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  1. three bulls, not many could do that, how about that. rip crafty. i'm trying ringo...
  2. simplicity, and words used by the 'big men'. as shankly said '...instead of me saying somebody was avaricious, i would say he was bloody greedy...'
  3. reminds of fatman, something to say? USM live, you fat b'stard.
  4. 'if i had one wish, i wish i could be back on the rock in the middle of the sea...' rip li iboy
  5. what dvla said not long ago (see the attachments there) https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/compliance_with_the_data_protect_3 imo, those Regs should at least be reconsidered in consideration of the impending new legislation re. time will tell what they come up with. some general info https://www.local.gov.uk/our-support/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr
  6. some general info re the gdpr, ICO etc https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?481831-General-Data-Protection-Regulation-(GDPR)
  7. for general info, standard form restrictions http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2003/1417/schedule/4/made
  8. had to post. an item on beebs headline news about an actress breaking a leg whilst skiing! wtf, who gives a crap about that. sad state of society that that makes it on as headline/main news.
  9. had to post. good luck, all the best. as my prior post (quote King jnr), dont fear anyone.
  10. '...and its goodnight from him.' remember that, the ronnies
  11. big bumblebees been out and about, spring is in the air. but, its supposed to freeze up again next few days. they'll have to go back to sleep
  12. if you want to do the formal set aside to 'reset' things (ie start the claim again), then would need to do the n244 with grounds. (i think it can still be applied for where a ccj has been paid, depending on the circs. not sure, noone has come back on that) as said though, they are unlikely to consent to that.
  13. is there any ppi to poss claim on it still?
  14. ok, they want to keep the amount paid and not reset things as if there wasn't a ccj. as andy etc points then, seems that won't remove the satisfied ccj report on credit file. which is what you are concerned about re mortgage. maybe not much point then?
  15. quite. why/what exactly are they apparently agreeing to maybe i've missed something else. but, just asking generally, can a ccj still be set aside even if paid. depending on the individual circs.
  16. agree here. seems here it was admitted generally though cant a judgment still be set aside even if paid, particularly if with consent. depending on individual circs,
  17. no need to have 'signed' for it, in alot of cases it was just added never know, always double check.
  18. just thinking that, eg if a default judgment
  19. as dx, can see if they'll do it for you, check it, sign it if ok, then can be sent to the court by either (attached letter shldn't be required as shld be all covered in the consent order).
  20. Consent Order? should avoid form fees
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