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  1. Hi All, Another update! Charge has been removed from the land registry office, I have a copy and it how just shows the mortgage company and no further charges! Credit files of Equifax and Experian now show no sign of Welcome Finance at all, just waiting for Call Credit to send my file. All in all it has been a fairly swift process and I would like to send my sincere thanks to all those who have helped me in my quest! THANK YOU!
  2. Hi All, Brief update... Payment was sent over the weekend, via faster payments online, direct to Welcome Finance. I followed that up with a letter sent by recorded delivery confirming that the payment had been made etc. I have today recieved a letter confirming that the payment has been recieved and the loan agreement now has a zero balance and no further payments are due. Will post again when the credit record is update and land registry charge is removed! Making progress! Thanks again for all your support
  3. I would like to thank Stigman and Renegadeimp for all their help, you hVe both been brilliant and helped with some of my elongated questions! Thanks for bearing with me!
  4. Good thinking! I will take screen shots and write down the reference numbers in my diary just in case of any issue. Thanks!
  5. Hi Stigman, Brilliant, thanks! I will get this all done later today and pop to the post office tomorrow morning and send confirmation letter by special delivery so that they receive it before lunchtime on Tuesday. I will let you know how I get on!
  6. Hi Stigman. Thanks as always for your replies and help. Do you foresee any problems if I pay the funds by bank transfer rather than cheque payment?
  7. Thanks Regegadimp, What's your opinion on cheque Vs bank transfer? I don't think I am going to have the time for cheque payment given the timescales. I presume so long as I document and keep copies of the bank transfer taking place, it will all ok?
  8. Hi Stigman, Thanks for your kind words. Empigham say I should pay them (in their letter notifying me that welcome accepted the proposal) I then write to welcome asking for confirmation of charge removal etc, and they write back with the response I posted today, along with their bank details. Ultimately, Welcome are the company I owe the money to under the loan agreement, Empingham are just an agent. I think it's safer to pay Welcome directly in this scenario?
  9. Thanks! Next question... And it's a biggie... Welcome finance have given me their own bank details for payment, Empingham has also given their bank details for payment. My gut feeling is to pay Welcome directly, as their letter confirms the full terms and conditions we have agreed. Does that sound a good plan? Also, would bank transfer be ok? Some people on another forum have recommended payment via a third party cheque and to make it clear that by banking the cheque they are once again confirming the terms of the agreement. A cheque would hold up the whole process at this stage, plus won't the letter already recieved be sufficient in court if they don't stick to their side of the bargain?
  10. Hello All, update for you.... Letter received from Welcome Finance, wording is: On Welcome Letter head. "Dear XX I write in reference to your correspondence dated 07/04/14 requesting information about the above account. The agreed short settlement amount is xxxx On receipt of cleared funds totalling the amount stated in this letter and within the specified time, we agree to remove our charge on the secured property. Please allow ten working days for funds clearance upon which discharge papers will be sent directly to HM land registry. All defaults and markers will be cleared from your credit files. The debt will be deemed permanently settled and no further collection activity will take place, either by Welcome Finance, it's subsidiaries or any debt collection agency. If required, our bank details are: Xxxxx Xxxxx Yours faithfully, XX On behalf of Welcome Financial Services Ltd." do you agree with me, that the above letter is satisfactory and that I can now safely proceed? kind regards,
  11. Thanks for that! I have gone back to Empingham requesting confirmation off everything in writing and also authorisation from welcome Finance for the payment to be made via Empingham. Fingers crossed! Thanks again
  12. Hi Stigman , thanks again for your help. So, if it were you, you would be happy to carry out the transaction as long as the collection agency wording reflects that the client has accepted? My fear is that if I pay the funds to Empingham, then Welcome contact me directly denying all knowledge of the payment being made in full and final. Probably me being paranoid, but this is an awful lot of money to me and I cannot afford for it to go wrong. Thanks!
  13. Hi Stigman, Thanks for your reply. What would you suggest about the issue of Empingham wanting me to make the payment to them, rather than welcome finance directly? Thanks again
  14. Hi, thanks for reply. it's a secured loan, so cannot be statute barred. I.e. I need them to remove the charge on my house, it doesn't just go away after six years. CCA was checked and copies of all docs have been received by me, no PPI insurance etc was taken and the interest rates etc are all correct. There isn't anything I can 'get them for' in this respect.
  15. Hi, I hope you can offer me some advice and help on how to proceed... In 2006 I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance, Some time later I fell into financial difficulties and went down the route of reduced payments for quite a long time etc. Welcome contacted me via a company called Empingham resolution and negotiation, Effectively chasing the debt. I replied offering a full and final settlement (reduced) and after much going back and forth, this has now been accepted. Today I received the following email from Empingham: Your Empingham Ref: xXX Creditor: Welcome Financial Services Ltd Welcome Finance Ref: xxxxxx Amount Outstanding: £xxxxx Agreed Settlement: £xxxx Payment Due By: 30/04/2014 Further to our recent discussion, please accept this email as confirmation that we will accept £xxxxx00 as Full & Final Settlement on the above account on behalf of our client. Payment is due as per the terms mentioned above. Although Welcome Finance will remain the beneficiary for the funds, payment must be made directly to Empingham Ltd. This offer will not be presented by our client again, and non payment of the figure would result in the full amount being payable. Payment may be made using any of the following options; • By Credit/Debit Card by calling 08452 606 985. • By CHAPS transfer to Empingham Ltd’s Client Account. Sort code ------- Acct No.-------- quoting your Empingham reference number. • By sending a cheque made payable to Empingham Ltd quoting your Empingham reference number. • Secure online payment ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE TO THIS OFFICE TO ENSURE SWIFT REMOVAL OF YOUR DEFAULT My main concern is that they want payment to be sent to themselves rather than directly to a Welcome Finance. Is this safe? Do they need to have had the debt assigned to themselves for this to be legit? also, no mention of removing the legal land registry charge has been made, I will of course asked for confirmation that this is the case. what should I do? Get Welcome finance to confirm that Empingham is authorised to carry out the transaction and that charge and default will be removed? help!
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