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  1. Just to update at this point, the warranty company is prepared to cover the £300 and the dealer is happy to reimburse the rest so i will hold off on the letters for now, so watch this space...
  2. The car was in my possession when the fault occurred, i then had it repaired and following the repair i part exchanged it in for a different car a week later (which now has it's own problems and thread ) The car would not be available to be inspected. The service history did not specifically state anywhere that the roof operation would be tested or maintained IIRC. Many Thanks Paul
  3. Hi, Another car drama, me and cars just don't get on... Bought a 2005 Land Rover from a small dealer 250 miles away all of 9 days ago on finance, which decided to break down yesterday, dead alternator... I contacted the dealer this morning to say i wasn't happy and that it would need to be repaired, and offered them a quote from my local independent Land Rover specialist of £712.49... They went on to state that the warranty provided with the car would only cover repairs up to £300, well having been through this drama before (pre 2015 and with SoG) i know that t
  4. I thought i would end up liable to be honest but also thought i would ask the opinion of others as well... The vehicle had only covered 35k miles to date and also had full service history, i am no longer the owner of the vehicle if this makes a difference. Thanks again Paul
  5. Hi, I recently had a £800 repair bill to fix a broken wiring loom where it passed through a hinged part of body work designed and purposed for repeated opening and closing (power roof), the car is a 2009 308cc and i have owned it since 2011... Now to me this area is designed to move, it has wires that pass through it and as such if they have broken they have been spec'd or installed incorrectly at time of manufacture... Or do i have to suck it up and accept that parts of the wiring loom are subject to 'wear and tear' Thanks in advance for any advice... Paul
  6. Thanks Sam, that is exactly what i needed. Scaniaman, Santander HAD been helpful, untill i phoned them today and they hadn't added any of the documentation i send them to the system so the case hadn't progressed in their hands, i have resent it now and will be calling them tomorrow to make sure they have it. They will be getting advised of the LBA at the same time that the garage recieves it.
  7. Ignored for the full 14 days then a phone call full of stall tactics on the last day, being discussed with management, people on holiday etc etc I believe a Letter before action would now be the best way to go, are their any examples from similar cases? I'm thinking it would be best to go via the small claims tract for the value of the repair? or do i still have to offer them a chance to repair the vehicle at this stage? Can i also claim the cost of a hire vehicle for the duration, how would this be worked out for an open ended timescale? would i need proof of cost as i have onl
  8. The letter covered 2 issues, the mechanical failure and the fact that the original Autotrader advert did in fact state that all used cars from themselves are covered by 12 months warranty. (I do have a copy). At this point i would rather it was independantly repaired or rejected, it is not a Subaru dealer and as such i have little faith they would perform the job well but do understand thatthey have to be given the opportunity to do so... I've now had to hire a car so that i can get to/from work so this is costing me money now while i have an £11k driveway ornament... Where can
  9. Hiya, Sorry for the late reply, a bit of a hectic week... They were advised before the 6 month time frame was up, i wrote to them last Friday under the SOGA (which they recieved and signed for Saturday) giving them 14 days to respond (as suggested by the consumer direct help line) i've also been in touch with Santander who have been very helpful throughout. It's now been 7 days with no response from the garage, i'd like to be in a position where i can move straight on to the next step if i have not heard from them when there 14 days are up, what is the best way to go if i have h
  10. Why the urgency i hear you ask? Well i have read things change after 6 months of ownership and i purchased the car on the 24/09/2011 so that 6 month mark is saturday... I'll start from the beginning, i bought a car for £11,250 on finance arranged by Santander on the 24/09/2011, the car was a Subaru but came from a Mazda dealer as it had been px'd in against a new vehicle. The car was purchased for day to day use but due to working close to home and having alternative methods of transport it has only been used for approx 3000 miles in this time. Yesterday afternoon i used a car f
  11. Subbing. Have got the same dilemma with SD, they are 2 days away from failing on an s10.
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