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  1. I am no expert, I too have ppi from Halifax which I will be claiming, I just read their refusal letter, did anyone notice that they did not address point 6?? Is that not important?
  2. More senior people will come shortly. I understand what you are saying, I am just starting my claim too, this site has a lot of information but you can be easily lost and overwhelmed. I think first step is to ask for your information that they hold on you by asking for full SAR, and then take it from there, there is a sticky in this section titled Full SAR FOR PPI
  3. Thank you, the links are great help I think I have worked out the ppi for the loan now. I need to work out the credit card one.
  4. ]Hi all, I am claiming all the charges and ppi, I have few questions please. I have Halifax credit card and I had Halifax loan. On the loan I was sold ppi but after a year of paying I cancelled the ppi but Halifax told me they have to do a new agreement without the ppi, which I am still paying. I still have the original agreement. The figures are Amount of credit ( the cash loan) £5000 Amount of credit ( the insurance loan) £1058.59 Total amount of credit £6058.59 Total amount to pay for the cash loan £7024.80 Total amount to pay for the insurance loan £1487.40 Total amount to pay for the total loan £8512.20 Duration of agreement 62 months Amount of monthly payments £141.87 Apr 14.1% My questions I think this is a single premium?? I saw the calculator on the site, do I just work out the amount for the one year I paid it for? What is the Principal sum?? Is it the total for insurance? Do I send one SAR with £10 to request the ppi, and credit card charges ?? Also the same for Natwest I have ppi, and charges on the credit card, one SAR for both info? Finally, I want to go further that 6 years, and I have read it is possible with a fight, and I am prepared to put the fight, as I am struggling financially at the moment. I found one old statement with credit card charge of £25, and I know I was charged more before as I was doing silly mistakes, by going over the limit by a pound, and get charged two fees, been over limit and late fee. Thanks in advance
  5. I think it took three months, but when I realised it took more than the 8 weeks promised time. I called them. I have moved, and I was asked to supply proof of address, I then received a letter to say they are looking at my case, and about two weeks from that ,the money was in my bank.
  6. Thanks for your reply; I only have one statement for few months. I will ask for full statement, I am not sure what I will find but as I explained I never missed payments, my direct debits dates was adjusted, so I was incurring extra interests every month. I was never told of this, so there was only two calls one when my direct debits was not set and another nearer the term to ask me for extra payments. The loan term was 36 months so if I paid every month on time I should have finished it on time but I have paid about £700 extra on top of my monthly payments, and only found out at the end of the term.
  7. Hi all, I took £2000 loan from welcome in 2007, I was paying by direct debit, and only missed two payments due direct debit problem when I changed a bank but as soon as I found out I paid the amount owed at the time. As far as I was aware I was paying by direct debit every month, and I was trying hard not to miss a payment because of their charges. Three months before I finished the loan, I got called by them to tell me that I have to pay extra and the term was used “ to bring account up to date” I really misunderstood what the person has said, and paid extra on top of my monthly payment, thinking that I will finish the loan early. I assumed I was done with this expensive loan; I was shocked to see that they have taken more payments so I called them to complain. I was informed that my account is not up to date and I still owe them £500!!!! I was so angry, and explained that I pay by direct debit, and never missed a payment except the two payments that was rectified there and then, the person was so rude and insisted I owed them, and then said I actually called you two months ago to bring the account to date! I explained that I misunderstood her, and she need to check my account as I have been paying, so she told me she will check and get back to me. She called back with a polite tone this time, and told me the shocking news that, my direct debit dates has been adjusted, which meant I was always paying late every month which incurred these extra payments! I was really angry, and I don’t remember changing the dates but I paid the full amount then to clear this ugly debts. I have successfully claimed my ppi through FSCS. My question can I claim those charges, and is there any success stories regarding this ?? I have been reading the forum but I can only find PPI stories. Do I have any chance on this ?
  8. Hi everyone I had an old current account with HSBC, in my credit file that is settled now. I opened the account and I didn’t use it, and I changed an address, and basically forgot to tell them, and also forgot that there was £5 a month account fee that I had to pay, because it was premium account, since I used my overdraft limit, I was withdrawn. The way I found out when I applied for a loan and got rejected then checked my file to see what was the problem?? To my shock that was recorded, I went immediately and paid everything I owed with the overdraft in full last year but this will stay in my record for 6 yrs?? Now do I have a right to get this default removed?? If so in what grounds, I have read a lot in the forum today but I am still confused. Any advice I will greatly appreciate it
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