internet payment through Abbey's Business Account!! They told me they would put a trace on it and return the money. Many phone calls later, and after waiting 6 weeks for the process to complete, I was told that somebody had 'forgot to do it'. Another trace was done but yet again, after many calls, I was told that the file was mistakenly closed without any action being taken due to a fault in changing computer systems. They finally did the trace in April (8 months later). I still haven't had the money! I've just looked on Companies House and have seen that Britannia was voluntarily dissolved on 21/08/2007. This is exactly when my money would have gone into their account. Apparently the account should be frozen and all credit balances go to the Crown. I am contacting them at the moment but doesn't look to good. Seems lots of people are having problems.
  2. Hi, Did you get anywhere with Britannia? I am trying to contact them but think they must have closed down. Has anyone got a contact number for them? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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