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  1. They will never get a charging order imposed by the courts if the mortgage is in joint names but the d ebt is in one name. They will simply apply a restriction on your title deed held by the land registry so that they will be notified when you come to either sell your property or remortgage only to a different lender. There are solicitors who know how to avoid paying any monies owed to them when you sell your house
  2. hI, Can anyone please hep? I have a restriction placed on mine the debt was for £4593 and I have been paying £50 per month since Nov 2008 (£1900) at a final CO hearing.I have tried several times offering final and full settlement and we simply have not reached an agreement on the figure. I was happy to just continue paying the £50 as it was going to take over 7 years to settle the whole debt.However, today I was successfully approved for a morgage to buy my othe 50% SO and take my ex off the mortgage. I am now worried that the Restriction will be flagged in the mortgage process and therefore
  3. great to know. so should i ignore then? Was thinking of contacting CRA and see if I can get my old reports. It was showing until last few of last year
  4. Hi All, I need some advice on what to do. This debt was entered on my credit file in Sept 2005 and showing as Settled a month later. It has now dropped out of my eperian credit file and never showed on my equifax. Capquest have now sent me the letter stating that they will instruct their field agent ResolveCall to attend at my address and personally serve me a SDB. Should I take this seriously or is it one of their several threats? I am not bothered about them turning up but just don't want anything damaging my credit file which I have worked hard over the last few years ge
  5. DK that's a really good idea will try that and if they accept then I should be able to pay them when I get my bonus in May
  6. Thanks Ell-enn - Thanks X20 The amount owing including court cost after the final charging order was granted by the judge at Brighton County court was approx £4,600 . They were yesterday seeking to add an extra £994 to this amount - this included the court cost, fees charged by their local legal agent, cost of letters sent to me etc. Now this would have result in the final amount owing after yesterday's judgement stand at approx £5,600 to which I have to pay £50 p/m for the next nine years. I initially suggested the £50 p/m payment plan to both the AMEX and the court. This was a
  7. Good News - I won Before I go into detail I want to say a big big big thanks you to surfaceagentx20 Ell-enn X20 - you gave me all the defence I needed to contested this case - without your help I would have definitely not be able to take this to the last round and won by KO - You my friend gave me ample confidence. Ell-enn - thanks for helping me prepare my case - getting me to move the case to my local court, preparing all the necessary statements. This is how it turn out today; Got there 15 minutes before and the solicitor's agent decided to have a friendly
  8. I have not received any CCA from them - but I am denying that the debt is mine. Although I am clueless about legal matters, I am a very logical guy and I always knew there was something smelly about this whole matter. I intend writing back to the solicitors and letting them know I want the judge to rule on the day. With all the help I am getting from your guys and work I have already carried out, I intend to put forward a strong defense on the day. I went to see our local CAB but had to walk out as they weren’t interested on helping me or even trying to first understand the case b
  9. Can you please honestly tell me what to do - if it was you would you settle this rather than attending the final hearing on the 3rd? Also the judge already told me in my previous hearing that his hands are tight as far as the previous judgement is concern. So looks like the judment on 28/10/2006 will stand - They put in a claim of £4,327 and a £266 court cost was added making it £4,539 owing plus potentially another £904 to be added. Should I lose on 03/10/08 then I will owe 5,443 and at £50 p/m starting this month then it will take me over 9 years to repay the whole debt.
  10. Thanks for your reply X20 The letter I received form the solicitors this morning contained the following points The card was cancelled on 14/10/2008 and they were instructed by Amex on 02/02/2007 and that I have returned there mails as Addresses unknown' when infact I was know to be still at this address. That I eventually contacted them on 14/02/08 wishing to pay £50 p/m and that my attitude to them was 'see you in court' That no interest had been appied to the debt since judgement on 28/10/2006 was made. Should I felt that the amount claimed was unjust then I should have object
  11. They have again added more cost for the cost of court hearing. I really don't want to pay these extra cost as the court pointed out last time that the court cost will be paid by the losing part and I feel that I should not lose this case I am off out now for the nest hour but will post when I return. Thanks
  12. I need you help once again. The court case for the 14th October 2008 was again postponed until 3th November 2008. I submitted further evidence to both the Solicitors and the court - This included further prove from both the my mortgage provider and the Housing association that I own only 50% of the property. I also as instructed by the judge provided a SOA - showing after all expenses we only had £103 left each month. I sent this statement to the Court and their solicitors on 29/09/08 and today I received a letter from their solicitor wanting to settle (agree my offer of £50 p/m) bef
  13. Sorry for the delay in replying The local solicitor did not have a glue about the case - he kept making excuses that the solictors he was represnting did not fully briefed him. One thing on his side was that he is close pal with the judge - looks to me that he was the judge best drinking partner. The judge was glad about the points I raised especially about section 15 and my desire to pay £50 p/m. I also don't mind the case being adjourned as I will have more evidence that the property is a share ownership property. If you remember the original debt was £3K but now stands
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