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  1. Its the brewery themselves. The manager gives them the hours and they bring the wages themselves on payday. Dont think the manager really has much say, he seems a bit of a puppet. My son had his bike stolen from inside the pub the other month whilst he was working and when we tried to claim against the pubs insurance they poo pooed that!! I will be glad when hes out of there to be honest
  2. Thank you capquest worst knightmare I thought that too. He was told apparently he is not entitled to holiday as he was "casual labour" although it has been the same 2 afternoon every week for the last year. He is leaving in just over a month to go to uni but I feel its unfair for the staff remaining there. Should we inform HMRC?
  3. They have 3 bar staff and have all been told the same, he has been employed there for almost 1 year, just seems a bit strange to me. I will investigate who he needs to contact at HMRC. I didnt think bar staff could be self employed (but who knows)
  4. My son who is a student has been working for a pub a couple of nights a week (cash in hand) His employer told the staff last night that they are now "self employed". Shouldnt he have to sign a contract or something to this effect and how does he go about informing HMRC many thanks
  5. It wasnt as bad as I thought, and the Judge allowed my carer to accompany me, was over in 5 minutes. Thank you 42man for your brilliant help and to everyone else here on CAG. I couldnt have done it without you all.
  6. Hi everyone, just an update. won the set aside, with no costs. judge didnt even want to see the paperwork i had prepared, she said dont know why i turned up as the other side had stated already they wanted it set aside. would not even look at my cost. anyway thank you everyone for your help im just glad its all over with:)
  7. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. Have not slept a wink all night, just want it all to be over now. I am just pacing and reading and re-reading my paperwork. Will update you all tonight.
  8. Well everybody, off to set aside hearing tomorrow.(wish me luck) its at 3pm so all fingers crossed please:eek: I doubt I will sleep tonight. The doc has given me some meds to take before I go so hopefully will breeze through it all. I would like to thank one and all of you for all the help and support I have received dealing with crapquest and special thanks to 42man you have made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel with this one. Hopefully I will get some cost from my lovely judge tomorrow and you can be sure of a nice donation from me. It will help someone else in the
  9. Does the skeleton argument sound ok then. Do you think I have covered everything? Dreading Thursday now, just wish it was all over with
  10. hi 42man, did you manage to check that item i pm'd you? Also I today received a letter from CQ with a letter they received from the court. basically stating that they would set aside the Statutory Demand as long as I did not ask for costs and the letter from the judge from court was asking them if I had agreed. I rang court and explained to the clerk that I was still gonna attend on Thursday and was gonna apply for costs and she said that I should. I have today sent of a copy of my costs to both CQ and court by recorded delivery.
  11. 42 man, am i allowed to apply for costs for my nephew taking 2 x half days off work to take me to court (as he is my carer) and also for child minder on the 2 occassions?
  12. can anyone help me with preparing costs for submission for set aside hearing on thursday please!!!!
  13. hi 42man, could you advise me on what i should be claiming cost for as i would like to get this done over the weekend ready for faxing next week. many thanks
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