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  1. Hi all. Getting hassle from a DCA for a debt of £100 that we have NO IDEA what it is. I cant find a Prove it template. Can anybody point me in the right direction please?Many thanks
  2. We would rather do something than nothing incase he takes it to court. Can anyone advise on the right 'prove it' letter please? Clarkey
  3. She has not checked this. What would we be looking for? I understand that Carter is a real turd...and has imposed CCJs on people very quickly.
  4. Can anyone advise on what letter to send to Carter? I believe I need to send the 'prove it' letter? What should a put in it? Do we need to send a quid? Thanks Clarkey
  5. So send the letter to Carter then??? Can you advise on letter content?
  6. Hi all We chose to ignore the original letter from Fredrickson but now we have recieved a letter from a well known Cretin called Bryan Carter! a "14 days to pay or else" letter. Any advice most welcome please! Thank you all Clarkey!
  7. The letter came to my partner so she will need to check her credit file. But she has no idea what it could be.
  8. The letter says their client is Arrow Global LLC.
  9. OK. We will wait to see if they send another letter and then perhaps we should CCA them.
  10. None at all. They are claiming for £100 exactly.. + their fee's now of £75
  11. Thanks for quick reply! They are threating to take her to court, CCJ etc etc... Should we continue ignoring as they are going to keep sending if they have already sent 2 letters? Clarkey
  12. Hi all. My partner has recieved 2 letters now from FIL asking for £100 + £75 charges. They claim their client is Arrow Global LLC and are threating to take her to court. She has no idea who they are or what this is about. Does anybody know anything about these 2 organisations? Should we send them a 'Prove It' or a CCA request? Thank you Clarkey
  13. I have done nothing at moment. They seem to call once a week for a very old debt that I was disputing with Lowells. They have obviously flogged it on. There is a girl who asks for me by first name...extremely friendly...she then informs me that "I have a call for you"...When I ask who they were she just laughs and ask for my address...I hang up.
  14. I am also getting calls from them. One was from a company called Link. I also got a call from someone who asked for me...i clocked they were not genuine so acted like i was someone else. The caller then pretended to be my best mate who had lost my address and desperately need to send me a card/message etc. Very under-hand and illegal!
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