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  1. Hi All I contacted my bank and explained the situation. They refused to entertain a chargeback until I asked to speak to someone more senior. Once I did they said they would look into it. The money was back in my account inside 2 days. Captial Finance One are not happy about it, but after being told they took money withough authorization they are now backing down.
  2. Hi All Thanks for the replies, they are very useful.. I have just tried to contact my bank but I have been told to ring back tomorrow, as nearly all of the departments are closed for the bank holiday. I jsut have a few questions if that is ok? Chargeback how does this work?, should I base my argument with my bank on 'the funds were taken out at 4.23am !, two payments of £185 and one payment of £35, again they were taken at 4.23am and I would not be awake at this time, let alone be on the phone to a company, I did not authorise the funds out of my account!, the company in question had details for a different bank account and I think that they have received my details from an affiliate of theirs. basically I have had no dealings with this company since November of last year, so I want the money back in my account Capital Finance One Is it worth me writing them an email (so its documented) asking them to confirm how they were given my card details as there is no way I would be authorising transactions at 4am any help with the wording of either of these would be of great help! Thank you all for your help and advice
  3. To further back this up, I have checked with my bank what time the transactions took place. 25/04/2011 at 04.23 am!, so it was defiantly automated. I think what has happened is that my missus has used my card to pay a payment to one of Capital One Finanece's affiliates and they have passed the details accross? would this be feasible.
  4. Hi I am wondering if someone could offer some advice. I stupidly took out a payday loan from Capital One Finance back in november, and the funds were deposited into BANK Account A. The original ammount deposited was £185. to cut a long story short, i didnt repay the loan and buried my head in the sand (because I was looking at redundancy at work - capital one were not interested in a reduced payment plan). They have contacted me once since this time, and I havent heard off them since. Today I have notcied that they have taken money out of my 2nd bank account. This is an account with the same bank, but its a different account number, more imporantly it is a different card number. I.e The funds were deposited into Bank Account A but they have managed to get hold of my details and take nearly £400 out of my account yesterday. I.e Bank Account B has had nearly £400 withdrawn from it. I have spoken to my bank this morning but they said that I either need to contact the company or try them again on Tuesday when all of their departments are open after the Bank Holiday. I have been looking over their T&C;s Sectuion 1 part 3 states I have not supplied them with details for this card - mainly because it is a new card less than 3 months old (i.e I didnt have this card for my 2nd account when I took out the loan with them Is there anything that I can do! are they leagally within ther right to try to take the money from a totally seperate bank account?
  5. Hi Andy I have not received a CCJ from them, and the last contact I had from them was 2 letters dated For info the Balance is £2686.33 9th November 2010 We are solicitors acting on behalf of Arrow Global Limited. Our instructions are to revoer the above outstanding balance. All monies due to MBNA Europe Bank Limited under the above agreement number were assignede to Arrow Global Limited on 23/12/2009. For the avoidacne of doubt repayment of these monies should be paid direct to Shoosmiths Solicitors. Without further delay you should submit your proposals for repayment of the above outstanding balance. We look forward to hearing from you in 7 days. 16th November 2010 We have attempted to contact you via post and telephone without sucess. In the cirumstances we can only assume you are attempting to aviod payment of your debt, detailed above. Our client is unwilling to let this situation continue. Having regard to the above, Arrow Global Limited has limited options available in attempting to secure payment from you. We hold instructie on to issue County Court Proceedings against you. However, before providing formal notice of an intention to issue court proceedings we enclose an information leaflet, prepared by Arrow Global Limited, which yhou should read carefully. In the event that court proceedings are issues and Arrow Global Limited obtains judgement against you, the leaflet explains the enforcement methods available, should judgement remain unpaid. We urge you to give this matter your immediate attention. Our staff are trained to deal with matters such as this and give due consideration to your ability to pay the debt you owe. An installment plan is still an option open to you, and if you are able to pay in full a discount may be available. These were the last letters I received from them, I did actually write a letter to Arrow Global last year asknig for a copy of hte credit agreement - which I did not get a reply to. I have not received a CCJ or any other papers, except for the 2 i received today. My partner (who I share the house with) , she received copies of the letters addressed to her - however she has no interest in this debt and the debt it mine alone.
  6. Hi This morning I received a letter from Shoosmiths relatig to a credit card debt (£2,300) that that states; The enclosed interm charging order is due to be made final on 14th March 2011 at Norwich Combined Court Centre... The charging order final hearing is not an application by our client to sell your home... etc I also recevied a letter from my local land registry office stating that Shooesmiths have applied for a charge on my home. Now. 1) I have never received either a Default or Any other information regarding this step in the debt apart from 2 standard letters saying that I owe their client money and to contact them to discuss payment. I sent them 3 letters (one actually to MBNA) by mistake, they are saying that they never received them - in hindsight i should of sent these by recorded delivery. Could anyone offer any advice, again I have not received any prior information, etc jut this letter.
  7. Hi I to got a bill from Lloyds saying they are going to charge me £169.85 for being overdrawn by £6. They are saying that the charges are going to come out on the 1st Oct is there anything I can do?, especially with the test cases being on hold - no way I can afford £169 at the minute. Cheers.
  8. should i reply to any of the DCA's at this point to say "oi you havent satisfied my request... now leave me alone"
  9. Hi all I received this from Next today - should i be concerned about this??
  10. Cheers - ill send this tomorrow (Wednesday).
  11. could i still do this even though I have already requested a CCA?
  12. hi thanks for this, please could you let me konw what "TS and FSO", is FSO - Financial Services Ombudsman apologies for the stupidity of this message.
  13. Hi I received this from Moorcroft today regarding my studio account
  14. I received this letter this morning direct from Littlewoods (Debt Managers) with a blank CCA.!!! Initial Letter "] CCA- Page 1 CCA- Page 2 just wondering is there anything that should concern me regarding this letter, or is it just a standard reply and if i need to reply? once again, thanks for all your advice.
  15. Hi Honey / Harrythehawk Thanks for all your help and advice so far.
  16. hi, harrythehawk, when would they be in default. after the 12 days are up ? I really appreciate your comments and advice you have given thus far.
  17. Hi well i sent all the letters off, i didnt sign them. - sent them all recorded delivery I have received the follwoing back so far; honey/hawk could you offer up some pearls of wisdom, i would like to thank you for your help thus far. j
  18. Thanks Honey I'll send them off today Cheers x
  19. Hi Guys Just hoping someone could offer up some advice. Basically ive been a bit stupid over the last year or two; not paying off some of my debts due to our mortgage payment going up by nearly £300 a month over the last 2 years, along with the household bills - basically the same as everyone else. I explained this to my creditors and was paying a reduced ammount per month, then missed 2 months in a row, then all of a sudden I get 5 letters all at the same time requesting payment and telling me they are taking me to court, issuing Default notice's anyway; I have 5 main creditors who are requesting immediate payment; Great Universal - Moorcroft Debt Recovery 3362.25 Littlewoods - Debt Managers 1321.54 Next - Debt Managers 754.88 Studio - Moorcroft Debt Recovery 551.44 Capital One - Debt Managers - £354.75 Basically they are split between 2 companies; Moorcroft Debt Recovery are by far the rudest, they rang me up in work, I replied "sorry its not convenient for me to talk now, im actually in work, please could you call back after 6" the operators instant reply "obviously we know your in work, we have rang you here.":-x They are very rude when they ring my house phone and if my partner answers the phone its usually "hi please can we speak to your husband.... regarding a serious issue which could relate to a court summons". me and my partner are due to have our first child in December and i want to give it the best start in life, without his/her parents being in a silly financial mess. We have been able to get £2,600 by selling our oldest car, as we no longer need the 2nd car as we both work for the same employer. I am concious of the fact that this money we have is significanly less than the total sum of the debts, but it was the best we could do, without taking out additional financing, which id rather not do. Until we got these letters, we were going to use this money towards the baby, but I think its going to be best to use it to get rid of the debts. We are going to offer each company a settlement figure and see if they accept. Basically i'd be prepared to make them a lump sump payment then possibly £10-20 a month, if they really pushed their case. Could anyone offer a poor soul some advice on what best to offer each company in regards to the above debts.
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