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  1. It all depends on your policy wording. I'll take a look for you. When you paid the deposit, did they give you any terms and conditions?
  2. What is the cause of loss and the extent of the damage? If you would rather PM thats fine. (I work in H&C Claims) Are you actually insured with homeserve? * If not put all of this in writing to your insurers (rec dev again) and insist they send out a second company to A) Report on the quality of work (or lack of) and B) Make good any damage caused by the insured event. If they refuse, tell them you will be forced to have to work done yourself and send the bill in - they will always prefer their own contractors. * If you are insured with homeserve, then keep writing on a weekly basis, until you get a response. Set a time limit in your first letter, and let them know you WILL go to the FOS if not - but remember FSA guidelines only state insurers must respond within a 'reasonable time' If one is not forthcoming in this time period take it to the FOS, although this can be quite slow it is completely free and they will more than likely get you there in the end. edited
  3. I haven't had anything, as I have paid dutifully up to now, however cancelled the DD this month so we'll wait and see!
  4. Where on the three site - could someone send the link as I am unable to find it?
  5. I've had a similar experience with three - hence the reason I have now lost the USB stick - I haven't been using it for so long, and have moved house in between, that I've maanged to loose it. I went throught the technical line option, sent the drive off etc, and they said it was fine. It was incrediably tempermental at my old house, and my new flat (strangely where I have no wireless set up), but works fine at my mums (she has wireless). It seems to feed off wireless networks in the area (although this is illegal I believe) but whereever there is no wireless it doesnt seem to work. . . . . . . . . .. (the comments re the wireless are just my thoughts. . . I am not implying in anyway that Three are doing anything illegal. . . ) But they will NOT let you cancel, regardless of whether it works, whether you have lost it etc. I never put my signature to anything, but agreed to them using my debit card as ID. Just out of interest does anyone have a contract wording handy?
  6. I recently wrote to the Halifax re my bank charges, and trying to claim them back (14th Aug) at that point, they amounted to £298, and since then I have incurred £455 of further charges. I understand that Halifax have put the claim on hold pending the result of the trial cases, however will i need to write to them again to add the further charges to my claim? Also can I claim for the interest that the money would have made if it had been in my current account. Can anyone offer some advice? Will they completely refuse to deal with the claim unless i claim hardship? which I won't as i know there are many people out there who have their families and would appreciate the time more than me, or can I insist they deal with my claim now? Does anyone know of any banks that HAVE refunded charges? I have heard if you speak to the right departments in Abbey that they will - which is, by the way, my next mission! Thanks Emma
  7. Any complaint put in writing, and send rec dev, then they cannot dispute receipt etc. Are homeserve handling the claim? or were they just called upon to do emergency repairs? did they actually manage to stop the water, or have you had to have someone else out to deal with it?
  8. Can I ask - is your's pay as you go or contract? I didnt pay for my dongle as it is part of the contract. Also does any one know how to obtain a copy of the contract wording for an 18 month contrcat? particually cancellation?
  9. So why do mobile phone companies not charge for a sim? What if I said to them that I cannot afford the £35 (which at the moment is a push) and therefore am unable to use their services - can they continue to charge me for a service I am not using.
  10. SO what about H&C or PPI, are you saying people won't forget those? If YOU forgot to renew your insurance, and the day after your house burnt down wouldn't you be a little guuted. By automatically renewing, it prevents people being left without insurance for one reason or another. . . . Whether you agree with paying to cancel . . . . Thats a different matter.
  11. just be thankful that they hadnt cancelled it without you realising and left you with no insurance!!!!
  12. It's untaxed but locked. We've tried moving it but failed lol. It seems like I'm stuck in the middle, the police council and DVLA will not do anything as it is on private land, and midsummer say to report it the police and DVLA.
  13. Ok thanks I'll try again,but the council said they wont help as it is private property apparently!!! Police just said contact DVLA. . . . who do not seem to like responding - although they were quick enough to threaten me when my car was reported abandoned for being parked on the street with a flat (funnily enough cos my carport was being used!!)
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