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  1. Update Ok, didnt send the I/E form. Did request CCA and did inform Cap One and Experian that the amount I owe is in dispute. Now I have a DCA called NCO chasing me, threatening me with court and bailiffs.
  2. Update. Ok, so still no CCA from anyone! Now have Cap One AND Debitas chasing me. Oh and have checked my credit report and Capital One have now changed my account to 'default' in the last two weeks - despite them giving me 28 days to return the I/E form. I havent received any default notice either.
  3. Hi, The I&E form I recieved was just a single sheet of paper and came from Capital One Specialist Support Unit. The accompanying letter says I have 28 days to complete and return it. The form itself requests that I include other debts I have. Interestingly, I since received another letter from Debitas saying that as I have made no offer of repayment (apart from the 3 I have sent in writing of course!) they are going to sell my debt on to a DCA. I was so annoyed I called them and told them thus; 1) The call was being recorded 2) That I have been informed in writing that the account is in the hands of Capital One 3) That if they contact me again with threats, I will seek legal advice on grounds of harrassment 4) If they require further information on the account, they should contact Capital One. On the flip side I have had a dispute notice added to my credit file as I do not agree the amount I owe to Capital One (they have added £315 in charges since February, doubling the amount I owe) So what do I do now? I have 15 days left to complete the I&E!
  4. Update. Have received a letter from Debitas apologising for calling me at work and wishing to offer any further assistance! Also received a letter from Cap One saying the same thing, but they have obviously recalled the debt from Debitas and have asked me to submit and income/expenditure form (any advice on this?) Best of all... not one single phone call! Thanks guys!
  5. Hi, Its 7 days since I sent the offer, 5 days since I sent the 'phone harrassment letter and 3 days since I sent the CCA request. All have been sent recorded delivery and all have been received.
  6. Update. I have received a letter today from Debitas (dated 19th June). It begins that 'Unless I call them immediately they will consider taking further action'. It continues that despite their attempts to help me pay the debt, I have failed to either deal with the debt or call them. That I have left them no alternative but to consider next steps to recover the outstanding debt, which could include passing or selling on the account to an external DCA who may consider pursuing the debt through County Court. The next part is headed that 'It is important that I should understand what it means if the debt in pursued through the courts'. If the debt is pursued through a court then I would be liable for court and solicitors fees and that if a CCJ is issued, the following mau happen; 1)That payments will be taken directly from my wages 2)Obtain an order for me to attend court and supply details of my financial situation. It finishes by saying that this is my last chance to pay this debt. Please do not put off calling us any longer. What do I do now?? I have sent them a repayment offer in writing that has been ignored. I have sent them a letter saying that I wish to conduct my business in writing only, that has been ignored. I have sent them a CCA request that has been ignored. Do I contact Capital One directly and sort this? It seems it is still in their hands as Debitas are some kind of internal DCA. Please help!!
  7. Thanks for that However, I believe Debitas (the company now harrassing me) are NOT a DCA, but a legal branch of Capital One -will they have that information? Do they have to have it? The only person I have spoken to at Debitas, made it perfectly clear that if I wasnt able to pay in full or set up a repayment schedule over the phone, that I would have to "accept the consequences" - a direct quote! I will give it 7 days and see if I get any response to the two letters I sent sent to Debitas last week. Thanks again so much for your help.
  8. Hi, Only my letter to Capital One was signed. My letter to the DCA was only a typed signature (as advised on here). However, since my last post I have received a letter from Capital One saying that they have closed my account and they have the right to request immediate and full payment. It also says that they 'may' sell my debt onto a debt collection agency. I have received no default notice at all. I do not know what 'SAR' or 'CCA' means, so therefore havent requested them. Sorry guys! I really am as green as I am cabbage looking!
  9. Hi, So glad I found this forum! Loads of helpful advice! I felt like I was the only one! I have a debt with a Cap1 credit card, which fell into arrears for the first time for three years, in January 2008. I wrote to Cap One in the beginning of March, offering a repayment plan, but also requesting that all charges be removed - also demanding that their agents refrain from contacting me at work. I received a response saying that the offer was acceptable, but as I hadnt signed the letter, a signed copy was needed. I sent this by return post. Three months later I receive a letter from Debitas saying that they have now taken over the account. So I wrote them, outlining what had gone before. Last week I received two letters from Debitas, the first one giving me the opportunity to respond, the second arriving 4 days later saying that one of their agents was going to come to my house! I then received two threatening phone calls at work at gone 7pm in the evening, telling me if I didnt arrange a repayment plan over the phone, I would 'have to deal with the consequences'. The operator would not give their name or the name of their manager, nor would they listen to my demands to conduct my account in writing. I have written to Debitas - but have now drafted a letter explaining that I dispute the amount I owe (£350 in charges have been added to a £400 limit account), that I am aware Debitas are part of Cap1 and have not purchased my debt and have given them notice that they are no longer to contact me by phone - quoting all the relevant acts. Is there anything else I can do?
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