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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi I had a capital one credit card with a limit of £200.I always made payments either over the phone or on their website.I never missed a payment until April this year,when i received a phone call stating that I need to make a payment, stupiditly i believed this caller and paid a sum of fifty pounds over the phone using a debit card.When my statement arrived This payment has not been deducted from it ,so I phoned capital one and spoke to a guy who told me they had not received this payment ,I then checked with my band and the payment had been made to capital one,again I phoned them and told them that they had received this payment,as it was on my bank statement, again they refused of ever having received this payment.I asked for a DD form to be sent out at the end of May ,but never recieved it,again I phoned capital one asked for another DD form as I had not received the one requested and this was ignored,in the meantime I decide to use their website o make payment but was unable to log into my account and the site just showed a number I had to phone.Again phoned capital one explained about not being able to make payments to their site ,They said that the site was down temporary.I asked how else i could make my payments they gave me the phone with debit card option.I explained that I had, had to change my banking details as the card payment i made before din't show on statement and therefore I was unwiling to make debit card payments over the phone any more and yet again requested a DD form.This morning I received a letter from capital one stating that my account was now in default and terminated, and another letter from a company called Debitas.I phoned this company and explained what has been happing he said that he was only there to settle my capital one account and nothing else.I then phoned capital one and got a really rude reponse.I asked why I had been defaulted when I was willing to pay, and asked if I sent them the full money owed would the default be removed they said NO .I feel i have benn treated unfairly when I wanted to pay but was being ignored . Is there anything I can do about this Personally I don't want my account back they can shove it I don't want to deal with a company who treats customers this way Shearers
  3. hi thank you for the advice tilly and goldlady. Yes the only money owed in my account is the charges.I have also got word from tax credits and have also phoned themto put mney into new account.things starting to look brighter shearers
  4. hi all Received my new account number this morning, and have arranged for any money that normally goes into to my halifax account to go into my new account, Just dreading the phone calls or letters and the charges for the charges that I will be receiving. Shearers
  5. hi Maybe i am being stupid here ,but do banks abide by the letter RIGHT OF APPROPRIATION or can they refuse it. shearers
  6. The only other money we have going into account is family allowance and my sons DLA (he gets a caring compontent) they have taken this in the past.Can i do anything about that I have sent a letter before informing them not to use this money but they ignored it. Shearers
  7. I have only recently applied for tax credit as before when I was working we were not entitled to any thing,so I'm hoping to hear from them soon. Thanks again Shearers
  8. thanks for your reply I'm just so worried (sat here crying whilst typing) that I will end up in debt if they keep hammering me with charges for charges due.I am geniuely looking for work at the moment,which is stressful enough without the halifax taking every penny that we have coming in at the moment.No point in phoning them and trying to explain as they just don't want to know. Shearers
  9. hi I to am waiting an answer to your question.I noticed that halifax have reduced their charges by £4 also read the oft test case page and didn't understand this rule Shearers
  10. Yes I have been to another bank on monday 21st they took 3 months bank statements form halifax and then phoned to say that I could open an account at their bank,As the forms were only filled in on Monday the lady said that I would be contacted with my account number.Therefore I have to wait untill this comes though to be able to transfer the funds to my new account. If I do this can'T they charge me further charges for the monies not being in my account for when they decide to take this 210 pounds.Wouldn,t I then end up paying more out Shearers
  11. ok enough is emough Halifax are claiming to take £210.00 from my account within 2 days.I am not working at present and my husband earns £177.00 per week.I have been on a strict budget due to me not working my morgage payment is due to go out of my account day after the charges are due,so if they take the money that I have been trying to keep in my account for this payment My morgage won't be paid So I phoned Halifax explained my situation calmly and I received a reply there is nothing I can do for you I'm Sorry isthere anything else I can help you with today. I'm So mad at this the operator even told me that they have a complaint made by me on file in my account. Just don't know what to do as they are going to sink me. shearers
  12. hi Thank you gold lady for that information.I might just try that thanks again shearers
  13. I was shocked to tilly but thanks for the advice just wondering should I wait till 5 dec till double charge comes out before post the letter and of course will send it recorded, shearers
  14. Thanks for that tilly I phoned them and asked for the charges to be refund and they refused to do so.I have been paying a weekly bill by cheque since march funds was always available for cheque to clear .While on the phone to them the lady informed me that the system had changed and that the cheque would clear in 24 hours now due to the new system ,but it always took 3/5 days before so this is how I'm ending up with these charges.Wonder why halifax didn't inform their customers of this change in the system? shearers
  15. hi While at work tonight I was told that the bank cannot take a bank charge from benefit money is this true ? does child tax count as a benefit? I have had a bank charge to be taken today,One next week and two the week after total 152.00 in 3 weeks I find this soooo disgusting lorraine
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