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  1. Thats another nail in the coffin of E & L, or it should be. Wouldn't you think the Vetinary profession would be able to do something to add to consumers gripes about this despicable company? It's obviously still happening. Hopefully at least people are made aware by notices like those at vetinary surgeries & by sites like this before they buy pet insurance...but I would guess most have already commited before anything like this comes to light. Most people are already caught up in the web of E & L & have probably paid, as we had, insurance for many years when they come up against them. I think it's cruel. E & L question every detail & get many things wrong. (As they did with our claim for Rocky when they 'quoted' a claim for 'toys' & it was heart breaking to have to explain, over & again, that there was no claim for 'toys' our cat had to be put to sleep, our claim had been for that & his treatment for ''Teeth". Our first (and only) claim, Rocky was 17 & had been insured since a kitten. ) So do E&L think people who insure their pets are in it for the money?!! Of all the possible insurance scams that happen, do they really believe someone is going to insure their pet, pay for almost 20 years & claim a fraction of the payments back? We had 3 cats insured initially, lost one to a road accident & didn't even bother to claim, we were too upset & we would have had to take his dead body to the vets to verify. Then we lost Rocky. Then Misty, our oldest cat, first insured, but after the fiasco with Rocky we'd cancelled the insurance, wanting nothing more to do with E & L. We lost her the year after Rocky. It is understandable that short term insurance claims should be investigated. But when a claim is made, for a fraction of the overall cost over the years of payment, the least you can expect is for them to get the facts right & not to queery a couple of hundred when a few thousand has been paid out, over years, for such emergencies. What will it take to put them out of business?
  2. My husband phoned BG and spoke to someone who wasn't really very helpful at first because he suggested we call PDCS and tell them I've never had an account with BG. However eventually he said he would send out a letter to PDCS from British Gas himself. He gave us his full name so we can refer back to him if neccessary. So I'm just going to wait and see what happens next. As it has been said on this forum, it is up to them to prove the debt exists not for me to prove it doesn't.
  3. Today had a reply from PDCS; "Thankyou for your recent correspondence dated 26/05/2010 we write to request that you send us details of your dispute along with any evidence. Once we receive reply from you we can then investigate the matter and get this resolved as soon as possible" This from & signed by Clair Cook. So tell me how can I send details or evidence of an account I've never had? When my husband comes home I shall get him to contact British Gas to verify that there is no outstanding amount. What else can I do?
  4. No, we didn't take it any further than complaining to E & L, for all the good it did. It was just such a heart breaking time and we were upset & angry and just wanted nothing more to do with them. Then, as I said, we lost Misty a year later, but at least we didn't have to repeatedly go over every painful detail to some unfeeling moron at the end of a phone. Yes we had the same luck as you when trying to speak to someone in authority at E & L. I can understand being quizzed over a contents insurance claim or such like. But do E&L really think people insure their animals in the hope of making a fast buck? It says a lot about them that most vets seem to be aware of their reputation, some refusing to deal with them. Though our vet was very good & dealt with & spoke to E & L when they were querying claims for Rocky, despite E&L virtually accusing the vet of lying! Some sort of petition is needed I think, to then be presented to someone who can fully investigate their methods. xx
  5. If you look up my past comments on this despicable company you will see it is an ongoing problem. How E & L are still in business, I don't know. We packed up our insurance & a year after losing our beloved Rocky, lost Misty, our eldest & dearest girl Aged 21 a year later. Had we kept the insurance I dare say we would..eventually have got something. But, though it might seem like I cut off my nose to spite my face, at the time , after all we went through with Rocky, it was more unbearable to go on with that company than not to. We paid for her loss, literally, in her cremation etc and painful as it was, we at least did not have to go over & over the circumstances on the phone with some cold voice who questioned our every claim. When you lose a pet which has been part of your family you do not expect to be quizzed over every detail of your claim. When we lost Misty, just as with Rocky, it wasn't about cash, it wasn't about what we could claim because nothing can replace a loved pet which has been a part of your life for so many years. But having paid out you do expect some help, not return, its not an investment, but to expect help with bills is not unreasonable when that is what you pay for. We wish we hadn't bothered with pet insurance now because the fight just added to the pain of our loss. It's different for those with larger animals, horses etc. But our dear friend at Cats Protection says she never has insurance for her cats (we got another cat from her after we lost Misty because our remaining cat, Shandy was so lonely). She believes they are all bad value & I am inclined to agree with her. You think you are doing the best thing, but if you pay the same amount into an account for pets as you would to insurance............
  6. I've received the 2nd (Formal Demand) letter today, requiring payment be made by..... today! It's claiming that the 'Pursuer' is British Gas & is from but not signed by Lesley Andrews. The initial letter was from Amanda Wright. It is from an address we moved from in Feb 2006 & apart from knowing that at least 2 other occupiers have lived there since, I have never had an account with BG. What I have noticed is that in their letters PDCS have addressed me as Ms & not Mrs and have also used my middle initial, which seems to indicate they've scrolled through electoral rolls or somesuch. Our gas/electricity has always been in my husbands name & paid for by him, by DD & when we left that property he was in credit which they paid back into his bank account . Infact when we moved we took over a flat where a pre pay meter was installed & the supplier, NPower wouldn't allow us to change to DD because the address had some record of unpaid debt or something. So we went back to BG who had our records at hand and were only too pleased to get a customer back & have the same arrangements as before. However I did find this second letter a little intimidating, merely the words 'Formal Demand' made me doubt myself for a few moments! (It has connotations of 'Final Demand') Can you imagine what this kind of thing does to an elderly or vulnerable person without internet access or awareness of their rights? I'm sure many would just pay up in fear of further action & not wanting to be 'black listed' . I've written a version of what I take to be the 'Prove it' letter.... ...'Furthermore, ignoring or disregarding claims that such debts do not exist or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts'... I'm assuming this is the one to send initially? I've not signed either, just written in block caps my name beside the printed version. The more I read about PDCS the more despicable I think they are, preying on peoples susceptibility, causing anxiety & distress, they are no better than the [problematic] who send out fake bank emails just trying to get your bank details & bleed you dry. I will keep the forum updated.
  7. I too arrived home from work today to find a letter from Pastdue credit solutions, just stating a case number and asking me to ring on an 'urgent matter'. So far as I am aware I have never been in debt in my life, so it was a bit of a suprise! I did think about ringing, but decided it must be some kind of [problem] & so went on line to look them up first. That lead me here. I shall hang on to the letter and see if any more arrive then refer back to this website for how to deal with it. These people are a real nuisance and I'm sure for those who do have debts it's just something else to add to all the worry. Bernadette Mahoney
  8. I quite agree with what you are aiming to do mrsfoot. But for the fact that E&L settled, though not as much as we thought it should have been, I would be right there with you. Certainly if there is some way to blacklist this despicable company count me in. We settled for the amount they offered because we were still in shock over our cats death and wanted nothing more to do with E&L, hence we cancelled our other policy as soon as we received the cheque. People insure their pets because they care about them, not because they want to do battle with the insurance company should something bad happen. I know, from what I've read, ours are not the only vets to hold their hands up in horror when we told them who our insurers were. Surely there must be some way of warning other prospective clients before they part with any money?? Personally I'd like to see them put out of business for their incompetance, lack of compassion & poor communication skills. Maybe there should be some sort of petition, hopefully with vets support, to the government!?
  9. We have just cancelled our remaining E & L policy. Unbelievably we received their cheque 1 day before expected! I guess that is a point for them....But... We had settled for less in the end. Despite our vet, after virtually having being called liars, again faxing them, informing them that all claims were relevant to the investigations into Rockys weightloss. Despite our constant form filling & telephone calls chasing them up...at our cost... & having to re live the moment of having him put to sleep, time after time. Despite having paid in for 3 cats for over 17 years & this being our first claim ever, they were quibbling over what we thought should have been about £350 & they offered £219. It wasn't about the money, though you do think insurance means what it says & don't expect to be made to feel a criminal for putting in a genuine claim. It was about peace of mind if anything like this should happen to your pet, to a living creature that has been a part of your life for years. They wanted to know why we were cancelling when my husband called them about our remaining policy.............
  10. We are currently in dispute with E & L having been with them for over 17 years & this is our first claim. Since starting the claim we have sadly lost our dear cat, Rocky, so it makes it all the more distressing to have to keep chasing them up. Our vets receptionist 'screamed' when we told her who our insurers were, they have had so many problems with them. Our claim began at the beginning of April when Rocky was undergoing tests re weightloss. He then had tooth extractions & seemed to recover well until rapidly going downhill on May 10th when we had to rush him to the emergency vet & make the decision to put him to sleep. We are still distraught by that. But we have had to chase E & L all the time. Letters they claim to have sent, we have not received. You hardly ever get to speak to the same person & never get to talk to anyone in authority. One person tells you one thing then another something totally different. They have virtually called our vets liars yet refused to discuss it with a veterinary nurse who called on our behalf. My husband has a list of times, dates & names of various people he has spoken to. It took E & L 11 months to tell us one of, our then 3, cats had not been covered since last April. Due to the fact they wouldn't take all 3 payments in one lump, it appeared on my bank statements that 3 payments were coming out. But when I checked online carefully it was only two with overlapping dates. Remiss of me not to notice, but why did it take them 11 months to tell us? We have not reinsured Shandy. As soon as we get settlement from them for Rocky we will cancel our eldest cat Mistys insurance too. Its just not worth the bother on top of the heartache. These people have no compassion & seem completely incompetent.
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