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  1. No None, I think this time i was fairly caught. Tried looking at the bay markings but unfortunately they were correct.
  2. Many people on here state that the wording of the PCN can render the ticket invalid, if so, some advice would be great Thanks.
  3. No, I was parked in a residents bay without anything as it suggests!
  4. Hi Guys, Got this today, can someone look at it and give me some advice as to what to include in an appeal letter? Thanks
  5. Hi, I have just recieved, through the post, a Notice to Owner for a parking contravention in Westminster. This contravention is Dated 20/05/2008. The NTO is the first I've heard of any parking ticket but it is requesting the full £120. Do I not get to have the 50% discount? Please help! Matt
  6. So if I were to challenge them, what grounds could I use?
  7. My PCN states 'Date of notice' on the top. Is the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Is this lawful?
  8. Thanks for that. So if I park in an illegally marked bay, can a warden still give a ticket? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I recently recieved a PCN for parking in a pay and display bay. I seem to remember there being some kind of law outlining the exact way the pay and display lines are marked. I thought the separated pay and display bays had to have double lines at each end and the ones that were a not split into bays had to have a single line at each end as with residents permit bay? Could someone clear this up for me? Thanks Matt
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