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  1. Hi all, We received a judgement from the county court for the reposession of our property if we dont pay the judgement debt of £2,450 and costs of £1,450 for an outstanding Anglian Water debt. This despite us having a arrangement direct with AWS to pay £50 monthly on the current balance. The judgement applies to 2 x charges against the property made by AWS which went to court. Is it possible to defend against this judgement at such a late stage? Judgement was made on 25th Jan giving us 28 days to deliver possession of the property to AWS.
  2. Have sent off the N56 form with the offer and ticked the application to suspend box and stated the reason being the recent increase in pay with income and expenses completed to show a little left over money to put towards the offer. attached payslip and now we're hoping for the best. Will update when we hear back. Many thanks for the advice as always.
  3. Thanks for the responses. The CCJ was sought by solicitors on behalf of a DCA. I can make an offer based what we can afford which is £100 per month, reason being we can now afford to make the payments since i got a raise not too long ago. I just wonder if the solicitors can just refuse our offer and persue the Attachment order, or does the court decide if our offer is reasonable?
  4. Hi all, I recently received a CCJ on an old loan from Blackhorse from around 2008. I have now received an Notice for attachment of earnings order which I must respond to in the next few days. As my financial circumstances are a little better than before, I intend to make an offer to voluntarily pay off the amount (£3700) without my employer being ordered to make deductions from my pay. I understand I need to ask for a suspended order and attach my latest payslip. My questions are: 1. How to I go about applying for the suspended order? what forms and supporting documents do I use? 2. What is a reasonable time/amount that I can offer to pay off the debt in? Would £100 per month over 37 months be reasonable for example? Or will they expect a shorter time? 3. Will I need to attend court? Any advice in this matter will be greatly appreciated. With regards
  5. Brief history as follows: Last June, we had some outstanding council tax arrears which we subsequently paid direct to the council, minus excessive bailiff fees (at the time, well over £800!). Shortly after we paid the council, we woke to find wife's car clamped in our driveway. Car was then towed last July and stored until we received a "notice of sale" this June. The notice of sale showed the debt bailiffs were chasing was approx £500 in fees, £200 storage. And the £1100 car was shown as worth only £150 ahead of auction! Heard nothing since, assuming they had sold the car, until a txt from a bailiff last night threatening removal of goods and a van on the 1st. Demanding payment of just the £500 in fees, and threatening additional fees. Are we to just pay the £500 and rid ourselves of the bailiffs, or are we succumbing to their heavyhanded tactics too easily? Would appreciate any advice you can provide.
  6. Hi all, Good news! Eviction suspended as judge felt we were making attempts to remedy the situation. Scheduled for review in 6 months. I didn't even need to say anything. Remarkable , considering the stress this causes from the day the eviction notice is received. What can we do to get the suspended repossession removed altogether? The claimant's representative seemed a little reluctant to explain that we were in court because of effectively 1.5 missed payments. I just feel that after 12 months of regular payments, we should be able to apply to have the suspended possession order removed. Are we being realistic? Thanks once again for your help.
  7. Hi, I've just sent you the draft text. Hopefully you'll have time to review Thanks
  8. Yes I have a previous copy I can ammend. Could I send you my draft to check please ?
  9. Thank you Ellen I haven't drafted one yet, was going to do that this morning based on the same points raised above. Hoping to submit N244 today as I have the day off work.
  10. Hi all, Following the last adjournment mentioned in the previous post, we have since received an eviction notice as we missed a payment in Dec '13 and Mar '14. These being the only payments we've missed in the last 15 months. March default is very bad for us as it included £500 we had offered to the solicitors to make up December arrears of £1000. Basically we made the offer to pay 1000 arrears over 2 months ( Feb , mar) as we felt we could afford this at the time. Paid Feb , but failed to pay March as my wife unfortunately lost her job and march payment was now not possible. So I have the following questions: As we have been in court over this case several times to stop the eviction on previous occasions, is there a limit we may be crossing where the N244 and reasons we give may just not be acceptable to the court? The solicitors recently said this was the 5th time an order had been granted. Given that the most recent payment history has been reasonably good, we complied with the judges order from Jan '13 to Nov '13 when then first payment was missed for which we then made an albeit ambitious offer to correct, could this play in our favour at all ? Or will the lender just claim that this mortgagee is simply unaffordable as they have previously tried? I have received a pay increase from March 1st which will help, and the wife is now back working. Will this be enough to have the eviction suspended again? We currently pay CMI +£150 towards arrears from the original order. We could increase this to CMI + £200 to cover the march default, would this be reasonable to ensure we didn't overcomitt ourselves? I anticipate the lender will want more , especially if I include my modest pay rise information in defence of ability to keep with payments I hope someone can offer some advice on this. I'd like to submit a N244 tomorrow if we can present a decent defence. Many thanks for your assistance.
  11. The background is that a previous judgement of a suspended order for possession was made a few years ago (circa 2008) when the arrears were much higher and the balance was in the thousands. We kept up with the arrangement as per the order and i was sure this was now done. ...except for this 1 final payment to clear the balance and settle the account.
  12. Hi all, We recently received an Eviction Notice regarding a single outstanding final payment of £475 on an secured loan. The claimant say they have written to us before applying to court (but my wife says she never saw the letters)... Anyhow, I was prepared to pay the outstanding amount of £475, but the lender says there are additional legals fees of £389 from their external solicitors that would also need to be paid to stop the eviction. Is this correct? or will our payment of the outstanding £475 be sufficient to stop the action? I am in the process of completing a N244 form. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Ell-enn, Strangely enough, got home after work this evening to find a letter (Notice of Adjourned Hearing) from the local court to say the hearing had been adjourned with liberty to restore. Does this mean they have gone away....for now. But why would they have applied in the first place?
  14. Hi Ell-en. We haven't received anything apart from the Notice (N244A)
  15. Hi there, We have an URGENT update on this situation: We had a Suspension of Eviction granted after the judge ordered that should pay a fixed amount each month (which was lower than the CMI) for 6 months (ending June), after-which we would then begin to pay CMI+£100 towards arrears. This order has been kept to with no defaults, however we recently received a "Notice of Hearing of Application" (N244A) Notice, stating that the claimant has applied for an Amended Order, and thee hearing is in 2 weeks. We have a couple of concerns.... 1. If the judge already stated in his previous order that we would pay CMI + £100 towards arrears AFTER the fixed monthly payment arrangement ended after 6 months (which it now has), what would the claimant be trying to achieve by seeking to Amend the court's order? 2. Since the CMI is much higher than the fixed monthly payment we've been paying (an increase of £350 ,although it still just about affordable), could they be trying to argue that we cant afford our home and seek to have our home repossessed at this hearing? What steps should we take ahead of this hearing to ensure we don't get a nasty surprise on this day? I'm assuming there is no question about whether we need to attend, even though we have not received any copies of their N244 application. (Would we even receive this?) I would appreciate any advice that anybody can give in this situation. Kind regards,
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