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  1. Good luck - not that you will need it!!- just stick to your deadlines and read through the step by step guide and templates etc and you will have YOUR money back soon!!!
  2. hi there, i think in the particulars of claim and in the lba in the library there is a line about removing default. i had to remove in my letter so i'm sure its there. good luck hope you can issue the cliam soon!!
  3. oooeee

    HKS v Nationwide

    hi there and welcome to the forum. i agree with dolly here the nationwide seem to be playing by the rules at the moment the longest wait seems to be for the statements initially. but be patient that holiday is only a matter of weeks away!!!! remember to read through all the info on filling out the forms and deadlines etc and to come on here for advice if you need to. good luck (not that you'll need it!!)
  4. oooeee


    no court appearance, just letters, forms and patience required!!! make sure you read through as many posts as you can and get as much info as you can to make sure you do it right. mine is Bowie v nationwide - here we go!!! if you want to see how my claim progressed. good luck just don't give up!!
  5. hi all, just a quickie about the court fees, remember if you are on any type of benefit take your claim form to the court with your proof of benefit and you will be exempt from the fees. those who have to pay the fees don't forget to add this on to the amount you are claiming as costs and get them back from the bu***rs!
  6. hi, if its anything like i had they just sent me a copy of every statement for the last six years (all nicely bound) and with a standard letter about manual intervention. i just ignored the letter to be honest and claimed my charges and interest. i don't think nationwide are claiming manual intervention in any cases. its all done by computer so they have no grounds for that!!! good luck with your claim
  7. hi there all the details are on my signature!!!!
  8. Hi There, i had the same thing only a month ago. i had £170 in charges in one month. i wrote a letter explaining that i could not afford the charges and that i had made a mistake etc. i wrote in to their head office but took it into my local branch and asked them to pass it on through internal mail. i then chased it up a few days later and they knocked the charges down to just £50. i'm sure if you follow the same procedure they will help. you have to bear in mind i was also sueing them for my bank charges and they had refunded charges on my account several times previuosly. despite this they were (surprisingly) helpful and still refunded charges on my account so that i didn't have to pay £170 for that month. try it you have nothing to lose!!!!
  9. hi there, you must be getting very wobbly now!!!! from everyone i've seen on here they will not show but you must be prepared to go to court if they do. i'm not sure if things are different in scotland? but i received my "intend to defend" notification and the money was in my account the next day. my advice to you would be to keep checking your account in the next week to see if it goes in but you may want to join the court buddy system on here to find someone to lend moral support etc incase they go that far? and read up on what laws they are breaking etc so you know what to say?- theres a good section in the library on this - but i wouldn't panic too much they just want you to back out so they don't have to pay you, i thought i was going to be the one they picked on just as every body on here thought at one point. keep checking your account and let us know what happens. GOOD LUCK
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! similar timescacales for me just received my money today - no account closure yet but i have a parachute account open anyway - i think nationwide are getting quicker at paying now it must be driving them mad!!!!
  11. don't panic it just means if you require any other information they hold on you other than your bank statements. not quite sure what information but i think its a standard reply.
  12. its all here!!!!!! checked my account this morning - only had to check the once Dolly they're getting quicker!!! - and the rest of the money is in there!! you have no idea how much this money means to me. i can now put the deposit and rent in advance on a new house - lost the last one cos i couldn't raise the deposit - and we can be moving in the next couple of weeks. thanks to everyone for all their support and encouragement. i will now fill out the survey but not sure how to get the title changed to WON? i will stay on to encourage and help others. a donation will be made as soon as i know how much is left or my tax credits come through this month. YIPEEE!!!!!!!! :)
  13. hi there, i used the templates in the library section on my claim. i did mine hard copy cos i didn't have to pay the court fees cos i'm on benefits. keep at it it will be worth it in the end. i sent my prelim letter on the same day as you and i've just got some of my money back already. keep at it!!!
  14. YEAH!!!!! Interest on claim £246.73 paid into bank account today. shows on online statement as credit by cash how strange is that? must be them cos its the exact amount of interest i'm claiming and no one i know is so generous to put that amount in my account!!! can't wait for the rest - need it desperatly have to move out of my house in two weeks and i haven't got any other money to put down as a deposit for somewhere else!!! thanks everyone for all your support hopefully be updating you that the full amount is in there soon!!!
  15. update on claim, just received the court form back signed by charlie boy stating the intention to defend. getting wobbly now but fingers crossed i'm not the one they pick on to go to court!!!
  16. good luck although i'm sure you won't need it! where are you going on your hols when it all comes through then?
  17. Well done, stories like these really give me hope to carry on with my claim. good luck with the next round too!!!
  18. Hi all, thanks for your advice and support. i went to the local council last week and was told they could not help us as we did not have to leave until the end of september. we had actually managed to find another house but needed help with the deposit. as we were not being legally evicted the council could not help us with this. i think we are in the same part of the country AllyG (TR7 postcode) as i was told that the housing list is at least three years long and in the meantime i could be put into bed and breakfast (with two teenagers, one little one two dogs and a rabbit? i think not) the average rent where i live is £800 - £1000 a month so trying to raise the rent in advance and the same again as a deposit whilst still paying £900 a month rent is proving difficult to say the least. thanks for replying i at least know where i stand so will not put myself and my kids onto the street!!!! will keep you all posted.
  19. Hi Lyverbird, i know its a bit of a personal question but are you on any type of benefits? working tax credit, housing benefit because if so you can put in your claim for nothing. sorry if (again!) its something you already knew.
  20. P.s. will pm moderators with bank claim details as soon as i have the claim number.
  21. Took my claim to the local court today (Truro). they were really helpful. but thought i would let everyone know the procedure. you need to take two copies of your N1 form to them, one for their records and one for the defendant. I get working Tax credit and took proof of this with me and got all my fees excused (£120) the form to claim this was really simple just name and address etc. but she did take a copy of the proof that i taken with me. well i suppose i just sit and wait now!!!! when i got home i had a letter from nationwide telling me that they did not need to respond to the LBA for 40 days. but tough they had their 14 days and the claim has been filed. fingers crossed!!!!
  22. I'm not going to let this bloody form beat me!!!!! but after filling it in for the last hour and getting to the last bit now realise that you cannot claim exemption from the fees online so i'm now going to do it the old fashioned way and print out a hard copy and take it to my nearest court tomorrow. mind you the nearest court is 20 miles away!!! does anyone know what the number of the form to claim exemption from the fees is, (i'm on benefits so don't have to pay i hope) I'm not getting frustrated honestly!!!!
  23. Hi there, tried searching for this but in the middle of filling out the form and not sure what to do. if it is a joint account do i put both of our names in the claimant bit or will just one do? i know its probably a silly question but i don't want to get it wrong at this stage!!
  24. Just a quick update on my claim ok, i'm filing my money claim tonight online tonight. i've read through the posts and think i understand it. going to do claim after i put my son to bed, i may have to take it to the court though as i'm on benefits so don't have to pay. will see what is said when i start the filling out. their 14 days is up today and i have had no reply to my LBA so here goes!! don't mind saying i'm extremly scared but prepared to fight. will keep everyone posted. one thing before i finish, i had added up the charges wrong, in their favour, (DOH and me a maths degree student!!!) but this doesn't matter does it? i have the correct amount now with the interest etc courtesy of the spreadsheet on here. can anyone reassure me that it doesn't matter if the amounts differ and i don't have to start all over again?
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