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  1. Thanks Slick132, I have just typed out letter , will post today. Really appreciate your time helping me . I realise now that they hadnt responded to my letter correctly , Glad you pointed that out and thanks for the template letter. Will post reply when i get a response and i hope that all my posts and all the help i have received on here will help others who have problems with LCS solicitors. Hopefully the end is near for me all due to the great help i have received. Regards specspeed
  2. Hi all, Sorry for delay but i have only just received a reply from LCS Solicitors to my last letter.I had to phone them to chase them up and have today received their letter posted below. Any advice regarding their comments would be appreciated. 1) Letter i sent to LCS as below LCS Solicitors The Omnibus Building Lesbourne Road Reigate Surrey RH2 7JP Ref: xxxxxxx 11 September 2008 Dear Sir / Madam Thank you for your letter dated 23rd July 2008. I would like to thank you for contacting Land Registry and enclosing correspondence with them.In reply
  3. Hi all, have received a reply from lcs so will post with updated information
  4. Having just read your reply im now typing my letter to LCS . I feel your response is a great idea and i would feel a lot more confident signing the consent order if the reply from LCS is positive and my credit is restored. Thanks again for your time and the template , i now see a positive ending to this nightmare and its with your help i now feel a lot more confident of getting my life back to normal. Will be posting letter today and will post my reply from LCS as soon as it arrives. Regards Specpeed
  5. Many Thanks again, i have taken note of all the help i have received , really glad i found this site. I have received a letter from Land Registry this morning. LCS originally objected to me having the unilateral notice removed/cancelled. It now seems LCS have contacted the Land Registry and have now stated they do not object and agree for it to be removed. Seems progress is now being made. As for the consent order should i ask LCS to add that all my credit files with credit scoring companys will have all entrys by 1st credit removed as part of the consent order. M
  6. Ok thats very helpful and i appreciate your time helping me , ill let you know the outcome as soon as i get a response. Many Thanks specpeed
  7. Im back online so any replys would be grateful. Thanks specspeed
  8. Many thanks for the reply , I didnt receive all letters fron LCS , was surprised when i 1st heard with a unilateral notice sent by land registry.It was a combination of lack of information from LCS /1st Credit and also not knowing how to deal with the problem once i realised what the courts had done with CCJ and charging order The court have been as bad as i havnt had any replys to my letters , have phoned them and they say they have received it but are short of staff. This site has given me the knowledge that i have used so far to get sent the consent order from LCS to remove t
  9. Thanks for your reply .i will answer as best as i can. 1) LCS got the CCj against me in March 2008. 2) I tried to defend but the 1st i heard was when i received a application for a unilateral notice in june 2008 from land registry. I sent a letter to the court asking for a hearing nearer my area and also requested that i needed more time to defend myself as i had no information to defend myself. I also sent a cca request and asked for a deed of assingment from LCS solictors. I also filled in B193A to object to the application dated beginning july 2008 but it was objected
  10. Ok many thanks. Any advice would be appreciated on signing the consent form. Im just a bit worried because it all seems too easy , i was expecting more of a fight from LCS solictors.
  11. This is my 1st post so please excuse me if im not as clear as would normally be expected. I have joined the site and have taken note of other peoples battle against 1st Credit and LCS solicitors.I have sent off a CCA request and asked for prove of deed of assingment. I have now received a letter back from LCS solictors and i need advice regarding signing a consent order that has to be sent back to LCS solicitors. The problem is i have read that i should never sign anything when dealing with debt collecting agencies and in my previous letter to them i used a digital signature.
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