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  1. As you cans see in my original post, I did take it up at the time, but got fobbed off by CPW, and stumbled across this forum and it reminded me of the unsatisfactory response I got, and was just wondering what other peoples opinions on this are. Yes my other query is regarding my partners Orange contract. Thanks
  2. After you have been on an 18 month contract on orange for 9 months, I understand you can bring you tariff down by £5 per month, I thought there was no limit on how many times you could do this, somebody please correct me if I am wrong. Because I have been told by a member of Orange's CS that you can only do this once for the duration of your 18 month contract.......
  3. I'd like more than an apology to be honest as I was hesitant about continuing with signing up, when she said I would only get £100 pounds, but I was told I would have to becuase she'd already credited me the money. Now Im stuck in an 18 month contract! with 12 months left which is going to cost me over £500. Do you think I could be entitled to more than just an apology, like the right to cnacel my contract early, with no charge to myself.
  4. Hello all, I decided to take out a contract from the CPW in february '08. I saw in the window that the Blackberry 8110 (pink) was available with £150 cashback. So I decided to go ahead with this, The spotty teenage girl working behind the counter went ahead with this and without signing any agreements, she credited the £150 to my debit card, we then proceeded with signing me up to the contract only for her to realise that the £150 cashback wasnt available when taking out an orange contract and only on o2, so i agreed to go onto o2, but didn't pass the credit check, but as i still wanted the phone, and the fact she had already put the £150 pounds onto my debit card she said I would have to take it out on orange. I had to take out the contract on orange, but was only entitled to £100 cashback, so she had to debit £50 (I foolishly agreed) from my debit card which left me £50 down as the £150 credit wouldn't clear for a further 3 days. This led to me having to pay my rent late for that month. I Charles Dunstones (CPW's CEO) Office. Only to recieve a less than satisfying reply, blaming it on me being indecisive on the phone and tariff that I wanted, and that they wouldn't do anything. I have been considering what action to take and stumbled across this forum, so thought I would ask for some advice. I feel I have been scammed! Please help I look forward to hearing from all who can provide some help and advice.
  5. We are currently renting from my girlfriends dad, for very low rent. No we havent tried social housing I wouldnt get a job where i would earn any less than £800, Its because I have changed jobs quite alot, and relocated a couple of times. But I'm looking to settle now.
  6. Yes, only thing is i have only been working at my current company for a month and before that i have been earning varying wages from different jobs, varying from £250pm - £1200PM.
  7. 1. I earn £900PM and she my partner earns £450PM, (that is with no benefits.) 2. Monthly rent on the house we are looking at is £495 3. Im not sure what benefits we qualify for im going to have to check that out. Cheers, looking forward to hearing from you
  8. Anymore opinions, information and/or advice, will be greatly appreciated? Cheers
  9. Were also both only 19, So im sure that won't go to well in our favour, although obviously age discrimination laws prevent that, I'm sure there will still be some sort of prejudice....Anymore opinions, information and/or advice, will be greatly appreciated. This is becoming quite a worry now, as my girlfriend is pregnant and we are looking to move ASAP to avoid undue stress to her.
  10. Right I spent 3 hours last night looking for information about Letting Agent credit checks, 64 PAGES! Anyway, I'll cut to the chase, I was wondering whether anyone could give me some advice on what sort of response I'll get from my check, me and my girlfriend are looking at renting in the next month or two. I haven't got the best of credit ratings, I have had two defaults, one satisified (£350) and one outstanding (£450). I have also missed quite a few payments and had late payment's. My girlfriend hasn't had much credit in the past other than an orange contract, and a Littlewoods account, which has never been used. Each one of those shes has kept in order and not had a late payment on. We will be renting through Martin & Co, and they use Homelet. Also do homelet make the decision, or do they jus give the letting agent a report, who then make the decision themselves? Cheers Any feedback would be brilliant.
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