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  1. Buzby, you're right, a smaller airline simply doesn't have the resources that a larger one does. And, of course, what airline doesn't have complaints against it? You're right, when things are done properly no one posts a message, usually only when things don't go as planned. I'm participating in the message board on another site and I will readily admit that I am seeing good things also written there about GS. I do like their schedule from Hamilton to Belfast (and return) and their price is great for the dates I'm thinking of. I've traveled a lot (yes, even Air Canada) and I can tell you some interesting stories (who can't?). But I just don't want to be unduly delayed overseas when I need to be back at work, especially since I will also have a multiple-hour drive back to my home from Hamilton. It's a legitimate concern. The old saying holds true: do your homework!
  2. I'm in the US and I find it interesting that this airline seems to have so many complaints against it but still it continues to operate. Here in the US our air transportation system is not perfect, of course, but certainly the UK must have some type of regulatory body which ensures that consumers are not cheated, right? Isn't there some form of recourse in the UK against air transportation companies which are not acceptably performing? I thought the EU had pretty strict rules. Anyway, I am thinking of flying with Globespan from Hamilton, Canada, in the fall for a vacation in Ireland, but I'm seeing so many complaints against this company I am a bit hesitant to fly with them even though their price and schedules seem to be quite good. One would think that the UK's regulators would require better performance. Has anyone flown Hamilton-Belfast recently? Were their flights reasonably on time? How was their on-board service? Any comments you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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