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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi there, ditto what dolly said. did you add those bank charges to your claim? if not ask for them to be removed in a letter to the building society, i did and had £120 of charges removed, let me know if this applies and i'll tell you what i did. good luck with your claim shouldn't be long now!!!
  3. oooeee

    HKS v Nationwide

    Hi there HKS, i've been offline for a few weeks (moving house total pain!!) came back on as soon as i could and i'm soooo pleased to see you have got (most) of your money back. really pleased for you xx
  4. i totally sympathise with you, i was with nationwide for 11 years and was never given the privilage of an overdraft and had a similar situation when i lost my job (i fell pregnant and had to lleave work!!) it seems to me that those people who are struggling in society are the ones who are constantly penalised instead of being helped. hope all goes well with your claim, it may not be an enourmous amount of money but its YOUR money!!!
  5. oooeee


    Hi there, if you look on your nationwide statements if you have an unauthorised overdraft at any time the interest that they charge you is written on the statements usually just underneath the list of bank charges for that month. you can add this amount on to you initial claim but you are right that you don't add on the 8% until court claim time hope this helps and good luck with your claim
  6. i was being a bit of a goody two shoes as in the last six years i actually had a whole eight month stint with no bank charges!!!!
  7. welcome and good luck - not that you will need it!!! shouldn't be long now!!!
  8. good luck, not that you will need it!! just follow the step by step to make sure you do everything in the right order and go and get your money back!!! p.s. we are all pretty crap with money at some time in our lives it doesn't mean that the banks can fine us for it!!!
  9. Hi there and welcome aboard, this is a great site full of helpful information and lots of people willing to give you support and help so any problems let everyone know. just reapeating what dolly has already said open another account, stick to your timetable and make sure you read through as much info as you can to make sure you get your calim right. and be patient it really is only a matter of weeks now!! keep us posted
  10. oooeee

    HKS v Nationwide

    Hi there, i got a co-op cashminder account and my credit rating is absolutly atrociuos. alarm bells sound and a flashing light goes off anytime i apply for anything but they were really helpful although it did take a couple of weeks. i got the phone number off the interent and rang them. its done me a big favour actually cos now i have a debit card and llife is so much easier!!!
  11. well done for standing you ground you should certainly take many positives from the whole thing at least he didn't dismiss the case out of hand!! really feel for you mate, i reckon they'll make you an offer if not just reapy everyhting before the date, they can't afford to have a ruling made against them in court - just think of the publicity!! keep at it don't let the ba****ds grind you down and keep us posted.
  12. hi there it is just 14 days from the day they receive it, so 15 from the time you post it first class. in answer to an earlier question if you are on benefits you need to use the template for the N1 form on here (you can cut and paste the particulars of claim etc of the moneyclaim bit onto it) print out 3 copies, one for you and two for the court and take them with proof that you receive benefit and hey presto all done!! my court were very helpful when i went in and it really is a very simple form to claim. good luck and keep us posted!!!
  13. if i log onto this post one more time today my other half says he'll divorce me!!!! so doing it secret whilst he's out lol. i'm hoping all went well for you mate xx
  14. i'm excited and nervous for you!! i wish i lived up there to come and give you some support but thinking of you.
  15. Hi there, i had a similar thing although not quite so bad where they were going to take £170 in charges one month. i wrote to them explaining my situation and they reduced this to £50. so at least i could eat that week! however these charges are illegal and if you want to follow the advice on here you can get all those charges for the last 6 years paid back. as you are on benefits it won't cost you anything except a bit of time and patience. BUT you will need to open another account because in the vast majority of cases they do close your account after they have paid you out. there is a way of getting an injunction to stop them but to be honest you are probably better off just getting another account if you don't have the patience for another fight!!! i would say read the posts, the step by step guide and FAQ and decide what you are going to do. i made a stand and feel better for it but everybody has to make their own choice.
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