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  1. Well she was answering it in the beginning and which she acted like she was very helpfull . Requested the contract to be scanned and sent to her and she would do everything she could to help us. This was 1.5 month ago. In my opinion she wanted to make sure her name was nowhere on the contract. She does not pick up the phone now
  2. Hello , this is a problem i have been trying to solve for a while. Basically i am trying to get my deposit back. I left the property in December 2010. The problem though are : - The letting agency has closed down, - The people who worked for the agency have dissapeared - The land registry showed who the owners of the property are but my special delivery letter showed that there was noone there to sign,(Maybe away or maybe do not leave there anymore). What can i do now? The details i have are: - The owners of the property address - The name of the Woman who apparently owned the closed down letting agency - The name and mobile number of a girl i was dealing with throughout my tenancy. Thanks in advance
  3. Anyone? What can i write to the owners now i found the land registry details? Are they in any way liable?
  4. To Rebel11: No they did not belong to Arla or any similar as i cant find anything on them I have rang the schemes and they do not have my deposit. I have tried contacting the agency (closed down) , only contact is the agent who i dealt with whom states they did not work for them for months but was only helping out. She has no phone number apparently. According to the tenancy agreement the landlord is another letting agency who after i did some research does not exit. On section 48 Your landlords address for the service of Notices is as follows : CONTAINS NO ADDRESS. On my contract it says that deposit protection has my deposit but they do not. !!! I did a land registry and found out the registered owners address. What can i do with that now?
  5. Hello hopefully someone in here can give me some advice. I rented a flat (June 2010) with an agency which after i moved out (December 2010) have closed down. I have not got my deposit back , and my only contact is with the person i was dealing with since the beginning and did the check out arrangement. The problem is , she states that since july 2010 she did not work with the Agency but was doing them a favour as she dealt with me from the beginning of the tenancy so she cannot help me. The only information provided to me is the name of her former Boss. At the moment i am left with an expired contract of an agency who no longer exist,the name of the Letting Agency owner on the contract who for me is a ghost and a missing £500 deposit. I have all emails back and forth with the girl i have been dealing with over the past months , and have in writing emails from her stating that since july she was not part of the Agency. Is it possible to provide me with any information which could assist me with my problem? Kind Regards
  6. After 1 month in the flat few problems are fixed. My Bed was fixed a week later, a couple of weeks later they brought us a wardrobe and bedside table. The problem is after 1 month we are waiting for them to fix the oven , which 1 hob doesnt work and the other 2 are slow in heating up which as a result costs us money, they brought us 2 chairs to replace the kitchen ones which were broken and they do not match ..so have requested new table and matching chairs, the carpet is very very dirty and apparently the only solution si to change it but , the agency said that will happen when the landlord has better financial situation! and finally we have mould between the tiles in shower room and they told us they cannot do anything about it. What can i do! Gave them a weeks notice to provide me with deadlines or i will claim money in the small claim court. Is that the right procedure? thank you.
  7. Hi i moved into my flat on Monday. My bed was cut in half , wardrobes and other furniture in the room was damaged, basically i could not sleep in the house. How much rent can i get deducted because of that? I have been staying elsewhere as i have no bed. I am waiting for a reply from the landlord to let me know when he will order the bed. One more thing, we rented it as furnished, should we have a kettle/toaster or they r not obligated to provide me with them. Thank you in advance
  8. All settled..they said they did a mistake...Spent 2 hours in the morning gathering information:P
  9. After 6 months months of winning a deposit fight with my agency i now have a new problem. I cant believe it. It is my fault as well as i went for the new flat with the same agency:evil: I am due to move out on the 4th of novemeber and i took a written notice into their offices beginning of October. They said that on theis system it says we signed a new 6 month contract(dont know were they got that from) but not to worry and it will be ok. Now i find out that they deny every acknowledgement that i took in the notice and from what i see they want me to stay 1 more month there. That is something i cannot do. Anyone else had any similar problems?and If so any solutios. I am goign to the agency this mornign to try and speak to them and il try and record the conversation. While their system shows that we have renewed which we never did, does that show that the system is not workign right or they are not doing their job correct. Thank you in dvance
  10. Monday now and no money.... Going to send a letter recorded and give them till wednesday ,after that i am taking them to court and if they want to settle it before then i will be expecting my FULL deposit this time via bankers draft or cash.
  11. It was wednesday when they told me they would pay my deposit. I should allow them 3 working days so that means On friday i should have it right? Does 3 working days include and wednesday or strats from thursday?Stupid question maybe...If it is friday and money is not in my bank il tell them not to bother and il go to court as i cant be bothered anymore iwith them. THanks
  12. I think it is the landlord you have to take to court not the agensy. Best thing is to ask your local citizens advice bureau
  13. yeh true, if i had not received from my old flatmate 270 pound extra when he left i would have taken it furthe ri reckon. But i did not loose anything right.It evens out. Plus for some reason they say that deposit i have given is 867 pound and i only gave 825 so an extra 40 pound is ok:)
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