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  1. Still waiting to hear from Barclays about this. Let's hope it works x
  2. No problems, I called Barclays and asked where I stand and they said they can issue a chargeback for the amount paid. So we'll see where that goes. Apparently they're sending out a form for me to sign then if all's well I should recieve the refund in a few days. Thanks for your help AT! xx
  3. Thanks AT for your advice. Any ideas on how to find out who the administrators are? I know it's not a lot of money, however the thing is I was a very loyal customer of theirs, despite them being expensive compared to other salons in the area. I would have felt a letter or something informing me about the decision to close would have been fair. Even a notice on the front door would have been helpful. The only way I found out was by calling another salon who told me that the woman who owns it has up and left, and there's no chance of getting any money back if it was in a pre-paid cours
  4. I agree. Thanks so much for your help too Slick, I truly believe they wouldn't have done a thing if I hadn't contacted the ICO. xx
  5. I'd think carefully about Sky. They're very good with getting you to sign up but their customer care is awful, and don't even get me started on cancellations. I'd personally call up Sky, get an accurate quote for everything you have with Virgin at the moment. Then call Virgin and say you're thinking of cancelling and going with Sky as your bills are too high, and ask if they can beat the quote Sky have given you. If they can, great. If not, then you can search around for better deals. x
  6. I agree with Conniff and would write to them to get them to prove it. Also include in the letter a request to get all your details held on file so you can see what was requested cancelled and why they have charged you this amount. If they refuse, mention the data protection act, and they'll soon give you the address... I did have it somewhere, but I think it's been misplaced. I really feel for your though, it took three days to cancel Sky, and about 17 hours worth of phone bills too. x
  7. I should really update this, considering it happened a year ago! I contacted the ICO who informed me they'd look into the matter. In the meantime, they asked me to contact Barclays and inform then the ICO are involved, and they themselves would follow up with this obvious lack of interest in the situation. I called Barclays and spoke to a manager, who again said sorry about it blah blah blah. I then mentioned the ICO and the tune changed. She was to personally see to it that all records were changed, and in return they would credit my account £100 and send some flowers for the inconv
  8. Hi there, Not sure if this is in the right place, but I'm wondering if you lovely people can give me some advice yet again. Eclipse Tanning in Brentwood I've just found out have gone bust. Shame, as there were a few awesome people that worked there, but I actually had a 100 minute course that I'd just bought for £70 with them. Is there any way of getting this back? I only went there 2 weeks ago and they'd just redecorated etc. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks so much
  9. Hiya, jojonson, sorry to hear thats happened to you too. Well, further info. I recieved no phonecall at all from Barclays. Due to a busy week I didn't call, however the lady that my details were sent to called me again, saying another letter had come through for me... guess who from? Barclays. It basically is an apology for everything that's happened, and for the info being sent to the wrong address!!!! I called up again asking why the heck this happened, they fobbed me off with the fact the the address is stored on a number of different computers and the imbecile that
  10. Thanks again lovely, I read through the ICO website and it advised to write to Barclays outlining again what has happened and what I expect from them in terms of compensation, as a goodwill gesture. I suggested a year subscription to Experian as that should help put my mind at ease. Will be changing acc details in the morning. Like you said, the possibility of fraud is still playing on my mind. It's just so much hassle really. Considering they are meant to be a national bank with such a good reputation it astonishes me how slack handed they have been. If I was to go into a bank to co
  11. Many thanks for your help slick132. I will wait until Friday for a letter or phonecall. If nothing happens I'll call them and let them know I'm reporting them to the ICO and will be filing a claim for loss of interest and distress caused. So far bank accounts seem normal, however I'm still maintaining close scrutiny. If so much as a penny goes missing then I'll be right back onto them!!!
  12. While I was browsing I thought i'd post on here. Over a year ago my husband bought two contracts with 3. He was advised to take out a business contract as he would get the best rates. He was told he would be charged £34 for line rental and the first handset and then a further £15 for each additional line (plus VAT). He would then be eligible for a 10% reduction of the total amount every month if we signed up to the contract for two years. This would mean a monthly total of £51.81 including VAT rather than £57.58. This was confirmed by the sales staff.
  13. Hi, This is my first post on the forum, if it's in the wrong place please feel free to move it! I'll start from the beginning. My husband and I are Barclays customers. We moved home April 2007. I have been trying to open a Tax Haven ISA with Barclays for the past month. For some reason, my address had not been updated, although everything in our joint names had. As a result, all our statements have been coming to our new address. As I have nothing solely in my name, nothing has been delivered to my old address. I hope that makes sense! Anyway, I called up about th
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