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  1. I thought I'd better give everyone a quick update. I've now closed my current account at Barclays, and opened two basic accounts with other banks - ones I don't owe money to. I'm going to use one account to handle payments (standing orders and direct debits) to creditors, and the other one for everything else. It seems a bit strange not having this account with Barclays anymore, as I've banked with them since I was a student. I was going to leave the account open with a zero balance just to p*** them off, but decided against it. My company still has an account with them, but not for much longer as my (now former) business partner and I are in the process of winding everything up. Sadly, we can't afford to stay in business any longer. I was going to write a letter to BC about all this, but as they'll almost certainly ignore it like all the others, I figured it wasn't worth wasting a stamp. I am composing a letter to the FOS and OFT, though. Barclays set up a direct debit so they could plunder my account at will. I cancelled it online before they could come back for another bite of the cherry. My dad loaned me some cash to cover my rent etc. this month, so at least I'm not going to be homeless over all this, but the money has come from the fund he keeps to pay his tax with so he needs it back quite quickly. I don't quite know how I'm going to do this as my business has now gone bust and I'm doing temping work that pays as much a week as I used to make a day five years ago, but at least I'm fortunate enough to get it in the current climate, and have (so far) avoided having to sign on. Fortunately, the transfer I used to make to Tesco Clubcard every month went through the day before BC plundered my account so I won't starve either, but it looks like it's going to be iron rations for the next couple of months. I hope the Barclays bosses are enjoying their bonuses and expensive lunches. I agree with shinobi101. I don't think the recession is going to be over anytime soon, despite what the politicians tell us. I'm sure we're in for a double dip recession. Sadly, I don't have any gold, though, other than the crown I have on one of my teeth, and I'm not yanking that out just yet!
  2. Did this case go to court? What was the outcome?
  3. This seems to be their latest tactic as they have done it to me, and several others on the forum. They claim it's their legal right, but they decline to say what legal statute they are using. Their new T&Cs http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/40/40_setoff.htm emphasise their right to do this, but they don't come into effect until October. You may have some recourse to the FOS if (say) it's a joint account and the BC is just in your name This site has more details: banking: firms' right of 'set off' A new account (with a bank you don't owe money to) is the only way to stop it from happening again.
  4. Barclayshark have just done this to me, too, and plundered the entire contents of my current account, even though the Barclaycard is in dispute! This would seem to be their latest tactic. The revised T&C's they sent out with the July current acount statements emphasise this, but even though the new T&Cs don't come into effect until October it would seem Barclays are jumping the gun and applying this now. When I got into financial difficulties last year I sought advice from my local CAB who assured me that Barclays credit and banking arms are separate and never work together. That may have been true once, but no more. I'm seeing the manager of another bank (one I have no connection with) later today to open up a basic account to stop Barclays from helping themselves again. I should have done it sooner. A complaint to the FOS might help if (for example) the money was taken from a joint account and the BC is just in your name. I found this site with more details. banking: firms' right of 'set off' I'm afraid you're in for a hard time with BC. Even though you bank with them and they know your financial position better than anyone, you'll find them very unreasonable.
  5. I'd be interestred to know how you managed to do this as I'm having a torrid time with them at the moment. They've just embarked on a new tactic - siphoning money out of my account and only telling me about it afterwards . See my thread at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclaycard/164727-uptoneck-bc-visa.html#post1771226
  6. There's been an important development regarding my Barclaycard Visa account. Please check out my sister thread at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclaycard/164727-uptoneck-bc-visa.html#post2339211
  7. Many thanks, very welcome advice. I hadn't thought about the co-op, but will check them out on-line today. The only trouble is, I'm going to have to have some direct debits on whatever account I set up as payment plans I have with other creditors (notably Capital1 and AMEX/RMA Regain) require a direct debit, and I don't want to p*** them off again. My car insurance is paid by DD as well. Thankfully that went out the day before Barclays cleaned me out. I can't afford to fill the car with petrol when this tank is empty, so I don't know how I'll be able to get to work towards the end of this month. Sadly, public transport isn't an option here. I've checked through the revised T&Cs for my current account and Barclays, do give themselves the right to raid other accounts; however, these don't come into effect until October, so they're definitely jumping the gun here.
  8. Received this very unwelcome missive from Barclaycard today. The b@$tds have completely cleaned me out and taken the entire contents of my current account. I now have NO MONEY AT ALL and cannot pay any of my bills: rent, electric, gas, insurance, other creditors anyone! Apart from change my bank - which is going to be difficult with my poor credit (Nat West turned me down) not that I have any money anyway - what can I do?
  9. If 1st Credit have bought the debt, they probably only paid 10p in the £ or so for it, so offering them £500 for a £5k debt is a good place to start. Stress that if you were to take out an IVA, this is the sort of figure they would get and it would be spread out over several years, so at least they would be getting it all in one go. Most likely they'll reject the offer to try and squeeze more money out of you by coming up with a F & F figure of their own, you'll then just have to nogotiate a compromise figure, but I've heard other people say that 20-25% is the sort of thing they'll go for -- although I must stress I've no experience of this myself. BTW, blondmusic has posted an excellent F&F letter here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/206473-final-settlement-advice.html#post2252120 Good luck!
  10. Hi ToxicWaste, Welcome to the site. Personally, I wouldn't touch a claims management company with a barge-pole. I'm sure a lot of other people on the forum share that opinion. You can find all the information you need here for free (although a small donation now and then doesn't go amis ). Get your friend to act on his mother's behalf and log-on here.
  11. Thanks. I already had a payment plan set up with 1st Credit to begin with, so if they do start giving me any s**t I'll just quote them their previous reference number - and drop the unenforceability bombshell. They don't know about that one yet . As I thought I had reached an arrangement with CapQuest (as 1st Credit confirmed they weren't handling the account) I decided to hold fire on giving the OFT the go-ahead to take things further. I shall light the touchpaper on that one now.
  12. Latest missive from crapquest arrived today (dated 20th Jun. Hmmm. Didn't think they worked on Saturdays) I'm not going to do anything.
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