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  1. Thanks for all the advice, we will definitely not pay the bullies.
  2. Just to double-check, the notice says PARKING charge notice rather than penalty charge notice, so we should not pay? They also stated "parent and child" as reason, not explaining any details like ie "you parked there without a child", so we don't uunderstand why we got fined in the first place.
  3. Hello My husband and I parked in one of the parent/child car parks at Waitrose and went shopping with our baby. When we came back we had a parking fine notice of £20 on the windscreen. As we are using a travel system they could argue that we did not have a car seat in the car. My question is, does one need a permit to park there (ie Tesco is doing those permits but nobody ever uses them) and if no, should we pay the fine or just ignore it? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  4. No, they did not notify us. Nor did my husband's company. We were only told that his office should have spoken to the tax office and asked for advise. They would have recommended to get them to put my husband on a weekly taxcode for the next 12 months which would mean they would have taken the tax bit by bit rather than at once. That is all we know.
  5. Hello For some reason my husband's previous employer had him underpay tax on his pay. His new employer did not deduct tax in August and September for some reason. Now, in December, all was taken off at once and we have to try and survive on about £400 nett. I heard that employers are not allowed to take more than a certain % off wages at once if there was an underpayment somewhere. Can anyone shed light on this and advise what we can do? Thanks in advance. Dani
  6. But the point is that every time we call them they say the case is still active and they are waiting for a reply from the 3rd party insurance and they need to chase them for that reply. Even when we told them that we found out the 3rd party insurance and our solicitor closed the case because our insurance accepted liability they said it is not so, they did not accept liability and the case is still open. So we have got 2 conflicting stories: 1 from 3rd party insurance and the solicitor that was involved and another very different one from our own insurance who said to us They are flat
  7. The problem is that for us the case is basically still open. Other parties like 3rd party insurance and the solicitor that was involved told us that the case is closed and our insurance paid. We never heard anything from our insurance regarding that except that they sent a letter to the third party and are waiting for a reply. They never sent us a letter stating we put in a claim, they never sent us a letter confirming they received the pictures or updating us on any other status or development. And they did not send us any letter saying the case is closed or anything. For us a decision is sti
  8. Thank you very much. The information really opened our eyes. We opted not to sue our insurance but there are new developments causing us to think if it was the right decision. Until now we did not get a single letter or phone call from the insurance updating us on the status of our claim or telling us what they are doing to get the matter sorted. We received a few letters from the solicitor they involved but that was it. That solicitor said, too, they closed the case. At the beginning of June we found out that our insurance never asked the police for any police report and also until
  9. No, we weren't given any copy. However, the police report lists the damage. The 3rd party insurance said they don't know of any police report. Looks like their driver didn't tell them that the police was onsite.
  10. My husband is doing part time cabbing. A fellow cab driver opened the car door when my husband was passing him and our car was damaged on the passenger side. This was back in January and since that time the 2 insurances are in limbo. The 3rd party solicitor closed the case, they say our insurance accepted liability. Out insurance says they never did. Also the 3rd party insurance says they don't know anything about a damage to the side of our car, they say we hit the other cab with our front (even though they had an expert come and check our car out). In addition to that the 3rd party insurance
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