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  1. Thank you very much eric'sbrother that is very helpful. I will do that and you have been a great help. Many Thanks
  2. Thank you everyone. Should I just ignore all of these or are they valid charges that I should pay up? Many Thanks
  3. Hello Again guys, Thank you all for your help. Here are the pictures I have taken from the parking area. I posted my appeal reply letter earlier. Let me know what you all think is the next step. Cheers
  4. Sorry for the delay, Here is the letter i have received in answer to my appeal DOC002.PDF
  5. Hi, I work 30 hours a week. I have just been given a £500 annual pay increase. When I asked HR what my annual salary is now they have added the £500 to what my full time annual salary would (based on a 40 hour week) be so I in fact only get an increase of £400. Is that standard practice? Why tell me my increase is £500 per annum when it is not? Can they do this? I know it is only £100 put it p*sses me off. Many Thanks
  6. Hello, I park on a daily basis at Bicester North station. I buy a monthly parking ticket every month. In the month of July I completely forgot for some reason. At no point did I receive a ticket on my car to notify me that I did not have a valid Parking ticket. I received no parking fine notices on my car during this period. The month of August I bought a monthly parking ticket again. I have now just started to receive parking ticket notices in the post that I have been parking at the station without a valid ticket. It shows a photo of my car going in t
  7. Hello Again, I have had a notice of arrears for the past couple of years but no demands for monies. When they start asking me for monies what documentation should I be asking for? Many Thanks
  8. Sorry for the late reply. This is what I have received. It does not seem to have anything official as such. Thank you for your help guys DOC163.PDF
  9. I see. How do I find out if this has happened?
  10. Hello, If a debt is passed from a credit card to a collections agency. Can the agency take you to court for a debt that was not accrued with them? I seem to remember there is some kind of loop hole wit this but I may be wrong. Does someone know? Many Thanks
  11. Sorry, Indv and Small Business Compliance, HM revenue and Customs BX9 1LE.
  12. Hello, When I sent the appeal in Jan I just said thank you for your letter dated the 14th Dec. I did not give the date that the letter was received. I used the address that was on the letter the same address I have been corresponding with. I did advice in my letter that I am waiting for my SAR request and until that is received I am able to give a full and final answer. I have now sent another letter stating that they may have prepared their letter on the 14th of December but I did not receive their letter until after the christmas period the 3rd of January and my appeal is n
  13. 29 th Sept 2014 - Filled out an online PPI Questionnaire on The Barclay card website No Response 18 July 2017 I resend the PPI request 21st July - I receive a letter stating they responded to my PPI request 13 Nov. 2014 Letter in my maiden name.. I never received that letter. 01 August 2017 – I sent a letter to the Customer Relations Department stating I never received any letters and asking various Questions. 02 August 2017 I send an SAR to the Customer relations Department Special Delivery enclosing a £10 Postal Order. 09 August 2017 I receive a letter f
  14. Hello, The first email says they have contacted BC and I should have a response within 10 days. That did not happen the second email says they have contacted BC again and again they should give me a response with in 10 days. That did not happen. The third email, when I told the ICO for the third time the ICO said; I am sorry to hear that you have not received Barclaycard's response to your subject access request (SAR). I have contacted Barclaycard and have received a response. Barclaycard advise that their courier had made several attempts to delivery the package, however, t
  15. Hello Disgruntled, not sure why you feel the need to be so rude and horrible, and I was not "bombarding" anyone merely asking if The posting rule would be applicable. If you are offended by that please go to another thread. You also have no idea what discussions I have had with other caggers without your knowledge. Happy Friday!
  16. Does anyone know, I have appealed to a letter dated from the HMRC the 14th December on the 23rd January. I received the letter from the HMRC after Christmas and in my mind I have replied within the 30 days when I appealed on the 23rd of January as I am unable to reply until I received the letter. What is the legal standpoint on this? When should the 30 days start?
  17. Hello, I will use that, great. Can you tell me what amount I should put in, not sure what is feasible? Many Thanks
  18. Hello Again, I have written to the ICO twice and they have written to Barclaycard twice so I don't think I need to do that again. I need to know what to but on the claims form who to address it to etc. Also how much should I claim for? Many Thanks
  19. Hello Again, I have had a letter from Barclays bank saying they do not feel that they have mis sold PPI, they called me and we discussed it back in 2014. Which is absolutely BS. The SAER request was not addressed and I have now been waiting since August. The ICO have written to the twice to no avail. I am unable to check any of this information as my SAR has not been fulfilled. I get the feeling they have no idea where all my information and files are, and can therefore not send me anything! I am determined to get my information so I will now take this to court. Please tell me w
  20. I have sent my final letter before action as instructed by the ICO. I sent three copies all registered. One to the Executive office one to The Company Secretary and one to the CFO. We will see what happens, if anything!
  21. Update; I told the ICO again that Barclaycard has still not complied with the SAR request even after ICO intervention. The ICO have again contacted Barclay card and given them another 10 days to comply. This is what they said; I have contacted Barclaycard again regarding your SAR. Again, I have asked Barclaycard to respond and inform me when they have responded to you. You should receive a response within 10 days. If you do not receive a response please contact us again. Additionally, the Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to ask a court to make an org
  22. hello, I have had 2 more letters from Barclays one from the exec office thanking me for the letters. Sending me copies of the letters that they say where send years ago that I did not receive. Stating again that they did not receive an SAR, even though I sent a copy of my letter and receipt of delivery, sigh. One from the Leicester office, sorry you are still not satisfied here are copies of the old letters. They do not agree they have done anything wrong. All the letters are machine made. No one has taken time to look at my complaint or read my letters. Th
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