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  1. will do at w/end, on site in kiev at mo' all paperwork is at home
  2. had a phone call to work on thurs last week ,secretary told them to ''go forth and multiply'' or words to that effect, since then nothing
  3. about time too, after all the hassle they gave me, yeeeeeeeessssssssssss
  4. another update,still no comms from hfo maybe they have given up:roll:
  5. update, back from oz, nothing from hfo, hopefully the letters i sent have done the trick!!!!!
  6. will do, btw,apologies for not keeping informed but most of my days are spent on site, when i do get home i just chill, off to work now back @6
  7. yes the sec at work, at the mo' no letters from them to work, and the wife opens any mail at home no written contact from them since early dec.
  8. just had another call from hfo to my work place sent phone letters and statute barred letters had no contact from them until friday when they again rang my office my secretary deserves a medal for the bollocking they got from her will now hit them with a letter to oft and the courts over the stuff they sent in december, cant wait till end of month 3 weeks work in aussie and tahiti [i work installing and programming food packaging machinery]
  9. will get these sent over w/end as on leave for two weeks, yippeeee
  10. no as was called out to norway on a urgent job which took 3bloody weeks do i need to send that
  11. sorry for not replying as been out of country for 3 weeks got home to a letter from hfo as follows we note with great regret that it has become clear to us that you are refusing to pay your debt. our investigation into your account is now complete and we can confirm your case that your case ihas been qualified for litigation. you will see that the balance of your debt continues to increase. you are now on a 72- hour notice of litigation.we should warn you that if we do not hear from you within 72 hrs, your account will be passed to our solicitors for
  12. no letters from hfo as yet, i will send letters tomorrow as on site all day today thanks will post outcome
  13. started getting phone calls from these lowlife, average 6 a day, also they are ringing my place of employment,had a loan from welcome over15 years ago couldn't make some payments,moved house, lost contact with welcome,they then found me 8 years ago no contact from welcome for 7 years then the first call came just over 2 weeks ago. they stated that they had purchased the debt from welcome and that they wanted payment,i replied that i had no knowledge of a debt from welcome,and that i owed no money to hfo services the phone call was terminated by myself. the next call was 30 seconds later then a
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