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  1. Afternoon people, I have just received a nice telephone call from restons solicitors. They would not tell me what the call is regarding as i am not the account holder. OK Im reluctant to call them and just wait for some correspondence via the royal mail. I have my suspiscions that it is for a Littlewoods debt going back quite some time. But unsure how long and i dont want to call them to find out tbh id rather wait for some sort of letter. Initially the debt was accrued through a catalogue agent...It wasnt possible to pay the catalogue agent the monthly payment so the debt was transferred to ourselves to try to arrange a manageble monthly payment. For some reason this was never done and now we are receiving calls from restons. I may be wrong and it may be for some other strange obscure debt but im guessing its them as i beleive HFC bank and littlewoods were the same. Any advice would be much appreciated guys and if any further infor is required just shout. Thanks
  2. Can ayone point me in the right direction? Just need a sticky or something with letter templates in Thanks
  3. I have told her to STRESS that the payment is for the arrears not the current year. I just need a letter to send to Rossers to tell them that "they are not getting paid and payments are going to be made directly to the council. They will not be granted access to the property blah blah blah..." i used to keep one on my hard drive as a template but i cant seem to find it
  4. Morning People, A friend has contacted me recently regarding rossendales. She has received a hand delivered letter stating that she owes the CT liability of £666 plus costs. (the costs have not been listed/itemised/declared yet !!) This is the first correspondence she has received NO letter through the post statiung that thecase has been passed to them asking for income and expenditure analysis etc On the letter it states "its not too late to pay by installments if a payment of £60 is received" Obviously i have told her to Ignore rossendales for now. She is going to the council today to arrange a DD to pay the current years liability but the £666 is for the previous year. She is a single parent with 2 children 8 and 13. Low income etc etc etc. Now i have dealt with rossendales with success in the past but i havent had to deal with them for the last 2 or 3 years. Can anyone bring me up to speed in terms of what they can charge, what she can expect, letter templates to send to rossendales etc etc. I have instructed her not to let them into the property under any circumstances not to make any payments to Rossendales. I have instructed her to issue a payment of £60 to the council and state that it is for the arrears not for the current year. Thanks in advance
  5. I will certainly donate to your pint down the pub fund just let me know how!!
  6. VERY INTERESTING CORRESPONDENCE FROM ROSSENDALES. Just to keep you all informed. Rossendales have sent me a list of charges that states that i only owe them the Original Liability order and the fees for first and second visit. No mention of the additional fees that the baillif has attempted to get out of me. Has the baillif tried to pull a fast one and hope that i paid him cash? If i setlled with rossendales now it would be just what i should owe them. Not that i will beacuse i am going to continue with my complaint. Just thought this would be interesting to know for all who are dealing with rossendales at present.
  7. I have complained to council. Total fees were £266.20!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end. Thinking about a change of career. Not bad for driving round and a bit of intimidation. Hopefully they will now take it back and i can sort it out with them direct. I just thought it would be nice to see how they like it when they are intimidated by bailiffs. Many Thanks I will keep everyone informed of progress.
  8. Thank You Once Again. So just to clarify (Sorry about further questions. The most that Rossendales can charge me is for first attendance fee. £24.50 Second attendance fee. £18. Total £42.50. As long as no levy has taken place(Never entered no walking possession signed). If this is the case and the coucil take back the original liability of £736.94 does that mean that i have overpaid Rossendales as i have paid them £76.20? If so can i get it back? Small claims? Then send the baillifs round? Just a thought! Is that correct.
  9. Thank you very much once again for all of your responses. Just a note on the vehicle situation. There is a vehicle registered at the address but the vehicle is in my name and the liability is in my wifes name only can they take my car?
  10. Thank you very much for your response (for some reason my email did not alert me to your reply). Do you think that i should write to rossendales and tell them that i will not be dealing with them due to the excessive fees. My problem at the moment is that i have to keep the door permanently locked (as i understand it if they try my door and it opens they are allowed in?) and with young children that is proving to be a problem.:confused: Once again many thanks. You people are excellent i really will be passing the details of this forum on to everyone that i know. I have dealt with Rossendales in the past and just paid them (including excessive charges) what a fool!!! If only people knew what there rights were.:grin::grin::grin::grin:
  11. Hello all first time on forum i hope you can help me with this. RE: Rossendales. I have received a notice from rossendales stating that my wife owes them a total amount of £920.94 for non paymnet of council tax. The original amount was £736.94. Costs of £44.20 and payments received of £76.20. Leaving a balance of £700.94. Admitedly this has been going on for so long now i forget which year it relates to. There was a payment schedule put in place which we adhered to for so long but due to my wifes redundancy we could not keep up with and most unfortunately we buried our head in the sand. We then received a visit from a rossendales representative (he was in a van) stating that we owed them £920.94. NO WALKING POSSESSION SIGNED NEVER ENTERED MY HOME!! Why did they attend in a van if they could not reasonably remove goods without a walking possession? Is that right can they charge me for visiting with a van (I am assuming that that is what the additional costs are for) I have now written to them stating that i will never grant entry to my home and that i am not refusing to pay but i will pay at a level taht is affordable to me. I am being very vigilant ensuring taht all doors and windows are closed etc. hoping that they will eventually accept my proposal or pass the debt back to the local council. Any advice would be much appreciated. Many Thanks :|:|
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