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  1. Well this is it ... got a notice of issue through today and ive just gone through it about half a dozen times but im still a bit confused% do i sign and send it now and send it of or do i have to wait a bit till i hear off the bank?
  2. im just going through some statements and "PAID REFERRAL 1 @ £20 " What does this mean?
  3. brilliant you are all so helpfull, so do i need to send anything else now? or just the N1 and poc attached?
  4. ok ithink im getting the picture now.. ive filled in the N1 form but theres a piece in there that says "amount claimed "Court Fee "Solicitors costs" "Total amountin the bottom right of the first page do i leave this blank?
  5. please help, the 14 days for the LBA is nearly up and im still struggling to find out what to do next i dont know what to look for regarding court details and fees etc have looked at templates etc but on the n1 form do i just fill it in then send it to my local courts with the fee(how much) im starting to lose my nerve a bit now
  6. HI Anyone, ive sent my LBA nearly two weeks ago and am a bit confused about the court claim can anyone help? I live in birmingham and am ready to proceed with a claim but not sure where to start can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  7. Hi can anyone tell me where i can find banks addresses??
  8. sugar!! one more thing, the address that all my other post went to was my branch address, do i still send it there or do i send it to another address?--sorry
  9. ok ive done the LBA along with your "qoutation" at the bottom of it and printed out the schedule of charges is there anything else i need to do before i seal the envelope and put it in post PS do i need to send it via recorded delivery?
  10. I dont have any more charges however the charges refer upto november 2006 and will i have to redo them because it would be going back 8 years and not 6
  11. I dont have any more charges however the charges refer upto november 2006 and will i have to redo them because it would be going back 8 years and not 6
  12. thanks, i dont think i'll bother with any more charges i'd be happy to just get what they origionally owed me, so do i just send a new Lba with the origional schedule of charges?
  13. i've been round this site now for a few hours and Im still a little bit nervous and confused... how do i reopen the complaint and do i just send the revised LBA as i have had no contact with Halifax since i threatened to take them to court back in 06 plus i no longer have an account with them
  14. Sorry about that still trying to get used to this site, thanks for your replies can you point me in the right direction POCS etc
  15. I sent them an LBA and gave them 14 days to respond but due to lack of funds i delayed the mcol stage however i suddenly had a contract out of town. it is now 18 months gone by.
  16. Hi everyone think im getting the hang of things round here now so i hope im in the right area, anyway, i started my claim for unfair charges back in November 2006 for £3'222.00 but didnt carry it through as i had work out of town and havent had access to a pc. What do i do now, do i continue from where i left off or do i start the procedure all over again?
  17. im sorry just a little bit confused with posting threads; its a current account and what do you mean "contractual"
  18. have i sent that last thread to the right place?
  19. Hi, I could do with some advice, ive got all my statements of halkifax and discovered that i was owed £3'222,77, so i sent them an LBA and they made me an offer of £1'200 which i refused as a full and final settlement but because i was working out of town and didnt have access to a pc i was unable to continue and this was back in october 2006 will i still be able to continue where i left off or do i have to start again?
  20. Hi everyone, i could do with some advice here, ive sent all the relevent letters Lba etc back in oct 2006 however due to working out of town and not having access to a pc coupled with the fact that i heard the courts were not dealing any cases i shelved so what can i do now? is it too late or do i have to go through all the procedure again?
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