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  1. Well i have not been dishonest have i , i cancelled that order also , not my fault Littlewoods couldnt get it right So if Littlewoods ever do it again by mistake then i guess its my fault again? So they can send u cancelled goods when ever they feel like it and im breaking the law? So what if they collect the goods now , can i charge them for my wasted time?
  2. MrShed thanks so much rep left , you seem to know what your talking about , thank you for your replies I just got off the phone to Littlewoods they did tell me they was already aware of the mistake and they said i would of been contact in due course...but she did thank me for bringing to her attention. They asked me if i wanted the goods obivously charged to my card i said no , she said she is going to call me back with a collection date which is suitable for myself.
  3. Woudnt they have to just sue me for them? not sure if Police would get into as like i said i did pay for them , i did inform them to cancel , is it not littlewoods fault for sending them to me? no worries though as im going to call them and ask them to collect as i really dont want any hassle and i dont want my card to just suddenly get charged , i dont really even need the goods and yes i guess its just greed on my part. Ill probably charge littlewoods £50 for storage fees though LOL btw thank you to everyone who replied , i guess i just needed telling what is the best thing to do and what would you do
  4. Im sorry but yes i ashamed to say i was tempted to keep them , but im sure others if they think about it got goods delivered like this would be slighty tempted to keep them no? yes i know its immoral and shameful but i feel i have not broken the law as i did ask them to cancel i even checked my account online on littlewoods and it stated it was cancelled so i wasnt expecting them to turn up like they did now if my home get raided because of this i will feel terible , as i didnt go in a store and just walk away without paying , the company charged me for the goods and then i cancelled they refunded and then they still sent me the goods so for all i know its a gift , no ? lol
  5. they didnt ask for the goods back , i was away when this stuff was delivered i got home to find them in my home ....i opened them to see what they were thanks for scaring me its worked
  6. I didnt sign personally but they were signed for , both goods sent come to about £620 I most likely will contact them though as im also worried that my visa card will be charged say in a months time when im not expecting it , also i feel guilty ...it would be nice to have them but i guess its wrong and imoral# just wanted to find out really that if i didnt inform them would it be criminal but it seems not
  7. See i did request them at first so not sure if the above applies....but i no longer wanted them so i did cancel I think it was a mistake as when they had a sale on they were really busy as had hard time ringing to make an order had to do it on internet so think this is why mistake happened on 2 summer sale items I also did inform them the very next day after i ordered btw thank you for your replies its really helpful and put my mind at ease
  8. I think i will thanks , i feel to much guilt about it now , being laying awake thinking about how much trouble i would be in+
  9. So would it be classed as criminal then , i dont want to be arrested , its happened twice now with them both times i didnt bother to inform them ....nobody has contacted me so far
  10. A month ,l was surprised at first as i thought it was something else i ordered , i totally forgot about the order until it came ,the goods they delivered were £500
  11. I ordered an item from littlewoods by visa card i later cancelled this item but they still sent me the item , i already had a refund for this item.... It then happened a second time a month later when i cancelled another item , they refunded my card but still sent the item. Where do i stand on this , could i be done for theft? as i have not returned the goods and i have not been asked for them back but now im worried about it and its stressing me out. I did ask for the item to be cancelled which they did , i also had the refund put back on my visa card which was done...so now i have 2 goods delivered which have not been paid for....is this classed as a criminal offence?
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