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  1. Thanks for advice bookworm,i will have a closer look at the insurance certififacate but im pretty sure it does not mention any exclusions regarding the leather/vinyl not being covered. I think your right the insurance are trying to fob me off,apparentley he has this problem with Land of leather furniture all the time?,trying to make out its there problem and not his. L of L sat the opposite of course! so yeah i think your right they are passing the buck,maybey hoping i will lose interest and let the matter drop but i am determined to get a result after losing out to bank insurance who refu
  2. Hi,Im a new member to the forum but feel i have to post if anything just from pure frustration!.I purchased a 2 and a 3 seater recliner sofa from L of L around 14 months ago and ofcourse i purchased the fantastic 5 year insurance that would cover my sofa for everything,like an idiot! Long story short both sofas have tears below the seams called insurance company their response was that as the panel was vinyl and not leather then it was not covered,they then told me to take up the issue with the store where i purchase as it sounded to them that i had been miss sold the policy. I then contac
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