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  1. In the past week, my partner has been the subject of a final disciplinary warning for alleged unprofessional conduct in a meeting when she used the word bloody which was interpreted as also being aggressive. The HR management investigation is so full of holes it is laughable, they didn't even bother to speak to all of the people in the meeting to see what was said - and it is a case of a real kangeroo court. The union representative is now working through pulling it to bits and will hopefully get the right result in due course. In my opinion they are using the disciplinary process as a smokesc
  2. Thanks for response. They have been told that they are definitely not suspended and should make themselves available to go and work at a different site after Easter. Any further thoughts please on this issue and also on whether this constitutes serious misconduct? Many thanks as always.
  3. I am hoping if someone can help with a problem my colleague is going through with their employer at the moment. They have been told to stay away from their place of employment due to alleged inappropriate language being used in an unprofessional and threatening manner. They are not under suspension but it is subject of a disciplinary investigation. A heated discussion was taking place in a departmental meeting with a more senior manager in which they came under attack. In response they defended themselves by saying that it was "bl**dy rubbish and they knew it was". No other swear wo
  4. Can anyone provide some advice re:my earlier post please. Many thanks
  5. Thanks for your help everyone and for the sound advice. I will get to work on disputing it and will let you know how I get on.
  6. Thanks for your response and apologies for the delay in acknowedging. I received a letter from the Debt Recovery solicitors asking for a full lump sum payment of £8k. I was not able to pay and wrote back to offer £100 per month. A few months down the line, the next thing I received was a form from the court saying that they were taking me for the full liability. I was asked to confirm if I accepted the full debt and was requested to fill out a financial disclosure. I wrote back again with the financial disclosure and put a letter in to state that I did not believe it was my debt and
  7. I hope that someone can help with a tax credit overpayment problem that has been worrying me for a long time. I am at my wit's end and don't know where to turn. I am sorry to put the full story down, but I hope you will see the aggravation that I have been put through. After 2 years of hearing nothing and having appealed against a decision, I have just received a Notice Warning of Legal Proceedings from HMRC on a Tax Credit Overpayment of £2,200 and it is scaring me badly. In 2004, I was full time employed and was forced to go down to reduced hours (16 hours per week) due to a
  8. Can anyone help please. Thanks
  9. I am hoping that the forum will be able to help and provide some advice on an old debt that I have got involved in. At the start of the 90's, I co-habited with my partner and took out a joint mortgage on a flat. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last long and moved out in 1992. At the time, I believed that I signed forms to get my name taken off the mortgage. Towards the end of 2007, I was contacted out of the blue by commerical debt recovery solicitors (sent in my maiden name) to say that I owed money on the mortgage (around £17,000). Details from the debt collection agency we
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