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  1. Hi All, Thanks for the advice. Sorry I haven't replied sooner but I've been away from my computer. I presume sending them the CCA letter last year is not acknowledging the debt? If so I will send the stutue barred letter Thank You Steve
  2. Hi Thanks for the replies. The debt is about 9 years old and nothing has been paid towards it since the Autumn of 2002. Hope this helps. Cheers Steve
  3. Over a year ago I sent Eversheds a CCA letter regards a debt they are trying to claim payment for. I received no reply. They have now sent me a letter stating that they have transferred their unsecured deliveries business to Fairfax Solocitors. I should now make arrangements to pay Fairfax Solicitors. What should I do now and with them not proving the debt are they out of compliance? Cheers Steve
  4. Thank you. I may wait and see if I hear anything else. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi All, Last year I received a demand from Eversheds for payment of a debt to MBNA. They said they were working for their client Max Recovery. Following advice from this forum I sent a letter requesting a CCA, I received no reply to this. I have now received a statement from Max Recovery illustrating the amount of debt. They are not demanding any payment. It is 6 years since a payment was made on this debt, should I ignore the statement or send them a letter? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I make the 30 days up now ( I presume it means 30 calendar days) Still no word from them so what should I do now Cheers
  7. Thank you I'm already enjoying one:) I know there is something regarding 30 days from now so I presume I wait for that to expire cheers
  8. Hi All and thank you for your previuos advice with my situation. The 12 working days rearding request for CCA from Eversheds expired yesterday Thursday 3/7/08 without response. Is there anything I should be doing now. cheers
  9. Hi All the "Prove it" letter was delivered and signed for yesterday 17/6/08 and the CCA was delivered today 18/6/08 but no electronic signature available yet. So am I right in thinking that Eversheds have 12 working days to find and provide me with a CCA and if tey don't the account is in dispute and they are not supposed to pursue me for payment or pass the debt on to another party? If they do find it and it is the real deal then they can pursue me for payment Thank You all
  10. Hi Vectramax and Creditcardmug I certainly won't be signing anything but it is only due to the advice on her that I won't be I didn't realise the importance of it before. I am sending the "Prove it letter" on Monday and the letter requesting a CCA on Tuesday so I'll sit back and wait for their reply. I won't be sending the I/E form. At least I'm having a bit of fun even if I probably will have to pay. Cheers
  11. Hi Vectramax I personally can't answer your question but I believe their are some permanent threads which may answer your question. However being a novice on here I can't direct you to them sorry. Hopefully someone more experienced in this most helpful of groups will be able to guide you Now then I have the acknowledgement dispute letter and the CCA letter ready so I will post them on Monday but for now what do I do with the expenses form they have sent me seeing as they have given me until 22/6/08 to reply. Cheers
  12. Congratulations it proves to novices such as myself that these tactics work Good Luck:)
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