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  1. I am pleased that there seems to be a general agreement on this and it is in my favour!! I have to put the car back in this week for a repair which is being carried out under warranty so will put off writing to them telling them i have no intention of paying for the repair, until the work has been done and i have my car back. Otherwise, they may keep my car until i agree to pay up!! Will keep you posted of developments Thanks everyone for your comments.
  2. Well, i did say that to them but added i would take advice and get back to them when i was sure of my legal position...
  3. The garage insured it and the excess is £500.
  4. I put my Nissan Xtrail in for a service before christmas and was given a courtesy car for the day which i returned when i collected the xtrail at the end of the day. I received a call the following morning from the garage to tell me that the front lefthand bumper was damaged and that it would cost approx £350 to repair and they wanted me to pay for it. I told them that it had not been damaged whilst i had the car and that i will not be paying for the repair. I did not inspect the courtesy car before taking it away and did not sign any document to say it was in good repair when i took it away. For all i know the damage was already there when i took it away or it was done after i returned it. I pointed this out to the garage but they insist that it was done whilst i had it. I was wondering if anyone knows my legal position here as they are pursuing me for the cost of repair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. Mairi, just wondering why you advise not to run claims at the same time. Also, I am sure you need to have an english address to make the claim through the english court system so not really possible to do that if you dont have one?
  6. Thanks for that. It was a limited company and dont know if debts were cleared or not. If not, what would be chances of creditors finding out and pursuing for their money? Also, if they had to go down the route of going to court to get their money what would be the name of the pursuer - do you think it would be in one of the directors names seeing as the company no longer exists?
  7. I have a friend whose business was liquidated and they are wondering if it is still possible to claim for all the bank charges which had been accrued over the last 5/6 years. Obviously the business account is now closed (was with RBS) and the business no longer exists but is keen to reclaim the charges as they amount to approx £6000! Any advice would be appreciated
  8. My claim for £750 was settled two weeks ago and I wrote to them "without prejudice" advising i was intending to pursue further claims, asking if they would settle now to avoid further court costs. I didnt hear from them so phoned on friday and they told me that they have to follow standard procedure and would not settle and i have to submit a further claim as before. I did tell them it seemed a waste of time and money on everyone's behalf considering it would be settled anyway which they agreed with but they had to abide by the banks policy. So i am submitting another claim tomorrow and hoping it will be settled quickly as i have read various threads saying that subsequent claims are generally settled quicker than the first.
  9. Hey, just to let you know i got reply back from RBS accepting to settle at the 80% and are sending cheque within next 5 days.
  10. Just thought i would let you know that i recently wrote to royal bank of scotland re a business account that had been closed since february 2001. However I chanced my luck and asked for charges to be refunded from August 2000 until the account was closed in feb 2001 (ie 6 years ago). Got reply two weeks later offering me approx 60% which i replied that if we met half way (ie approx 80%) i would accept their offer just to get quick settlement. That was last week so am just waiting for their reply now.
  11. Ok, never mind, was an interesting read anyway. Looks like I will just have to go through the court system to get my money back. thanks for your help anyway :oops:
  12. Thanks for the address. I notice however that you have put "(credit cards)" after it but my account is a business account. Would I still send my complaint to them?
  13. I know, I was only kidding. Totally understand that giving out his personal details could jeopardise his job. I was really just looking for an address where the executive complaints department is based so I could write direct to them instead of some customer relations dept who dont seem to have a lot of authority?....
  14. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom. I am proceeding today with the claim against B of S for my personal account and when they go to settle out of court will try to get them to agree to just settling the whole lot rather than go through with a whole lot of claims for £750 which will take forever. And I will wait to get the written reply from RBS and maybe phone them again for one last try assuming they are still not going to cough up! Will keep you updated...
  15. Just want to thank you for posting this thread - i first read it in the RBS section - as it really inspires you not to give up. Jjust wondering if you have an address for the Executive Complaint team as think I might give them one last try before taking legal route. Also, your brother seems like such a sympathetic guy so if I write direct to him I might get the reply I am looking for!!
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