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  1. I have now spoken to union rep and I have to write a letter asking for the policy and reasons for making the decision. I have spoken to infection control at the same hospital they say you need to be clear of symptoms of diarrhoea for 48 hours to return to work which goes against what i was told by my supervisor!
  2. They are not paying the 5 days sick I was off for.
  3. They never asked me to post it at anytime. I did not see any problem with me handing it in when I returned to work. On my first day back I gave it to my supervisor.
  4. Don't worry I will not be doing anything without consulting the union first.
  5. Yes but my doctor thought it was mental as well! He said I could pass on his comments. Food standards agency say 48 hours, nothing about mangers should ask for a doctor to look at you first. Can't see how they can insist.
  6. What happened was I was ill the week before my annual leave. I was not ill while on annual leave. There was confusion to what I needed and they prevented me from returning on the Monday because I did not have a sick note and what they call a clearance slip to return from work. I saw the doctor on the Tuesday morning that allowed me to return to work that afternoon. The doctor said I did not need a clearance slip to return, on telling them what he said they let me return. Total confusion to what the rules are on their side throughout this. Totally mental that despite being 10 days clear of the diarrhea they wanted a line from the doctor to return to work!
  7. Hi can anybody else back this up? They said I needed a sick note from doctor because the Diarrhea went for an unusually long time (I would dispute that it is not unusual). Can they do this? If anybody could provide a link to information on this would be very much appreciated.
  8. I never thought to send it. Was never told to send it in to work. Not sure of the rules as they are not online and have still to speak to union. It is the NHS I work for. I think the manger is doing it because I have an argument with his assistant manager over this. She constantly went back on her word when I talked to her on the phone. Is the best option for me to request all paperwork they have on this and the decision in writing?
  9. Was off for sickness and diarrhea for 5 days. I was off on annual leave the next week, put my sickness note in when I returned and have now been told it was late and now not getting paid for my sickness time. Has anybody got advice on the legal nature of this? I work in a kitchen and they asked for a sick note because they said the diarrhea went on for two long.
  10. No appointment was ever made. Nothing has ever been said to me, just to the other person. It was the supervisor who made this not a manger. I don’t think a supervisor has the power to make any decision of this nature.
  11. I worked within a company for over 4 years. About 6 months ago I moved to a new location within the company. Another college who has been longer in this location but has much less service has been put in charge when supervisor is not their (which is most of the time). They have no training at all on how to supervise and this strikes me as a practice that should not be going on. What happens if I say I am not following any instruction from this person?
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