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  1. Will do.I'll let you know how they respond.Thanks Slick.G
  2. Slick,Got contract - no minimum membership period stated.Notice period requires a months notice before the next billing cycle.So my notice period was within the month and before the next billing cycle. So I still maintain that i owe them nothing.So in brief:Joined in November paid 2 x months Nov and Dec £106 each month by DD. January given notice I wanted to freeze membership paid the £12 fee. The freeze was allowed for three months. In February I advised I wished to cancel my membership and wrote to them. I also cancelled my DD.They waited to the end of the free period March/April to ask me
  3. Agreed.I'll write to them today.I'lll keep you posted.Thanks for your help.G
  4. Apologies read your thread again and your orginal questions.When I took out the membership I wasn't aware that there was a minimum contract period? When I froze the membership and called Reebok and then emailed over the form to freeze they never mentioned a minimum contractrual period.I've tried to look for the email contact I orginally signed but unfortunately it was with a previous employer's email address/system and i have since moved jobs, so i no long have access to the joining email.Hope this answers everything you need?
  5. Hey Slick,Really appreciate this.I took out the membership for two months and then froze the membership for the maximum allowed three month period as I moved job locations. I emailed the application to freeze the membership to Reebok and it was confirmed as accepted. Then a month into the freeze period it was made clear that I would not be returing to the Canary Wharf location for work so I wrote and advised that I therefore needed to cancel my membership. I heard nothing. I did receive one demand from Reebok for a month's membership fee immediately after the freeze period expired (when they t
  6. Been online here is the Membership and cancelation terms and conditions: 11. CANCELL ATION AND FREE ZE OF MEMBERS HIP (a) Membership cancellations must be processed by the 1st of each & every month. A full calendar month’s payment is required which means a minimum of one month and a maximum of 2 months final payment will be necessary depending on the date the cancellation form is received. For example, if a cancellation form is received on the 1st May only May will be due, however if received on 2nd May both May and June will be due. Request for cancellation must be made on the “App
  7. Hey Slick, Thanks for the response. Unfortunately i don't have the gym contract its been nearly a year since I joined and I don't have a copy I can try and see what's online. But from memory I think the notice period was a month and in writing. I'll read your letter and see about making an offer, do i do this to ARC or to Reebok? I've have moved since I was at Reebok so the address they have for me is out of date, but unfortunately if I did have anything issued against me it would be in my history as I have only been in my new address for 6 weeks therefore a search on previ
  8. Hey Slick, Thanks for the response the notice to end the membership was a month. I originally froze the membership as I was working away but a month into the freeze I wrote to Reebok detailing my decision to leave. I think legally therefore I do owe them a month's subscription at £110 not the £250 that Arc have jacked it up to. Thanks for your response. Should I write to Arc saying the alleged debt is in dispute? Then write to Reebok attaching a copy of the letter I sent them? Not sure Arc will accept though. I worried that ARC may add a defult to my credit history as they
  9. I had a gym membership with Reebok Sports Club which I cancelled they gym demanded another £125! Now they have ARC writing to me demanding £250!!! They threaten CCJ or defult if I don't pay within 10 days. My credit is clean. What can i do to get this sorted (I can afford to pay it just don't want to be bullied) Could really appreciate your advice. G
  10. I was a member at Reebok Sports Club I went just the once paid for three months then froze my membership as I was transferred in my new job to a different location. I then cancelled the member giving the one months notice. I have now been written to by Reebok saying I owe another months membership (£125) I ignored the demand. Now a month later and I have had two demands from ARC debt collection agency demanding twice that £250! They are threatening CCJ if I don't pay it within 10 days. I know its bullying tactics and I don't want to pay. Can anyone please advise me as to what I shoul
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