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  1. In fairness lookforinfo, I too am almost £200k in alleged shortfall to the Banks, I am trying to offer help in the best way I have found. The Banks will sell the property whenever they want, they will walk all over people and that is more than apparant. There is no harm at looking into the fraud aspect of what the Banks have done whilst trying to get advice about the shortfall from elsewhere at the same time. I too have been confronted with this dilemma. Terry
  2. LOL, have to adjust my tin foil hat for that one and tune in to the base station on Mars and come back to you. OK, you see the 'conspiracy' label has been very convienient for the lenders to use so that you will not look too closely at what I am saying. That is up to you but I too was in your very cautious shoes not too long ago but I decided I had nothing to lose by doing so. Having said that I am only giving you the facts and truth am I not. UK Bank Notes say 'I promise to Pay' do they not? UK Bank Notes used to be backed by Gold & Silver, did it not? In fact the term UK Po
  3. Oh I have got the evidence, would love them to prove they haven't committed Fraud and theft. That would be very interesting in deed. How did they never lend a bean (or a sausage)? Well it will depend how trapped in the system you are as to whether or not you are willing to review the evidence. Like you point out, it's not something that should be said lightly is it? OK. I will start with one simple thing, what is the definition of real 'Money'? Please check the things out I say and decide for yourself but what I will say is that hundreds and hundreds of people in the UK are now s
  4. It's incredible I know, I have almost £200k in mortgage shortfalls from the theft and then sale of 2 properties by the Banksters. The fact they sold them for Penny's on the pound really makes me wonder how the hell they can run a business doing that. In fact, if they really did lend the amount they claimed to have done and have lost that amount off their accounting then why would they sell the properties for penny's on the pound? The simple answer is this; They did not ever lend you a bean. Not a sausage either. And no im not trying to be funny, im dam right serious and peopl
  5. I think it is fair to say that the Banks seem to run things round here. All these claims now being turned down. Funny how they always seem to find an escape route though isn't it. Funny how a case can seem watertight almost but that little tiny hole is ripped wide open by the Banks. (Bank Charges for one). Then they don't have to produce an original document in court. Smells funny to me when a Judge decides the lender only needs to produce a constructed document. I thought is was very important for original paperwork to be produced to prove claims in a court or defend
  6. Bookworm TRUE- You cannot 'Pay' a debt with a 'debt', it is a fact. If you are going to try and correct me then please have the decency to revise and research your replies correctly. And at least read my post properly if you intend to make BOLD False statements. Now, lets look at your allegation of this being false; As I posted you cannot 'Pay' a debt with a debt. Have you researched the words 'Pay' and 'Purchased'? They are very different. You see, a promise to pay (and lets face it you cannot deny that the UK Bank notes are promises to Pay can you?) is a debt being carried forward
  7. ***Groans*** at Bookworm. You my friend have a very closed mind. Wake-up, smell the coffee or simply leave this thread alone. You think this is FOTL? Please, you have already labelled and boxed this information in your closed tiny mind have you? If you disagree with my comments, then YOU give me evidence to the contrary. But, you are stuck inside a small mind so probably can't. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME EVIDENCE IF YOU DISAGREE WITH MY COMMENTS!!!!
  8. OK, I know this thread will be jumped all over by the some here who will disagree with every word I say. Please people, do your own research and discover the real Truth. My point here being that you DO NOT owe any money at-all and I am going to tell you why you don't. You do not need solicitors for what I am going to tell you and there are plenty of people in the UK now seeing the Truth who are able to help and assist you FOR FREE. We are a growing Army of people who have now seen what the Banks have really been doing to us and been allowed to do to us and its disgraceful. In fact I
  9. DiddyDicky, I am a peaceful man, you are attacking me for no reason atall. You are rude and offensive. I have not highjacked anyones thread, I am contributing what I find to be valuable and relevant information on financial agreements under the CCA and why they are not 'agreements'. I won't even lower myself to comment on your childish 'drivel' statement. In peace
  10. Thank you humbleman, but as you can see by the response here then people are not willing to hear the truth. I am very happy to provide links to forums and helpful completely free sites that I am involved with that are helping many others in the UK with a different approach. As you point out, I joined 18months ago and researched this site intensley for months on end. I utilised templates, made phone calls, I did everything. My thoughts were to use the CCA and record all my success here. That explain anything for you? Anyway, im not in this for any reward apart from helping
  11. PT, I also find your remarks quite insulting. I have evidenced everything I have said yet you attack me without provocation and without offering to support your argument with any evidence, why? Is it because you know I am right? CCA is not getting the results is it? be honest, tens of thousands of cases now on hold, why? because the banks will not allow the mass results to happen, and you know it. Bank Charges case is a classic example. I pointed out why agreements are flawed and I gave my evidence and you are attacking me now for putting that information forward and you do n
  12. Thank you, firstly I notice you say you are legally qualified. That puts you in a position of self interest so your comments should be viewed with suspicion. Im not saying you don't help others, just that there is actually a financial motive for you to do so. As you are qualified in Law, and financially orientated as well it would appear, then I would assume you also know that money does not exist. That since the UK Govt removed the Gold Standard in 1931 we now only have 'Fiat Currency'. You should also know all about promissory notes and the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 and negotiable
  13. LookinforInfo, I totally rspect your point, however my point is in direct relation to financial agreements. The agreement itself is a promissory note/negotiable instrument. Not an agreement. That is why you are not getting the result at court and never will. I am not relying on USA information which is easy to grab hold of and use as a tool of dismissal. I would suggest the founder here was likeme and had perserverance like me. His approach worked at the time, he was almost right but it is in fact much deeper and the CCA approach is not getting desired results. The results
  14. I have no idea who nukem is but it does sound like he has also found the truth. Alternatives are abundant for those who can see the truth that money does not exist. Please keep fighting your corner with the CCA but I don't see many results forthcoming that are helping the masses of people having problems. And of course, the CCA route has been hammered for several years now without any real progress. You are wasting your time and energy. Please show with proof just one 'person' who has managed to get hold of their 'original wet signature agreement'. Conspiracy? Oh thats ok then I
  15. Lexis, thank you for your comments but you may misunderstand a significant amount of what I have said. Firstly do you know of the different types of court in the UK? Admiralty Courts, Courts of Commerce and Equity Courts? Are you familiar with Private Law processes and decisions in Chambers (or in Camara). What I think you are refering to are courts dealing with Statutes, for example the CCA. I am not suggesting for one moment that you go before a Judge utilising the CCA because you will always lose. The proof that you will always lose is right before your eyes in as much as recent r
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