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  1. Hi - Please could someone let me know whether the OR may think that I have acted unfairly when I have my OR interview. My ex - partner and I built up debts of approx 55k when we purchased a boat to renovate with the idea of selling it on for a profit. 35k of the debts were to companies pprox 20k wasfrom our parents at various times we had borrowed from them and promised them arepayment when we sold the boat.[ Anyhow through very bad money management and a total disaster witht the project we ended up selling the boat for just 21k last year, we saw repaying our parents as the most priortiy and
  2. Hi - After a lot of thought I've decided to go bankrupt and then request a FIVA because my mum is willing to offer my creditors 10% of what I owe them - if they accept. However my very kind boyfriend has just bought him and I flights to Thailand! which is lovely - I have an enormous amount of stress in my life and things unfortunately are only going to get worse in a few months due to illness in my family. however I'm concerend becuase he's bought tickets to go for two months and I wanted to file for bankrupsty now - my question is - will the official receiver think it's a bit rich filing fo
  3. thanks - unfortunately I have requested the OCC and they have been able to provide it - late but enforceable still - could it make a difference if I request a SAR from LV? I know what a SAR is - but how could this help? thanks
  4. Hi - Does anyone with experience of the debt collection industry know about the legalities between agencies? I was wondering if they want to sell your account on to another agency are they required to include all the details of the account and account holder's situation that they have been informed about - ie I am sending a full and final offer to an agency stating that I am going to go bankrupt if they don't accept the offer (I have no assets at all) this would make my account seemingly worthless but are they required to disclose this information? I was thinking of adding in the letter 'if yo
  5. Help! - I really don't know what to do now - I had thought to offer them some money and hope they will take it because I wanted to repair my credit file - however I don't think the is is going to happen with all the debts I have I don't expect they will all accept a token payment - if any! I also have a enforceable debt iwth HSBC for GBP7000, Metro and HSBC are the same - is it likley they will come donw harder on me for the enforceable debt if I write and tell them they can't demand any money - should I try to sort the 7000 one out first with a full and final offer before telling Metro to bog
  6. I have absolutely no assets at all - therefore if I go bankrupt my creditors will get nothing at all, this is why I'm thinking to offer them some money to save me going bankrupt and they can get something! - would you change your advice considering this information?
  7. Hi I have an enforceable debt with liverpool victoria - now with equidebt - they sent the CCA agreement which had everything it needed, it is for a large amount of 18000. I want to write an make an offer of a full and final payment of just 5% money from my mum - I know that they won't accept this but my other option is bankruptcy. I thought that perhaps if I tell them the only option for me is to go bankrupt perhaps they would be more likley to accept - I was just wondering thouhg if I let them know I am considering bankruptcy is it likely they will take me to court ASAP so that they don't
  8. Hi - thanks for your help - could someone have a look as my response - to check I've got everyting ok? - they sent me a different threatening letter 21 August (one day before the no CCA letter) saying the usual - solicitors - doorstep etc. I would like to clean my credit file so have offered them 5% to clear the debt - if they don't accept then I'll just leave it alone I guess? Is offering them money admitting the debt - I have written to them before I knew about the CCA admitting my debt - but presumable they still would need the agreement in court anyway? With reference to my previou
  9. Hi- I'm considering going bankrupt as I do not have the means to pay off my debts - I am going to try to make full and final offers to my debtors first with some moeny my mum has offered to pay. However - I'm not sure whether bankruptcy is an option because I didn't tell the whole truth to a couple of my lendors - I told them I was working but actually I was still employed by a company but was off sick and claiming benefits at the toime - will they investigate this far? and will I get in trouble if they do? thanks
  10. Hi I've received a letter from Metropolitan (dated 22 August - request sent 15 May) saying this 'With reference to your letter dated 15th May 2008, whereby you requested a copy of the original credit agreement. Unfortunately we cannot provide this as under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 we are not obliged to keep documents that are over six years old and this agreement comes under this catagory. Should you have any further queried please contact us on FREEPHONE blah blah. yours sincerely' This is for an HSBC Visa credit card, the original card was for 1000 - ma
  11. Hi I have sent off a number of CCA requests whcih are now overdue the 12 days - I read here that the 30 day criminal offence period is no longer a rule as it was changed sometime around may. - Does anyone know if this is true? My question - should I now write to them telling them not to contact me further - or should I just leave it ?- I don't want them to set up a court date -(even if they havn't got the agreement), does the fact that they haven't sent the agreemnt mean that they cna't contact me anymore I'm a little confused as there seems to be a lot of slightly different responses to
  12. Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had this with nationwide. It seems a bit strange - i thought that all bank had to allow people basic bank accounts. I applied for a basic bank account due to having problems with my othe bank - due to debts, I went in the bank and after being refused a normal bank account (which I knew would happen because I am in default with a few banks and lenders.) The guy then told me that basic accounts had to be applied for by post so I filled out the application form - which he checked over and he sent it off. Today I received a letter saying that the ap
  13. thank you! I knew there must be a way of seeing all your threads!
  14. Could you explain what 'bump' means - I've seen it on post before but can't work it out! also I tried to look up my old post regarding this matter butI wrote at beginning of july and threads previous to this seem to have been removed. Is there anyway of finding your old posts easily?
  15. thanks very much - could you explain continuence? does that mean the case is put on hold? for instance I have filed part of my defence but not all of it - would the part i've so far put in be kept to a later date - how does it work? thanks
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