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  1. I don't know.. . As it stands now, I've 28 days to pay all of it or I get a ccj. It's just amazing that things are so heavily skewed in their favour. When their advocate asked for a chat beforehand she was almost laughing at the points I'd made in my defence and also said I couldn't submit my skeleton argument, I just said I'd leave it to the judge. .. I now know why. They really didn't have to prove anything, just make vague statements that I couldn't disprove. They used the words "likely" "could" and "believe" to great effect. I was mistakenly under
  2. Hi, I just got back from court having lost. The basics are: Was all looking good for the first 10 minutes - Lots of excuses from the advocate about the evidence and lots of head shaking from the judge then it all went downhill. Didn't matter that the POC was incorrect. Didn't matter there was no default or letter of termination. Didn't matter there was no agreement as the bill they produced showed I must have had one. I did manage to get the ETF thrown out but the judge felt "on the balance of probability" I was liable for arrears. Didn't matter they had
  3. I know... it's hard though as it feels like the legal system is constantly in their favor. It feels like the burden of proof is on me rather than them.
  4. It genuinely surprises me it's got this far... Especially when it was clear I was going to defend...
  5. The only thing they have is a bill that says it from 2015 but they refer to an agreement from 2012.... You'd think the court would just throw it out... I really don't understand the legal system. ...
  6. Ok, will it be ok to leave it a bit though... Maybe until 4pm.. will that be OK? Can I email a copy to the court or do I need to drop it in? I'll try my best with the Service agreement - Surely the fact they put the wrong the thing in POC must carry some weight? I still can't get over the fact that they say they don't need to show the agreement when the breach of the agreement is what they are suing me over... It astonishes me.. I might risk 70 quid and try it on them... I could say they agreed to pay me £4999 but I don't have any proof other than a document I wrote myself and a record
  7. Thanks Andy, I'll hand it over on the day as I won't have time to get it to them otherwise. I was worried before that it had to be in before the court date but have since read that it's perfectly fine to hand it in on the day. I may be able to get to the court later today but I think I'll be cutting a bit fine. Thank you for all of your help and I'll let you know what happens. Cheers. M
  8. I really don't know how I missed this thread, it identical to mine and I suspect the outcome will be the same. Uncle Pete, what were the costs? Mine seem to increase all the time... theyve added around £200 now..
  9. Hi, OK I understand...so would this be better? In the XXXX county court Claim number xxxxxxxx Claimant V Defendant Defendants Skeleton Argument Hearing Date: Introduction 1.This skeleton argument is filed in support of my defence dated xxxx and witness statement dated xxxxxx in this claim. 2. The Claimant has been extremely vague and somewhat confusing when outlining the basis of their claim. Their Particulars of Claim refers to “a mobile telecoms agreement regulated by the consumer crediticon Act 1974', whereas their Witness Statement claims “the b
  10. Hi, I was planning to send it but I ran out of time as I had to travel to Europe for work on the 12th.and only got back yesterday afternoon. Do the ammendments make any sense or would you simplify it? I'm not sure about their assertion that there is no legislative requirement to provide the agreement as evidence of the debt... Thanks. M.
  11. Hi Again, Please have a look at my amended Skeleton Argument if you have time. I think it might be a bit repetitive but I'm trying to cover a lot of points. If you could let me know if I should take anything out etc. I would be eternally grateful as I plan to drop it into the court tomorrow if I can, if not it will be on the day. In the XXXX county court Claim number xxxxxxxx Claimant V Defendant Defendants Skeleton Argument Hearing Date: Introduction 1.This skeleton argument is filed in support of my defence dated xxxx and witn
  12. Thank you. I do need to send it to bw and the court don't I? I'll probably expand it a little as the 2012 agreement they refer to would clearly be out of time by now, . I'm unsure how to address the bill though, other than telling them I haven't seen it before. I did everything on line. Maybe I'm being naive but I don't see how they can claim they don't need a copy of the agreement they claim was in force. One from 2012 would have run out by 2014.
  13. Hi again, could someone cast their eye over my skeleton argument. I really do need to send it off tomorrow. Thanks. M
  14. I do understand and wouldn't ask unless I had to. I'm just keen not to give Lowell a win as it doesn't help anyone, it just encourages them to issue more court actions. Any help is massively appreciated and I've tried to put things together the best I can but as you rightly point out, I could easily get things wrong on this one. Thanks. M
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