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  1. The reason for water in the oil is either, a cracked cylinder head, but as they replaced the head gasket then the head should have been checked, and if it turns out to be the head then the garage is responsible, the other reason for water in the oil is, a cracked cylinder, this could have and should have, been partially checked when the head was taken off, one cause of these cracks is if at any time the engine 'froze' due no anti freeze in the cooling system. All the best sez2013, and look forward to hearing the outcome. P.S. 6k is a ridiculous amount, check google for engine re-conditioners, there might be a surcharge if your engine is no recondition-able, but certainly not 6k
  2. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I was told that if a seller is not a registered business then the DSR did not apply?
  3. Thanks for your reply's I think her only way out of this mess is bankruptcy, lloyds are not playing ball despite the fact itis down to them I cannot beleive that she is going bust for 6k a pittance really but it will take her years to pay off even if lloyds played ball.
  4. She was told that Lloyds could not legally take her income support, housing benefit, child benefit and tax credit, but they did and that is why she is in this mess.
  5. The problem is that this will follow her for years, that is why I thought about getting a loan to clear the debts but only if they will accept a lower amount than the 3k she has already contacted Lloyds to stop interest after talking to National debt service they told her to offer £1 per week she did this but they refused. She has opened a account at Barclays.
  6. She has only just told me about this, she has been trying to hide it from my wife and I and trying to pay when she can, but Lloyds are making demands as are the mobile phone company, It seems there is almost £1000 to gas/electric (premature 2 year old) she needs the heat, no other banks, a store card at £600 there is about 3k to lloyds, £600 phone that leaves approx £700 to inland revenue, they gave her benefits for the baby because he lived 5 weeks, she told them when he died but they said because he lived over 28 days she was entitled to 6 months benefit, now they have decided they want the £700 back. I got the 7.5k I bought the car out of this, then paid off a loan that I had already got her which left nothing. I am wondering if Lloyds and the others would accept a lower amount as full payment, along with the others? I know there are companies that do this but they charge, maybe I could get a loan to clear her debt, but only if they all accept less, the origanal loan to lloyds was £1000. What a mess, I am disabled so is my wife and we are on low income but can still get credit, I cannot afford the 6k for the car and the 6k the rest.
  7. Thanks very much for your reply, it was entirely my fault about the ccj, it is very dissapointing about the loan, I got it for her it as a personal loan, as the car is worth over £1500 could the reciever take the car, she has a 2 year old and works 2 days a week and needs the car to get to work, if the loan payments cannot be included, that would give her a extra £155 per month taking her over £200 per month free, this is a mess if Lloyds had not taken her money in the first place this would not have happened.
  8. If she does go bankrupt I dont know if the reciever will alow her to carry on paying me.
  9. I am already quite worried because I got her a loan in my name to cover some bills and get her a car, the loan was for £7500 she / I owe about 6k on it now the car might be worth £1500 but she does need it for work and I know this is going to cause problems, she has tried but cannot get any kind of loans, she lives in rented property, so if she does not pay me the £155 p/m she would have this extra money, and she might then have to pay towards her crediters, also then I would be in trouble (financially).
  10. Yes, sorry mis read, she might have just over £50 per month after bills though.
  11. Hi citizenB She spoke to national debtline yesterday, they told her bankruptcy is her best option, she is struggling to get the money to go bust though. Thing is she only ows 6k but she has a young child and only works 2 days so she cannot afford to pay her debts, Lloyds want £200 per month. Also the Debt relief order says you need CCJs which as yet she does not have.
  12. Hi everyone, I thought I would tell you about my daughters treatment by Lloydstsb. 3 Years ago she was with this 'dead head' boyfriend, she was working but got pregnant so her work sacked her, (I know they cannot do that, but they did) of course they did not say it was that but it was, anyway she had a baby boy early he died after 5 weeks, (hospital treatment or lack but that is another story) anyway her boyfriend got her to get a loan from her bank Lloyds we and she had always been with them and had a good relationship, she got a £1000 loan, she also got him a mobile phone on contract, she then got pregnant again, then he left! She was really struggling with the money as she was on benefits, so a few days before the £50 loan payment was due she asked the bank if she could pay 2 days late, they refused, when she put the £50 in 2 days late they had already charged her £120, then they took her, housing benefit, her child benefit and her income support, the bill is now over £3,000 the phone company want £600 and obviously there are others so she is having to go bankrupt! I wrote to the bank and the ombudsman but the bank would not help and the ombudsman would not help, she was advised to pay £1 a week I paid it but they refused and closed her account!
  13. Hi everyone. I recently got a Nokia 6500 slide fro 3, it never worked, it had very little but mainly no signal, even ehen my wife was sat beside me with her sony ericson on 3 with full 'bars'? I spent eight days and over Three hour one day on the phone to India and speaking to people reading the same reply from their screen, one day I was transfered to NINE different departments, I tried to cancel the contract and the same reply, 'you cannot do that' I contacted Consumer Direct who told me to write to their UK office and give them 14 days under the sale of goods act, 3 did not reply so as I sent it recorded delivery I checked royalmail and they got it next day, 3 denied it I then got another name and address in Glasgow and gave them 7 days, it took six and they allowed me to cancel the contract. You see it seems (as I was told one time) their is a fault and Nokia cannot fix them, so beware!
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