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  1. Name and shame ! we can all block this buyer then
  2. I also emailed that to eBay as it is wrong and recommend they update their help pages as they are conflicting information from what they told me in their email and what the help page says!
  3. True but there's overhead fee's, electricity, gas and water bills, probably license fee's and all that malarky. For what I sell there would be no point anyway as I just sell what I don't want or need (I am a real shopaholic ) also what my family and friends don't want as they don't want (or need) the hassle of ebay now !!!
  4. What a shame that eBay have taken that away from sellers!
  5. Can I ask where you have turned to ?
  6. eBay are too high and mighty now to see sense, what they say goes as they have monopolised the market. All sellers can do is to keep reminding them that the sellers dictate not eBay !!!!! If all sellers left then eBay would be stuffed!
  7. but in the real world, take away all the rose tinted glasses and infact the customer isn't always right SC. This is customers saying this !!! Why can't eBayers just be HONEST!!!! that would solve all problems!
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. Sellers are not being respected now and eBay obviously doesn't respect us, they just see their £'s rolling in from our fee's.
  9. I've worked in shops before and it's nothing like eBay! The point sellers are trying to get across is that sellers aren't being treated fairly. Their right has been taken away.. surely this can't be good eBay practice at all! I am already in the real world but thanks anyway
  10. Yes I understand there were bad sellers out there out to make a quick buck or two and I'm making no excuses for them, BUT, the buyers didn't have their right taken away from them about giving the seller a bad or neutral feedback when necessary which is what has happened to the sellers now. This is why so many sellers are pretty well angry at eBay's unjust rule!
  11. well number 73! I'm afraid your comment is just pretty well biased towards the buyers, I am a buyer and seller on there and I really hate it now. The other way didn't favour the seller at all, it was fair both ways. The way it is now gives the sellers no power at all and we have our hands tied. The bad buyers are coming out in their droves now and they know they can get away with LOADS. It is not a fair place to trade anymore and if it continues there won't be an eBay because all the sellers would have gone!
  12. Indeed it is, how many sellers do you think have left already?
  13. As of May this year eBay changed it, I know this because I emailed them about it and they told me that neutral does now effect your score!! Plus I have been on eBay long enough now (7 years) to know when feedback effects my score
  14. This eBay lark has got me very angy. I was left with a neutral feedback because the buyer said there was a small mark on the top she bought from me (I know there wasn't) get this though... BEFORE she bid, she emailed me and asked if this top was "wearable" !!! I thought this was a completely ridiculous thing to ask seeing as though I never list anything I wouldn't want to buy myself. Anyway.... after she receives it she leaves me a neutral saying there was a mark on the front when there wasn't, just trying her luck. I then learn that my feedback goes down even for a neutral !! NOW I've just been emailed by yet another buyer (perhaps given the idea after reading the other neutral feedback) who says that there is a mark on the front of a brand new dress, still in it's wrapper!!! I have no proof of this and so asked her to send it back and I'd refund her what she paid plus the postage. She gets all uppity because I didn't say that I would refund HER costs for sending it back (What seller actually does this on eBay anyway??? NONE that I've come across on eBay in my 7 years on there!) I then reply and say ok ok I'll give you your refund PLUS your postage costs just to keep her from leaving me a negative. I bet she still leaves me a neg when she has the refund firmly in her bank. [edit] It's too 'for' the buyer now and not enough power to the seller. Where's the fairness in that? eBay..... GET IT SORTED !
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