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  1. Hi, not to sure if this is the right place to post, but here goes. Some months ago my caravan was very badly damaged so much so, that the insurance company put it beyond economic repair. I requested to move the caravan approx 1 week before the caravan was damaged but my line manager where I worked refused me access to site to remove it. As I was in dispute with the company at the time I believe as do the police that someone or two from the company are responsible. It is a secure site and personal and vehicle passes are needed to gain access to the site. What I would like to know is, would it
  2. Hi thanks for the replies. My situation is , it is alleged I took to long to do some jobs. There is no performance schedule in place to say how long a specific type of job should or should not take. In the building trade it is not always easy to put a specific time to a job especially in maintenace work. For instance changing a lock, if it is a like for like change over I could do that job in say 15 minutes, but I would book an hour to that job. This time would include traveling to the job, sourcing the lock from stock, testing, clearing up, ect. Now if I did not have a similar lock in the st
  3. Hi can anyone shed some light on the meaning of time theft.
  4. What a farce!!!!! Disciplinary was scheduled for today at 11.00am HR woman turns up over half an hour late. My union rep had another appointment for 1.00pm an told her he was unable to continue with the hearing. HR woman then tears into my union Rep for using delay tactics.
  5. Hi Thanks again for all the sound advise. As the disciplinary hearing is for alleged time theft, can the company use the issue of performance as part of the hearing? I am also concerned that I am being held responsible for all the hours booked against the jobs not just my hours booked. This surely can not be right. Thanks
  6. Hi Sidewinder, Thanks for the sound advise. I have been given a copy of some time sheets and job sheets and a written copy of the taped interview. But these are more to do with performance (the standard of work). A statement that says the work is not up to standard and excessive hours booked.They are saying the hours booked against the jobs are excessive for the work completed but this is for the whole job. Others have booked hours to the jobs in most cases more that me, but its only me on the disciplinary. Say 19 hours where booked against a job I booked 4 hours it looks like I am being hel
  7. Hi I have been given some advise today but I could do with someone (in the know) to verify. I should have been informed not only that an interview was to take place but the nature of the interview. I should of been informed of the allegations against me. I should also been informed that I could take a workmate or union official in with me to the interview. All this should of been in writing. Also I have been told that anything that I said at the interview cannot be used. Again is this right? Thanks
  8. Hi again Ell-enn at the interview work sheets and time sheets where produced and also a statement from an independent witness as to the standard of my work on 6 jobs.(who just happens to work for the company and is big mates with my line manager and contracts manager) and coincidently just happens to be the two people I raised the grievances about. I have been invited to a disciplinary hearing on the 14th of July.
  9. Hi Ell-enn thanks for the reply. I was told that the meeting I had was an investigation interview and that I was not entitled to have anyone in attendance at the time. BUT this was afterwards. The disciplinary process started after I was suspended. Is this correct? I was never told about this interview and I went up to head office for totally different reasons, and that was to answer some further questions on the grievances I had raised. At no time had I been informed about the allegations made against me or any investigation being carried out.
  10. I would be very grateful for some advise with regards to a situation at work. I have been accused of time theft (three quarters of an hour) I was asked to go up to the head office for a totally unrelated reason regarding some grievances I had raised at work. When I arrived, I reported to the chap who was going to hear my grievances and who I had spoked to at length a few days before. I was taken to another room where two guys where sitting, I thought it was part of the hearing. There was a tape machine which was used in the interview. I was asked if it was ok and I agreed to the taped intervie
  11. Hi all, As I worked on a military base that had a caravan storage compound I thought it would be a good idea to store my caravan there, very secure. Armed guards, CCTV, mobile patrols and it was free. A few months back I had a falling out with the company I worked for at the base. I made requests to remove my caravan from the base through the company, they refused. A few days later I received a call from the RAF Police to say that my caravan window had been smashed. I went over to the base the following day to check out the damage.I was asked if I had any problems on the base I said only with
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